July 28, 2007

Annoying Annoyances


Rena has a habit of stealing pens and chewing them up. Yesterday, it was a particularly inky felt tip pen. I noticed her feet were blue on our walk. Use your imagination as to what the carpet (white) in the office now looks like.

The red pen she somehow chewed up without getting any on the carpet, the black pen, just a little. The blue pen? LOADS.

The carpet is ruined unless one of you can tell me the secret to ink removal from carpets. I tried the Internets, and came up with hairspray and/or rubbing alcohol. The alcohol really works on hard surfaces. On the carpet...kinda. I haven't given it up completely but...

Everything is annoying me right now. The dogs are in my face because they want to walk, which I would do if it weren't approximately 1000 degrees outside. Doggies, I would love to get your walk done for the night, but you're going to have to wait at least an hour, m'kay?

I had a huge list of things I was going to do today, but I didn't write them down. I did clean the house, because unless it's semi-clean and picked up I can't do anything else without feeling like shit. So I did that, then I went and bought bread, and then watched a documentary on PBS. Now I can't think of anything else I wanted to accomplish today. If only I had made a list, I wouldn't be so annoyed.

Yesterday was a frustrating day too. My job has sort of started again. Only sort of. The new furniture for our office was delivered and set up and I had to be there to recieve it and supervise. I was also getting the phone lines installed, and was going to set up a virtual pbx service and go buy office supplies and order a printer online. My day was planned.

The first annoying thing was not all the furniture that was ordered was delivered. The second was that it turned out the the order was wrong, and I hadn't caught it when I signed it six weeks ago. The third annoying thing was that the Salesperson I was working with, who knew what I wanted ordered, but didn't write the order correctly, no longer works for the company. And Number four, their prices went up July 1. So now it's a hassle, I have to make them honor the original pricing, and wait another six weeks for delivery. And tell my boss that the reason we were under budget was because three pieces of desks weren't ordered.

Then, I unpacked our new phones and had them all plugged in and charging, and sat down to read the manual. One feature that I needed on these phones was a headset port and it was listed in the specs on the website, and in the manual. But the actual phones themselves? No port.

Several calls to the place I got them from and I finally managed to convince someone to call their warehouse, get someone to open a box and look for themselves. They just wouldn't belive me that it wasn't there!

Then the printer I chose, working with a salesperson on the phone from HP a few months ago, has somehow lost one of it's features. Swear to Dog, built in wireless networking was a feature that came with this model a few months ago. I saw it myself. I specified it to the salesperson and this was the recommended model. Now, that feature only comes on the next higher priced model. I am not crazy, but no one I talked to would believe me. I felt like I was in the twilight zone by the end of the day.

Then when I got home, I got all OCD about the fact that when the telephone guy was finished with his job, I asked him a simple question about an outlet in one of the closets in the office (it took a funny kind of plug), and long story short, he ended up switching out the outlet for a regular one he happend to have in his truck and I started thinking that I had no knowledge of his credentials as an electrician, or even his last name and what if something happened and it started a fire?

Luckily I had Sean to talk me out of driving back to El Dorado Hills at 9 p.m. to make sure the building wasn't on fire.

So if you've made it this far I apologize. I knitted today on something new! Pictures soon, when it looks like something.

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July 25, 2007

Silliness for your viewing pleasure

http://www.knitty.comMy friend Dawn has many chickens. She runs a chicken co-op in Oregon. She looooooooves chickens.

I once made her a little hat and she has graced me with lovely pictures ever since!

party fun 009.jpg

party fun 015.jpg

party fun 011.jpg

(Chicken hat is also known as the "Nosewarmer" from Knitty.com)

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July 5, 2007

Where's my nutrition pill?

real foods.jpg

I checked out this book from the library recently and I'm finding it really interesting. I was drawn to the title. So decisive.

After the first chapter on the benefits of drinking raw milk, I decided I really wanted to try this miracle food. I found out that you could buy it at the Sacramento CoOp. While googling around for other information, I also found out that on the same day I decided to start drinking this milk, from the one vendor that provides it to the CoOp, all their products had been recalled because of e.coli contamination. I guess I'm just lucky that way. Had I decided a few days earlier, would I have purchased a contaminated product? Probably not, but you never know.

Summer always makes me want to start eating healthier. I've never subscribed to any of the food fads that come in and out of fashion. I've always believed fat is good for you. I eat a lot of butter. And this book supports that. There's no doubt I need to add a lot more vegetables to my diet, and fish. Maybe this book will get me started in the right direction. It's at least got me thinking about it.

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July 4, 2007

Oh, nothing.

I know I've always been a terrible blogger. But now it's almost like it's been so long I can't get back into it.

First off, I have not been knitting. I don't feel like it and there hasn't been a lot of time. I might sit down and knit one row and then I am just done. I don't know what's wrong, but it's feeling like a chore I need to finish, rather than something fun I want to do. Also, the mmmmmalibrigo is pooling in a weird way on Ariann since I started a new skein, and I'm trying to decide whether I want to go forward or rip it out. Decisions. I'm not good with Decisions.

Work is ramping up, and although I've been working from home it's been pretty steady. Soon I will be going to an office again. I don't know what we're going to do with Rena at that point. She's going to be spending a lot of time locked in her crate. On one hand I feel bad about that, but I know that when I'm home all day, she spends almost her entire day in the crate anyway, so it won't be that much different for her.

But lately, she's been getting worse about chewing things and getting into trouble when we're asleep at night. I don't want to start locking her up at night too. It's troubling to me. Also, it seems that she's starting to become Alpha dog, and is being dominant to Picabou. Dominant in an annoying way. I don't like to see my old girl get bullied. I'm pretty sure we need to stay out of it as much as possible and let them work it out, but it's hard. I watched them stand absolutely still for five whole minutes, Pic looking like she was at attention looking off into space, and Rena standing perpandicular to her and staring right at her face. Then it turned to growling and snapping and Picabou finally was able to walk away and go outside.


When is she ever going to be a good dog?

I have a weird OCD/anxiety thing happening. It first happened when Gretsky got really sick his last week. Right after he died, I used to wake up at night, and be sure, SURE, that I had forgotten to give him his medication and that's why he died. There was also a vague feeling that there was something else I was supposed to do but I was forgetting it. The feeling wouldn't last long, and I was able to talk myself out of it as a symptom of grieving for Grets and go back to sleep.

But now, a year later it's happening again. I wake up and there's this "remembering" of something I've forgotten to do, something important that has disasterous results, but I can't define what it is. It's a terrible, sick, semi-panicky feeling. Thankfully it only lasts a few minutes before I come to my senses and realize it for what it is. Do not want.

Well, that's enough whining for now.

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