February 25, 2007

What are the chances?

A few months ago, Rena lost her dog tag. It was the one with her name and our address and phone number (as opposed to her license or rabies tags). When I noticed it was gone, I got her a new one.

On the new tag, I added my cell phone number, and accidentally spelled her name wrong. Oops. I kicked myself for that, but then she lost that tag too. So I made her another, out of shrinky-dink material, but that's neither here nor there.


Yesterday, on our walk, a couple of dogs who live on the levee got out of their fenced yard and Rena started playing with them and romping around. Their owner was calling them and we were calling Rena, and it was escalating a bit, so Sean walked through the field toward her to hook up her leash. She came to him and sat for the hook up, and Sean looked down and there laying on the ground next to her was the first lost dog tag.

Needle in a haystack, and he found it!

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February 23, 2007

Catahoula Cataloged



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February 17, 2007

Eyes in the back of my...sweater?


I finished the back of Cutaway Kersti, and blocked it, because it was just looking a little too small. I think it will be ok though, if I can get past the disturbing face I see in the variegation. Can you see it too?

I spent a few hours last week sitting in the sun, knitting, and listening to a Christopher Moore (A Dirty Job) audiobook. It was so niiiiiice! I was able to get a lot done on Cutaway, much faster than I usually knit.

My knee is feeling a little better, now that I've started a theraputic dose of ibuprofen. After researching online, I don't think I have hurt my ACL afterall. It's probably muscular, or maybe something having to do with the meniscus.

Anyway...that's it for now. The dog needs a walk!

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February 14, 2007

Scene from an evening


Silly. Dogs are not allowed on the furniture at our house. Except when they are.

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February 13, 2007

Scene from a morning

"I'm not touching you."

To the people I sent calendars too, if you haven't received them, let me know!

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February 11, 2007

Letting the days go by

I take so long between posts, and then when I do write something it just a lot of nothing. What's been going on with me?

I sprained my ankle, which put a hold on the whole running thing for a week, and at the end of that week, got run into by a couple of playing dogs at the dog park and twanged my ACL. It's not bad enough to go to the doctor or anything, and I can still walk on it (gingerly), but any lateral motion or hard heel strikes are out of the question. And it hurts, even when I'm not using it. The last couple of days we've walked the dogs by staying on the flat top of the levee instead of walking the trail, because it's been so muddy and raining, and the instabiliy of mud and hills is bad for my knee. The good news is, at least I can walk.

Yes we walk the dogs in the rain. We are that good! Last night we came home particularly soaked, catching the first part of a really hard downfall. We threw our muddy clothes right into the wash. This morning, as I was throwing that load in the dryer, I found my cell phone in the washer. Oops.

it's drying out right now and it appears it survived. Whew!

Lessee, what else.

We said goodbye to our new friends, Josh and Em, who moved to AZ. I am honored to have received "the roast" since plants are not allowed to cross the border.

It's a redwood burl, not actually a roast. Thanks Em! I'll try to take good care of it.

ugly sock.jpg

In knitting news, I finished the sock. Hate it. Noticed a mistake in row 3, not going to fix it. I cast on half-heartedly for it's mate, but really, I have no illusions that I will finish it anytime soon. It's too bulky, and I don't like the heel. It has made me want to investigate other type of sock knitting though, so that's something. I do like having a small project on the needles.

cutaway kersti.jpg

I'd been searching for something I could knit with some Koigu Kersti that I got in trade with Lynette. It's so beautiful and the yarn was calling out to me. But it needed to be a relatively simple (because of the variegation) and small sweater (because a sweaters worth of yarn for tiny Lynette seems to be a tad less than a sweaters worth for me!) But I think I've prevailed. I chose "Cutaway" from ChicKints. What do you think Lynette?

On a technical note, has anyone noticed Movable Type 3.2 not working quite right with the new IE 7?

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