February 23, 2008


Finally! I got my eBay account restored today.

After chat yelling (in all caps) at like, the tenth customer service chat person, they gave me an email address, and told me what to put in the subject line to have it "elevated" (Attn: Management Team, in case you're wondering.) and my account was restored the next day.

Now I can't remember what I wanted to buy.

It was the principle of the thing.

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February 5, 2008


Ohmygosh! I've been locked out of my MT installation for a few days (not that you could really notice, since I rarely update, but still) and have finally had the time to a) correspond with my webhost via the support ticket system, and 2) poke around on the movable type site for clues, and c) remember how to use my ftp client.

Whew! But now I appear to be up. Let me know if anything weird happens.

I had a moment where I thought I might just pack it all in with MT and switch to WordPress. Anyone know how hard it would be to convert?


I had another needle mishap the other night. My fault entirely. I was using my Denise needles to knit on Arian now that I've finished and joined the sleeves, and was using one of their extenders to connect to cords together. The cords aren't really bendy enough when it comes to the sleeve part of the equation, and in forcing my stitches around I snapped off the end of my cord.

Dropping 3 inches worth of stitches.

You gotta love sticky wool though. Even though the stitches were hanging in space, they all stayed together enough for me to get them back on an emergency needle.

Looking around for a non-Denise size 8 with a cord longer than 24 inches proved fruitless and so I decided to order me up one of those KnitPicks Harmony needles with a 32 inch cord. And a sock pattern. And yarn.

Oh the rationalization that went on!

So now I'm waiting on a needle for the homestretch of this sweater.

Rena is back in gulag (crate) during the day because of massive destruction. I just don't know what the change was, but we went from a perfectly good dog with no destruction, to a dog that in 2 hours destroyed Picabou's new special orthopedic bed, a library book (mostly just the paper cover), cord to a lamp, cord to a surge protector, a couch slipcover and the lid to our new coffee pot.

But, Sean got a new car (Honda Element) and her crate (which used to be Picabou's crate so it's XXL) fits in the back and on the cooler days he takes her to work with him. She's just in the car instead of the garage, and he can visit her periodically throughout the day and take her for a walk at lunch. It's fun for him and nicer for her.

So that's it. I worked long long days while sick all last week, and worked Saturday, and then worked a 12 hour day yesterday. Today, I'm taking it easy. Hence this quick mid-day blog.

Now back to work!

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