March 31, 2007

My stomach is in knots too...


Last night we rushed Picabou to the Emergency Vet. She had all the classic signs of Bloat (Gastric Dilation and Volvulvus), she was retching but only a tiny bit of foam would come out, she was hunched up, moaning and pacing. We had plans to go out last night, but I decided we needed to take her to the vet immediately, and even though it was the much hated Emergency Clinic that killed Lulu, I didn't think we had the time to find another place, so we took her there.

They performed emergency surgery on her last night to straighten out her stomach, and a gastrpexy, which tacks the stomach down so that it won't twist again. (The tech I talked to this morning said he just got a German Shephard puppy, and because it's a breed that is predisposed to Bloat, he had a gastrpexy performed on her at the same time she was being spayed, just as a precaution.)

Sean was very upset that we were back at that Clinic, and isn't convinced Pic didn't have more than just regular gas. Last night was not a very good night, dealing with the vet, the decision to operate, and Sean's frustrated rantings. But I think I made the right decision. I won't really feel good untill she's home. I'm still afraid she's going to die.

They called this morning (at 7:30 a.m., which made me kind of smile because that's the time that Picabou wakes me up every day) and said she made it through the night ok, no abnormal heart rhythms, which is one of the biggest dangers now. That and infection from the incision they made into her stomach. The vet felt two hard masses in her stomach and thought they might be foreign bodies that caused the whole thing, but when he described them to me as "rubbery flower-shaped things" I knew they were the doggie treats I gave her, the last thing she ate before all this started happening. They were the last things I fed her, and she must have swallowed them whole. They do look kind of rubbery.

So they'll continue to monitor her today, and give her a little food tonight. If she continues to do well, we might be able to bring her home on Sunday. My poor Boo-Boo. I hope she's ok.

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March 20, 2007

Time! Flying! By!

I really need to post more than every six days. It will still be just as boring, but in smaller amounts.

I have no knitting news. From pure lazyness, I always stall on projects when it comes time to do any shaping. I'm about ready to decrease on the front of the sweater and that has resulted in me not picking it up to knit at all.

The weather here has been beautiful. Today is the first gray day in a while. I should be able to stay in and do some housecleaning. I recently purchased a carpet shampooer, and have cleaned one room so far. It works great! It's a totally justified purchase.

I also recently have purchased a new phone for the house (Sean accidently dropped the handset in the dogs water dish, and totally fried it. I hated that phone anyway, and jumped at the chance to replace it.), and a new USB camera cord (for transferring pictures from the camera to the computer) because Rena chewed up the one we had. And, I finally broke down and bought an MP3 player. Not an ipod, because it can't play the encripted audiobooks you can download from the library. It's a Creative Zen V Plus. I've wanted one for awhile, but just couldn't bring myself to buy one. It seemed too frivilous. Then a friend of mine bought one and I could not get the thought out of my head. I blame OCD for my frivilous purchase!

I'm also dying for some Malabrigo yarn. Must not give in.

So because you've made it this far, here are some pictures!

Goofy Dog:

Dignified Lady Dog:

Baby Rattlesnake we saw on the trail a few days ago (Rena was standing right on top of him!)

Another View:

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March 13, 2007


Last week on our daily walk, we passed the little 8 year-old neighbor girl having a sidewalk sale. She was selling what she called "Moranges." They were actually finger knitted/freeform headbands (named Moranges because she wanted there to be a word that rhymed with oranges!). OF COURSE I bought one! I remember being her age and trying to have a sale in the front yard and the only person who would buy anything from me was Frank, the mailman.

We gave her a shiny brand new dollar coin. Later that evening, we read about how some coins were minted without the date and "in God we trust" on the side, so I walked down to her house to make sure she checked. (Her Dad said "oh yeah, that was the first thing I looked for!)

Anyway, I offered to teach her to knit and she seemed really interested. "You mean with two sticks?" Her mom also wanted to learn. She knew how to crochet, but not knit.

So last week I taught a knitting lesson. It didn't really go so well, actually. The Mom was easy, as soon as I figured out she needed to learn continental style. The little girl, was less interested as we went along. My favorite question from her was "but when are we done?" hahahhahhah

It's been such beautiful weather here! I love it. I've been spending a couple of hours a day outside just sitting in the sun reading. I picked up the book The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs at the Library off the sale rack. ($2.00. Bargain!) It's a good read so far, nice and fluffy.

I also won a contest! Over the holidays I had entered a contest online to win a kitchen makover. No I didn't win that prize. I won 6th prize, a recipe book...the kind you use to organize your own recipes. I actually needed something like that, but I'm not sure it's going to work for me. But, still, I won! Woo Hoo!

So that's about it actually. I'm liking daylight savings time quite a bit. I'm one of those people who think it should be year-round. But, I know it's easy to adjust when you don't have to get up to an alarm clock.

I'm loving my little "retirement preview." I do a little housecleaning, a little work for my old boss, a few errands, sit in the sun and read, walk the dog, and surf the internets. In the evenings, I knit and watch a little tv, or we go out and hear live music. I wish it could go on forever this way. But I know that soon I will have to go back to work. I feel really fortunate to have had the last 6 months off.

And now, if you've made it this far, here's a picture of Rena from our walk yesterday.
Squirrel! It's hard to tell, but she's at least 4 feet up that tree.

And just for grins, here's another shot from the walk. These little critters are all over, catching a few rays.

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March 7, 2007

My Signature

Because I am lame and currently stalled on the Koigu Cutaway I've started the Rainy Day Socks.


I'm liking this pattern so far, even thought knitting with size 1 needles is causing a touch of eye strain. Also bugging me is the mistake at about row five, in the k portion of the k2p2 ribbing. It seems I can't start a sock without including a small error right off the bat. It's turning out to be "my signature." No, I'm not fixing it. That would be a total waste of time because it's never going to be visible to anyone.

I missed the whole contest that was going on with the animal paw pictures. But I had a good one:

Rena's "hand" is prettier than mine.

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March 3, 2007


First off, I'm going to say that there is nothing like knitting a sweater to make you want to start a new project.

After I finished the back of the Kersti Cutaway, I tried to cast on for one of the fronts, but I was having trouble understanding the pattern instructions (through no fault of the pattern...I'm the bonehead here.). I e-mailed Bonne Marie herself for help and she was extremely nice and helpful. Yet, I still didn't get it.

So I decided I would knit Sean a hat.


I used the Marsan Watchcap pattern, and bungled it my usual way by somehow knitting it way too small. It's as big as my hand, and I took a picture of it with my hand for scale but quickly deleted it in horror when I saw my manhand in the editing screen. *shudder* So, you'll just have to believe me, because I'm too lazy to go take another picture.

Then, I decided that what I really wanted to knit some socks. So I bought the Rainy Day socks pattern, and found some Lorna's Laces sock yarn at my LYS that looks like it's a pretty good match for the color.


I also bought some black Silky Wool, for another attempt at a hat for Sean (I've long wanted to knit with this yarn and thought this would be a good excuse) and some Koigu PPPM, just for fun.


Now, back to the Kersti Cutaway. I have a question for all you experts out there.

Mystitch guage is right on, but my row gauge is off, by about two rows. I thought this would actually work to my advantage, seeing as I didn't quite have the recommended amount of yarn. But as I'm knitting through the pattern, I realize that it's having me add stitches and increase on specific rows, and then it has me knitting straight until it reaches a certain number of inches, at which point I start the armhole decreases. The problem is that I've reached the number of inches the piece is supposed to be, yet haven't yet reached the specific row for the last increase.

Does that make sense? It makes me think that probably the whole thing is going to be skewed and that I should have compensated somhow for the difference in row gauge, and changed the places where the stitches/increases were added. Any and all thoughts on this problem appreciated!

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