May 25, 2007



A little progress shot of Ariann, before I rip out a few rows tonight.

I'm really trying hard to pay attention while knitting this sweater, but somewhere along the way I ended up with two extra stitches. I forgot a K2tog, AND put in an extra yarnover. I made a valiant attempt at fixing things without ripping back, but I'm not satisfied with how it looks, so tonight, I rip. I only need to go down about 6 or 7 rows, so it's not too bad.

Other than that, there is no news, which I suppose is good news!

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May 21, 2007

Doggie Confessions

Last night Picabou was acting very strange. Both dogs were, actually.

Normally, after their dinner, both dogs will pretty much be down for the night, Pic on her bed in the bedroom, and Rena in her crate.

But last night they were up, and hanging out in the living room with us. Pic would circle the room, coming over to us one at a time, panting, and just acting generally anxious. Rena was hovering around her, and when Pic would sit, Rena would walk over and get in her face, and stare at her intently. Pic would look off into the distance, as if trying not to see her.

When Pic was still coming over to me occasionally and panting at 10:30 p.m., I started to worry a little. Was she bloating or in pain? Her stomach felt a little firm, but nothing too alarming. I remembered that one time a few years ago she did sort of the same thing, repeatedly coming up to me, panting and anxious, and I finally figured out that her path to the backyard was blocked and she needed to be let out the back door instead of using the pet door!

So I got up to see if maybe that was the case. Nope, the back door was open. I opened the door to the garage, and Rena rushed out ahead and stood looking back at me and Pic, but Pic didn't head out into the garage. So I walked through the back door and called her. She came, and then immediately headed for the Garage.

I followed her in, and found the Rubbermaid container of dog food open, chew marks on the corner.
and a large amount missing.

After I closed it up and put it where the dogs couldn't get into it, Picabou toddled off to bed, content.

It's as if the whole time Picabou wanted to confess, and Rena was saying "Don't you dare tell on me. Don't do it." But Picabou could get no rest until she did.

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May 19, 2007

Another bird story

Thanks for all your kind words about Henny. Really, we are not that broken up about it. She was a good bird, we were sad she died, but it's not anything like losing a dog or cat.

In other bird news:

This morning Shmacky was laying on the floor, idly playing with something. I look over and it's a hummingbird! Oh, man. Why do we have such an evil cat?

Sean picked him up and held him for awhile, and he seemed to revive. I made up some sugar water and filled the hummingbird feeder, and we stuck his beak in so he could try to revive himself. After awhile he flew away. Whew! Sean tells the story much funnier over in his blog.

Wow what a lazy day I've had. Yesterday too. I've spent most of my time just surfing. Also, I bought a new time-suck called a cell phone. It's a time-suck because I do not know how to use it. I've had only two cell-phones in the last 10 years, and I've never had any features like a camera or voicemail or anything. So I've been busy learning.

I haven't been doing any knitting lately. I just haven't felt like it. If we're not out for the evening, we're watching a movie and that requires that my hands be used to stuff popcorn in my mouth.

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May 16, 2007

R.I.P. Henny Penny


I went out to feed the chickens this morning and Henny was dead. It looked like she just fell asleep, so I'm pretty sure it was natural causes. She was 5 years old, and I'm told that's about a chicken's lifespan.

Bye Henny. Thanks for the eggs. You looked beautiful in the hat.

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May 11, 2007



Most Thursday nights, we go to a little get together called "music night" with a bunch of friends. Every level of playing ability and instrument is welcome, and it's held at an artist's warehouse space, ouside around a campfire. It is very fun.

Last night I bought a painting from an artist in residence (and human songbook/banjo player). I can never explain why I like something or don't like something. But this I liked immediatly, and have wanted it ever since I first saw it. It's the black and white painting on the left in the picture.

OK OK OK OK. It can mean anything you want, literally and figuratively. It could mean yes. It could mean "settle down." It could be...about Oklahoma. It's many and none. I like it quite a lot.

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May 9, 2007

A little update

Things have been quiet around here, not much going on.

Knitwise, I've put the Kersti Cutaway aside for the moment. I'm thisclose to ripping it out and just making something else in the future if I can figure out what. I am also thisclose to just finishing it and hoping for the best, which is what I usually do with these things. But that hasn't really worked out for me so much with other sweaters. I have made more sweaters I can't wear than ones I can.

So... it's officially on hold.

So I started the Malabrigo Ariann instead!

Ooooo. Ahhhhh.

My sock continues also:


That red line is some waste yarn holding stitches in preparation for an afterthought heel. I was going to just do a regular short-row heel, but decided to just follow the darn pattern for once in my life. This one has you knit to the end of the foot, then take out the waste yarn and knit in a heel. That way, if it wears out, you can rip it out easily and knit a new one. It's an ingenious idea, but at this point I don't quite get how it's all going to hold together. Time will tell I guess!

So what else is new?

Sean and I took a dance class on Monday--East Coast Swing. It was harder than I thought it would be. I'm one of those people that needs to dance my own steps.

Got in a little thrifting yesterday while running errands. I found a brand-new-still-had-tags-on-it dog bed cover. It's Rena's new spring cover, and has a built-in pillow at one end.


That's about it. I really need to get organized. I need to clean the office, do some filing, organize the craft room, vacuum, clean the living room, and dust (the most hated job of all). Guess I'd better get to it.

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May 1, 2007


I hate it when the grocery store checkers comment on what you're buying. Even if they're being complimentary, it drives me crazy. "Ooo I love those!" "Ice cream, whipped cream and nuts! Looks like somebody's making a sundae!" "These are good, but have you tried..." you get the picture.

Recently, Sean has been on a Red Bull kick. Since I do most of the grocery shopping, I'm usually buying Red Bull. And always always always, the Red Bull gets a comment. Usually that comment is "Red Bull" with a knowing look and perhaps a small nod.

Today I went to Costco, and the check-out guy, and the guy who checks your receipt at the door both did the "Red Bull" with the knowing look and the small nod.

I usually just say "yeah." But I don't know really how to respond to the Red Bull acknowledgement.

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