October 6, 2007

I'm not worthy!

I got my Ravelry invite today. I played around with it a bit this evening and it looks really promising. It is just the type of thing I envisioned doing with my blog someday, but I don't have the necessary organizational skills. I'll play around with it some more this weekend, hopefully. Right now I feel totally unworthy to use it though. I think I've knitted about three rows on my sweater this week.

But, maybe this will be just what I need to get back on track with knitting.

Things have been pretty busy around here. I don't know why, exactly. True, I'm back to working full-time, but that's really no excuse. I also spend over an hour a day walking the dogs. Still... I haven't kept up with the housework at all and the place is a mess. I feel like I have no time.

Ah well...maybe I can get caught up this weekend. I have Monday off, so that should help. (That's what happens when you help write your company's enterprise handbook. I made sure to slip in an October holiday.) I feel like if I could just get orgainized I'd feel so much better.


I took Petey to the Vet last Wednesday for a dental procedure. I knew his teeth were in pretty bad shape, and that can cause all sorts of problems when cats age. I didn't know how bad. He had to have 5 teeth pulled and has the beginnings of kidney disease (so he'll be on prescription food from now on. Soft food, of course, the expensive prescription kind). Poor Petey! I also found out that he had no top front teeth at all. Isn't that weird? Where did they go?

Moon Pie is her fine, fat and sassy self, and Schmacky is great and is just now starting to be in the house more. He's the cat that's always out and about, and stays out practically all Summer. But once the weather turns, he's in like Flynn. He just climbed up on my lap and is lying (laying? I NEVER kniow.) like a baby in my arms. He's such as sweetie...at least until he tries to rip you apart.

The dogs are good. Rena is still a challenge. We finally figured out that she is not the Alpha dog. She's the Alpha dog wannabe, and that's a very different thing. It means she's a spoiled BRAT. So, we made a few changes and support Picabou as the Alpha and things are fine between them again. We also had a week-long experiment with not locking her in her crate during the day. The destruction gradually escalated until she did the ultimate worst thing. Yes, she destroyed the X-box controller and headphones. So she's a dog-in-the-box again. We also had a short experiment with using a baby gate to lock them in the kitchen, like we did when Pic was a puppy. But, Rena did not respect the gate like Pic did (and still does). So it will probably be another few months before we try again.

So that's an update. Knitting... not so much, but starting to get back into it. And I'm tired. The End.

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