November 30, 2006


The part came yesterday and Sean installed it and now we have heat. Glorious heat!

And it happend on a night where we had record breaking cold temps, so it couldn't have come at a better time. That's kind of how it works here. A couple of years ago we had a freak hailstorm in September. Floods, sewer covers popping off and gushing water (and other stuff), people stranded on the highways in water up to their car windows. The roof of Corti Bros. even caved in with all the hail. Us? Had our new roof finished two days before.

And now Sean has made pies, one pumpkin, one experimental apple/cherry. Am I lucky or what?

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November 29, 2006

I made him pay extra for overnight shipping

I'm sitting here wearing my warm outfit: Pajama bottoms under heavy fleece pants, Pajama top, sweatshirt, fleece hoodie, socks, wool slippers. And I'm sitting next to a space heater. Toasty!

The part we ordered online yesterday should be here today. I so hope it works. It was 53 degrees this morning in the house and getting out of bed was a struggle. I know for sure I don't ever want to live where it snows. I'm a California wimp when it comes to weather.

Not much going on here except the chaos of rewiring that Sean is doing and the painting that I'm doing. I finished the first coat of the kitchen color yesterday and I don't like it. So Sean will be picking up another color to try on his way home from work today. That is the only thing I accomplished yesterday, and, I guess I can't say I accomplished it if I have to do it over.

The highlight of my day is the afternoon walk with the dogs. It's a good way to warm up. Yesterday I tried to take some videos with my camera. And if I had a clue as to how to post it here I would. Just uploading it the regular way it gives me an error saying it's too large.

Ok, gotta get a move on the day.

Testing: This video is called "Rena, Come!" Anyone know how to make it look less smeary?

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November 27, 2006


Where does the time go? Dang.

Turkey day was fab, we stayed home and had a small turkey with all the trimmings. And pie. Sean cooked, as usual and it was gooooooood. I did nothing!

The day after, we went to a potluck at the home of some new friends and had a really great time. I ate so much I thought I would explode. It was gooooooooood.

Saturday, we finally faced the fact that the furnace was indeed broken, and called a repairman. So the day was just lost waiting for him, waiting while he futzed around, and then waiting for him to leave so I could put on a few more layers of fleece and sit around the house doing nothing. It turns out we need a $500 part. A $500 part we know costs $250. So we're exploring our options at the moment, a) get a second opinion, b) buy the part online and try to install it ourseves (and by "ourselves" I mean Sean), or c) replace the whole thing. The funny thing is that even though we have a fireplace, not having heat still doesn't make me want to use it. It's in the wrong room!

Sunday, I tried to stay warm doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc. It mostly worked.

Today I had a little thrift shopping trip, where I scored many stuffed animals for Rena to rip to shreds. I also went to the 99 cents store. Good times.

Tomorrow, I tackle painting the kitchen again. Or not. I've moved a little space heater into the office where my computer is currently located. I may just stay cuddled up to it all day.

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November 21, 2006

Are you sure you want to delete the 2891 junk comments?

Um.. YES! Damn comment spammers! I hate them! What the hell do they accomplish by spamming? I don't get it.

Today's post was going to be titled "Painting, Day 4" And then I was going to tell you that the reason I didn't post a "Painting, Day 1, 2, or 3" was because they would all say the same thing: I hate painting! Gah!

So yeah. I'm painting the kitchen, and I'm about 1/3rd of the way through. I've painted the brick fireplace, the wall above, the wall facing and ... the other wall, in the "family room" side of our kitchen. I have also put a second coat on all the walls because I am blind and not a very good painter. Today I did a second coat on one wall, and touched up another. Each wall is a different color, so it takes more time to paint.

Still to do:

1. Pick paint color for the "kitchen side" of the kitchen
2. Paint "kitchen side"
3. Paint all trim
4. Paint all doors
5. Re-paint ceiling where the blue tape took the paint off
6. Touch up the wall where the blue tape didn't work and now it looks awful

Then I will be almost done with painting! I stil lhave to re-paint the inside of one of the kitchen cabinets. Bleh.

I've knit a few rows on the most boring sweater. Nothing picture worthy.

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November 17, 2006

It may come as a shock to some...

...but I don't like fruit pies.

I do like pumpkin (with enough whipped cream), sweet potato, and pecan, in moderation.

But fruit pies are too sweet, and the ratio of filling to crust always seems off. I do, however, love pie crust.

So yseterday, after coming home from shopping and realizing that Rena had counter-surfed and eaten the last three cinnimon rolls, (which both of us were dreaming about driving home) I had to whip up something sweet as a replacement.

Luckily, I had pre-made pie dough, and a can of applie pie filling. (So, not from scratch, but still good!)


Pie bites. Yum!

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November 9, 2006

Gert says Hi!


Gert says hi to me every day when I'm sitting here at the computer. Always Gert, never Henny.

She's molting, so she looks kind of bad right now. This will pass.

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November 8, 2006

That thing I do sometimes, with the yarn and the needles

There's nothing like picking up and re-starting an old project to make you want to knit something completely new.


I thought I needed something warm to wear on our morning walks, and I hate wearing hats, so Panta was the perfect solution.

It was a fun little knit, but alas, the results look horrid on my litle pin head. Aparently I'm not a hat or a panta person.

I did try to find some other live models to show it off:

"Get this the hell off me."

"Am I in trouble?"

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November 7, 2006

Don't forget


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November 6, 2006

PacifiCare: Worst Service Ever

Two and a half hours of my life gone, trying to get an answer from my medical insurance about why it appears to my pharmacist that I have no coverage.

When I was terminated from my job, the first thing I did was send in my Cal-COBRA election form with my first month payment to PacifiCare, the world's suckiest medical insurer.

A month later, I got a letter from them saying that I needed to fill out a form and send in a check for one month's premium. Nevermind that I had already filled out the exact same form, and sent in a check. I went ahead and did it all again, and put a stop payment (at their suggestion) on my first check since there seemed to be no record of it anywhere.

A few weeks after that, I recieved a notice saying that I could not be reinstated untill I had sent them two more months worth of payments. I dutifully wrote the check and sent it in.

Then I tried to refill a prescription and learned that I had no health insurance.

I called the number on the form they sent me, and was told I had called the wrong number. So I called the number that person gave me, and they informed me that I needed to call another number. I called THAT number, and after being on hold for an hour, a recording came on and told me that they could not process my call, please call back another time. OH HELL NO!

So I called the second number again, ranted and raved (and apologized) and that person tried to get someone to help me FOR ANOTHER HOUR. He kept coming on the line and saying, "nobody is answering there, let me try another number."

Finally someone answered and after I explained the situation to them they said "well we don't have a record of the two month payment being processed. Can you call back on Wednesday?"

Then my head exploded, and I had to apologize again.

It seems they are short staffed, see, so they can't always answer the phones or help people. Or do data entry.

My only consolation is that I missed the 2:45 p.m. daily telephone spam from .

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November 1, 2006

Trick or Treat Weirdness

This year we had some strange trick or treaters.

There was the group that stood on the front porch but did not ring the doorbell or knock. Then we heard them say "oh well, I guess they're not home." People, we had tombstones in the yard, torches, lit pumpkins, the porch light was on. We were participating! It's have to knock! Or ring the bell! That's how it works. Just like you have to say "Trick or Treat" to get candy. What's really funny is that we could hear them talking about how they really liked our door knocker.

Which leads me to the two pre-teens, who said nothing when I opened the door, looked at my candy offerings as if they were dog poo, then sullenly walked off after reluctantly taking a pack of Skittles and a Butterfinger. No "thank you" or anything. What gives?

Then, we had two groups of older kids come by about 8:45, long after we had removed the torches, blown out the pumpkins and turned out the porch lights. They rang the bell and knocked, and stood there for a good 2 minutes or so waiting for us to answer the door. Can't they take a hint? Dude, if the porch light is off, don't come to the door.

Next year we are making a sign that says "This Halloween is Over."

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