August 13, 2007

Hello August

I guess I should get something up here for August.

Lessee.... Took Picabou to the Vet today for her yearly check-up and blood work since she's on Thyroid and Arthritis Meds. She's down to 98 lbs. now, which the Vet said is perfect. I think it's a little low, but it's better to be on the low side than on the high side. Her highest was 132.

Now I just have to make the appointment to have Petey's teeth cleaned, and I'll be all done with Vet appolintments for awhile.

Rena is asserting her dominance over Picabou more and more lately, and it's causing disharmony in the household and anxiety for me. Other than that, she's really doing great.

I'm back to work, almost full time now, except today, which I took off to take Pic to the vet, and to go get a manicure and pedicure. Hey, it's my birthday month. I deserve it.

I knit a little bear for a friend who had a baby, but I am stymied by the embroidery needed to make him a face. Other than that, I haven't touched my knitting. It must be a seasonal thing. I just don't feel like it.

I bought a bread machine online (see birthday month, above) and am anxiously awaiting it's delivery. I can't wait to have fresh bread whenever I want it.

I went shopping last weekend for a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. I was able to find something that fit at the first store I went to. Amazing. It's not perfect, but I already own shoes that match, and it came with a sweater, which I will need because the wedding is on a yacht that will be cruising the Bay in the evening.

So that's it. Nothing new or exciting. Now you see why I never post!

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