May 18, 2008


Well, it's been very busy around here lately. I'm in a knitting slump again. It's weird, but whenever I get really busy at work, I turn into SuperSloth at home. It's not like I'm busybusybusy, going places and doing things. It's more like I'm mentally busy, and I just have to do nothing when I get home in the evenings.

But I did have a little fun last week. On Friday, I had a visit from none other than Wendy from Lanas de Lebilula. She was on her way back home, and only had a few hours to spend, so we hit Rumplestiltskin's, had some lunch and hung out a bit. Rena and Picabou LOVED her. I liked her quite a bit too. And also, without her, I would have a parking ticket right now.

Auntie Wendy gave Rena a stuffed Kangaroo, and so far he has most of his stuffing. She must like him a lot to keep him around so long:


Thanks for stopping by Wendy! Let our home be your official Sacramento pit stop!

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