January 24, 2008

My own fault

dogchewed 001-1.jpg
Here you have a portrait of stuff from my knitting basket.

Almost two finished sleeves for Arian, Some earphones, my Creativ Zen player that I use for listening to audiobooks.

But let's take a detailed look, shall we?

There used to be a needle here...

Um...this used to be one continuous cable...

Two ends...chewed.

Decorative teef marks...

I never liked these headphones anyway...

But Mom, I was booooooored...

Oh Rena McBeana.. I can only blame myself for leaving my knitting basket out and on the floor. And thank you for sparing the yarn and only decorating the mp3 player.

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January 9, 2008

Not a tote bag.



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January 7, 2008

Stop, Rewind, Erase

I actually knitted last night!

I know!

I'm working on the sleeve for Arian. It took a little while to get back in the groove, and then I got stuck in a rut. Knit, tinK, Knit, tinK, Knit, Knit Knit, tinK, Knit, tinK. I stopped when I realized I would need to tinK again.

The table incident is fading into memory. We shall never speak of it again. It went back in it's box and back to the store where it can fool someone else into thinking it's smaller than it actually is.

Today I'm using a new keyboard/mouse combo that I bought for work. Of course, I hate it. Can I ever get something new that I like? Why am I so averse to change?

I'm sure it will grow on me...

That's it for now... I need to get back to work.

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January 5, 2008

Knitting funk: Still in effect.

There is absolutely no new knitting to discuss. If you only like the knitting content (such that it was) feel free to move along. I got nothing for you.

In other news, the new year is starting out with a mixture of good and bad, but mostly good.

Good: We had a rockin' New Year's Eve party this year, people seemed to have a good time. You can see pictures at my mySpace page (LINK). There is also a nearly idential blog post to this one, except it has links to other mySpace people and the pictures they took. But mostly, I think this picture from the party sums it up pretty nicely:

(Photo by Erika Thomas)

Good: We survived the BIG! STORM! just fine and had a nice day at home because both of our offices closed for the day. So, that means I was off work from Christmas Eve through January 2, went to the office for one day, then had a three-day weekend. Sweet!

Good: I won an iPod shuffle in an online contest! At least, I think I did. Whenever I click the link to check my prize status it takes me to a page that says "Thank you for entering the Post It® Tote Bag Sweepstakes!" So, I might have won a tote bag. But I really think I won the iPod and they just forgot to update the prize status page. I guess I'll have to wait and see which one shows up.

Bad: I also entered an online contest to win a car for Sean. I think I might just have wasted all my winning luck on the iPod (tote bag).

Bad: My 10-year-old eBay user account was deleted by eBay. I don't know why, and they don't know why. The sequence of answers from three days of Live Chat help (the only help they provide) went something like this:

1. Sorry, I can't find your user name. Please go to this link and tell them your problem…they will be able to help you.
2. Sorry, we can't find your user or registration. Nothing we can do about it.
3. Sorry, I can't find your user name or any record that you were ever registered. Just go ahead and re-register.
4. Your account was deleted by request.
5. Sorry, but I can't find your user id or registration. Please sign in and change your email address. (Oh eBay, if I only could…)
6. Yes, it I can see that you had an account, but it's gone and can not be retrieved.
7. Oh yeah, you know, there was a glitch in the database recently and some accounts were accidentally deleted. All but a few were restored. I guess yours was one of the ones that wasn't restored.
8. Maybe we can restore it…we'll call you back.

So now I'm waiting for a call back to see if my account can be restored. I'm not thinking my chances are very good.

Good: I've been looking forever for a new kitchen table, one that was counter-height and could maybe double as a kitchen island. Let's just say I had a vision of what I wanted, which is rare for me because my mind's eye is usually blind. After months of looking, and trying to find the best table at the best price, one that wasn't rickety, and not fugly. I finally found a deal at Costco, and bought it today.

Bad: After putting it together I'm not sure I like it. It does not fulfill my vision (I think my mind's eye was just a little farsighted) and I'm the tiniest bit depressed about it, because it was a total bitch to get it here, unpack it, get it all set up, and now… I think I made a mistake. There is no way to get it back in the boxes to return it. And it's huge. And now I have to sell the previous kitchen table somehow, and there is so much Styrofoam and cardboard to deal with. I know, "poor me, I got a new kitchen table." I feel like a total jerk.

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