September 30, 2007

Finished Sock


I finished one Rainy Day Sock. Unlike the last pair of socks I started, which I only knitted one that I hated, I've already started the second one.

I also came across a really well loved/worn sweater at an estate sale. I feel kind of bad because I bought it for the hardware:

estate button.jpg


The sweater was so worn, ripped at the sleeves, and with a badly patched elbow:


I feel a little bit bad about canibalizing it. But...oh well.

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September 11, 2007

Me Stoopid

A few months ago, I was forced to upgrade my cell phone. It seems when you have the same one for 8 years, on a plan that was Grandfathered in 12 years ago ($9.95 a month!), well, they want you to switch so bad they turn off your whole analog network.

So I upgraded, and it's ok. I pay more per month, but I have minutes so I do use the phone more than I thought I would. I used 5 of my 5000 night time minutes last month. And I've used 72 of my other minutes, and 4 of my unlimited mobile-to-mobile minutes.

Today, I needed to call Sean on my way home from work, and the phone got stuck on making a call, yet it wasn't ringing. I couldn't make it end the call or turn off or actually connect or anything. No buttons worked. So I pulled over, and took the battery out. When I put it back in, the phone was dead.

I came home, charged it and still nothing. I wasn't too pissed off, because I just got it a few months ago so it's bound to be under warranty. When I talked to the tech support person, he said that he'd never heard of that happening but they would replace it and I'd get a new phone in a day or so. And then he said "so, when you turn it on nothing happens?"

*Blink Blink*

"Turn it on?" I said. " I usually just flip it open and it turns on."

He said "well if you removed the battery, you would have to turn the phone on with the power button for it to work."

Sure enough...

Boy did I feel stupid. See, I've never turned this phone off since I got it. I didn't even remember there was a power button. But that's no excuse!


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September 3, 2007

Hello September

I thought I'd start this first (and hopefully not only) September post with a sort of a status update of un-FOs.

Current Projects:


First up, Ariann. I love the yarn, but I'm not happy about the pooling that is happening with the second skein. I'm also not happy about using two skeins at once in order to avoid this problem. This project is on hold, awaiting a decision on ripping back, or going forward. No knitting for 2 months.


Rainy Day sock, nearing toe and awaiting heel, and then mate. No knititng for 2 months.


Kersti Cutaway has gone away. This yarn is now awaiting a new pattern, and hoping for a reunion with a long lost sibling skein. I have a desperately seeking ad out on We'll see what happens.

Old projects:


Pink Blog is still a blob.

Ug. This old thing is destined to be ripped.

Not pictured:

I have a baby blanket somewhere that is 3/4 complete. But, and this is a biggie, it's been peed upon by a cat. How can I possibly finish it and give it to anyone? Also, it is made totally from acrylic yarn, which might not be the best thing to wrap a baby in. If I ever find it, I think I'm going to just toss it. Or maybe I'll make it a cat blanket.

And I think that's it for the stuff that's still on needles.

And now a Finished Object!
Please excuse the crappy cell-phone picture, it's all I had with me when I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture and I was about to slip it in a mailer.

I knitted this little bear for a friend's baby. The pattern is "Magic Friends" from the book Knitter's Stash . And it did come together just like magic. I'd never heard of this technique of slipping every other stitch to make a tube, but it is really cool. The entire thing was knit in one piece. I had a little trouble with the embroidery of his face, but I muddled through.

What else?

Bread! I've been making bread in my new bread machine every couple of days. I really like it, and have to thank my friends Doug and Luci again for the kitchen scale they gave us. It is so useful for measuring the ingrediants to the exact oz. Every loaf of bread has come out perfect.

So other than that, what's been going on?

August flew by. Now that I'm back to work full-time, I feel like I have no free time. Sean and I find ourselves busy almost every night of the week now. Last week was especially busy. Wednesday was our State Fair Day!


This year's fair was very different from other years, and not in a good way. There just wasn't as much fair there. And it was sooooo hot. I don't think we've ever been to the fair on a hotter day. As usual we stayed all day, and this year the highlight was seeing KC and the Sunshine Band, and thanks to our new friends Mike and Kiny who know him personally, we got invited to an after-show party and actually got to meet KC himself. Everyone at the party was like a big extended family, and we were warmly greeted with open arms. It was a very nice evening.

Thursday was our usual Music Night. Friday, I stayed home and vegged in front of the TV and read a book, while Sean went to Band Practice. He's forming a band with a couple of friends. It's so cool that he's finally doing something he's always wanted to do.

Saturday, we were invited to a party at the house of one of Sean's new bandmates. The attic of the house is converted into a complete bar at one end, a stage at the other, fully Karaoke system, sound system, PA, and the audience area has bench seating along the walls with little cocktail tables, and a dance floor area. So Cool! And complete fun. I was not brave enough to sing onstage, but sang my heart out from the "audience" area. Sean sang a lot on stage because he has a really good voice. A few of the Tatooed Love Dogs were there, and they played a some songs, which was awesome.

Sunday, Jana and Dave came over for dinner, and we made pizza on the barbeque with homemade dough from the bread machine. It was a first try, and wasn't a complete success, but it was still good. We had a very nice relaxing evening.

With all the activity, we did not go to the Greek Food Festival this year. I do wish I had some Galaktoboureko right now.

There is of course, so much more I could talk about, but this has gone on too long. Bye, for now.

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