April 20, 2007

Things that go crash in the night

I was ripped awake from a dream last night with a horrible crashing sound. Glass breaking, wood ripping, and so loud I was out of bed and turning on the light before I was even awake, my heart racing.

Part of the sound was the door on Rena's crate slamming against the wall and her running out the pet door, so I was sure she was involved.

Sean had fallen asleep on the couch and was heading down the hall towards the bedroom as I was rushing towards the living room, and Rena popped back in the pet door at that moment.

Both of us were like "what just happened?" Totally confused because there was nothing amiss that we could see. Very strange. So since it was 2:45 a.m., we both went to bed.

In the morning we were still wondering what happened? Did a racoon come in the pet door and Rena chase it out, hitting the little rickety desk we have in the entryway? It was a mystery.

After awhile I go in and sit down at my computer in the office, and I'm in there a good hour before I realize that a shelf we have in the closet (a closet with no doors) has ripped out of the wall and the contents of the shelf (framed pictures, a mirror, a painting, my collection of 45's and other miscellaneous junk) are in a pile on the floor.

Ah, mystery solved. And Rena's part of it was merely running for her life! I had loaded up that shelf the day before, doing a little straightening, and it was just too much for it. Oops.

I also accidently broke two bowls and the sugar shaker this week simply by fumbling them while taking them out of the cubbard and having them crash on the tile countertop.

So with the rat, and the tick, and the breaking of things, it's been a little wierd around here.

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April 18, 2007

Two entries!

But they're not here.

They're over at my MySpace Space Blog blog.

At first I thought I would try to post non-knitting related posts at the MySpace, and knitting related posts here. And that might work, if I start ramping up the knitting time.

Then I thought I might just dual post, here and there the same thing.

But now I've made a few posts over at the MySpace and I don't feel like re-posting them here.

So if you'd like to look, or be my friend or whatever, my MySpace space Blog blog is here

Come see me there!


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April 15, 2007

It's late and I'm lazy

I'm at a knitting crossroads with my Cutaway Kersti. I'm leaning towards ripping it all out and starting over or knitting something else completely. As of this moment I have the back finished and blocked, left and right fronts that don't match each other, and when I held them up, unblocked, against the back piece, the armhole shaping is waaaaaay off. Also, the fronts are longer than the back.

It's a complete and total mess.

About our day, Sean tells it so much better and funnier over on his blog. Go take a look.

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April 10, 2007

I didn't mean it

Ok, the "I'm too stupid to live!" was a joke. A reference to a line Kirstie Alley had in, I think it was the last episode of Cheers!

I don't really think I'm too stupid to live. Knit, maybe.

A few weeks ago, I was telling Wendy that for some reason, I couldn't fit in all the pattern increases into the right front of that sweater before I was already at the length it should be to start the armhole decreases. She did the math, and said it shouldn't be so, but I insisted it was! It was a mystery! Well, mystery solved. I'll be knitting that piece again too.

Anyway, I finally typed up a little cheat sheet checklist of rows, and what happens on each one, and I'm almost done with the left front. Although, even with that I made a mistake in the pattern. I've decided it's a "modification" and I'm going to leave it in, since I have to knit the right front again anyway. So there. Phfffffft!

And now, here's why I can never get any work done in my home office:
17 lbs. of loving adoration.

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April 8, 2007


Last night I started the left front of my Kersti Cutaway sweater for the third time.

It went well this time, and I congratulated myself for how far along I got. This pattern isn't mindless knitting, you have to keep track of what row you're on, and track the pattern to see what happens on that row, and make sure you note if it's one of the rows that has one of those "AND AT THE SAME TIME..." things happening.

I rocked it.

Then this morning, the first thing I thought when I woke up, after "I dreamed about vacuuming? How weird!" was about how I had made little tick marks on the pattern so I could keep track of what row I was on. And then, I realized that as I marked off the tick marks, I was only counting the right side rows. I WAS ONLY COUNTING THE RIGHT SIDE ROWS!

For example, say I made marks representing rows 31, 32, and 33. I would knit a row, check off row 31, purl back, knit a row, chieck off row 32, purl back, knit a row, check off 33, purl back. Six rows knitted, three checked off! I think that officially makes me too stupid to live. I can't believe I've been knitting for six years.

So today, since Sean is sick and I'm trying to keep things quiet around here, I think I'm going to start over again, sit in the backyard and just knit. And REALLY PAY ATTENTION THIS TIME!

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April 5, 2007

If not kntting, at least it's craft related...

I finally completed the slipcover for my sofa. I started this project back in June 2006 , when I accidentally ripped one of the cushion slipcovers trying to replace the zipper. I made two new cushion slipcovers in kind of a "shabby chic" look and stopped there.

But I wanted to be able to make the slipcover for the entire couch, since the current slipcovers I'm using are wearing out. So I sacrificed one, and used it for a pattern. I found some light colored denim on sale, and finally completed the slipcover.

Latest Slipcover.jpg
Ta daaaaaa!

Ok, It's not the best looking style, but it's clean, there are no frayed edges, I didn't have to dye it, and it's completely washable and dryable. Overall I'm very happy with it, and I learned a lot. The next one will be much easier, I'm sure.

Speaking of the next one, I found this groovy fabric on sale at JoAnn's for only $1 a yard. I bought a lot of it, thinking I probably could make another slipcover out of it. It looks much better in person, where you can see the 70s color scheme of dark blue/turquoise with avacado green and orange accents.

Groovy, and only $1.00 a yard.

And also, because Lynette talked me into it, I went to the Frog Pond Knits closing sale and bought some coveted Malabrigo.


It's a bold choice of color for me, but I think it will look really cool knitted up into Ariann.

In Picabou news, she's doing really, really well. The hardest thing has been consoling her when Rena and Sean go for a walk and leave us home. I just got permission from the Vet this morning to take her on a short (half a block) very slow walk once a day. I can also wean her off pain meds and start introducing her regular food. So far so good!

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April 2, 2007

Booty on the mend

Picabou came home from the hospital yesterday, a day early!

She has special food to eat, antibiotics, pain medication, and she needs to be kept quiet for the next 2 weeks until she gets her stitches out. No exercise untill a couple of weeks after that. The Vet stressed that even though she's getting out of the hospital, she is by no means "fixed." Bloating might be a problem in the future, and even though she won't get the torsion again (because of the gastrplexy) we have to do what we can to keep her from bloating.

I'm just glad to have her home. I have never been so glad to see a dog poop. (And probably never will again...)

The Vet who released her said we were very lucky to have caught it so soon. He's seen many cases that have not gone so well for the animal, and it's mosly due to how fast they are diagnosed and rushed into surgery. So, even though this is the place where they killed my cat, I believe we did the right thing in taking Picabou there, and I think she got excellent care.

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