July 23, 2006


We've had a pretty good weekend here, except for Picabou. It's just been too hot to take her out. It feels like it's a bazillion degrees out there today.

Yesterday, we went to two Estate sales. One advertised lots of tools and stuff, and the other was advertised as "3 Grandmas." We went to the one with the tools, and Sean picked up a lot of really cool tools. There was nothing I wanted, so I mostly guarded the pile. We left feeling pretty good about what we bought.

Then we went to the "3 Grandmas" sale. Lots of good stuff there, but a little high priced. There was a sun room that was filled with garden pots and books. We had a giant stack of books and pots we wanted, but when they wouldn't come down in price we baled on a lot of them. It was 109 degF yesterday, and probably at least 120 in that sunroom. We narrowed it down to one book and 4 pots when Sean realized that all the pots were sitting on THE metal table he's been trying to find for years. We've probably come across a suitable table maybe five times in the last 3 or 4 years, and always they are already sold. You normally only see this type of table at sales that advertise a lot of tools, metal shops, etc. They kind of sales that mostly are trying to attract men. But this was the "3 Grandmas" sale! And there was the best metal table we'd ever seen. There was also a gigantic two tier metal rolling cart. We wondered if they were for sale.

I went and got one of the guys running the sale, and when we asked him the price, he said "what do you want to pay?" Sean said "$10." (See, when they don't have a price in mind and make you start with what you "want" to pay, you might as well be honest!) The guy said "well, the wheels alone are worth that. How about $40.00. For both." This was the biggest bargain all year.

So we paid for our stuff, and we had to drive home to get the truck. When we got back to the sale, the two tables wouldn't fit in Sean's truck. So the guy says "take my truck!" Unbelieveable.

We took his truck home, then back to get our truck, then home again. We ended up driving up and down Watt Ave. 6 tmes. It really was an exhausting hot day. We left him another $10 (all we had left in our pockets) because he was so nice about letting us use his truck.

I got a few goodies too:
A big piece of this lovely fabric. I think I'm going to try to make a skirt out of it.

A platter that's really difficult to photograph. It's made out of Lucite or something. It's heavy, but it's not glass. Here's a close up.

I also bought a little book on quilting. Just because.

Then Saturday night we went to a little party, where I drank too much. We had a great time hanging out with our friends in the sweltering night, but I'm paying for it today. Bleh. It's blazing hot outside. I've only gone out once and that was for groceries. Our A/C has been running all day and it's barely taking the edge off.

That was the weekend. Hope you had a good one too.

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July 19, 2006

The truth comes out

I thought I was all about knitting, but I haven't knit in weeks. I went to a yarn store today and ... "eh."

The truth has finally dawned on me (I'm slow that way) that my first love is stuff. More importantly, formerly other people's stuff. It just so happens that for the last couple of years my favorite stuff was knitting related.

Being depressed and alone in the office at a job that may soon be taken away from me, I pretty much surfed a large part of the day away, and found some new blogs that are instantly near and dear to my heart.


So fun. Reading these blogs made my day today.

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July 14, 2006

The longest week

Thank you all for your kind comments. Things were all screwed up with my blog and I wasn't getting any notifications that I even had comments. I just thought everyone was really busy.

Anyway. We are doing ok, but really miss Grets. Both of us have had moments when we thought we saw/heard him. Weird. Picabou seems a little down, but not as upset as I thought she would be. We're trying to give her lots of extra attention. Tonight will be hard because she'll have been alone all day and we're going to a baseball game tonight.

On top of everything else this week, my job has become precarious again. Several people were fired on Monday, including my boss. So now, after 13 years of working for the same person, I have a new boss. It really sucks. And there's talk of the company being moved to San Diego. That would suck for me because then I'd have to resign. Of course when they were firing everyong I wanted to quit right then and there, but I need the paycheck. I almost think they were surprised I stayed.

When will life get fun and easy again?

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July 11, 2006

How I want to remember him

1995ish - 7/11/2006

This is Gretsky in his prime, healthy and happy. This is how I'll remember him.

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July 8, 2006

First the good news...

We went to a couple of estate sales this morning and found some cool stuff.


It's not a wind chime, but a hanging thing. We're not quite sure what it is exactly, but it's cool, it involves monkeys
and it's made of metal.

Here's a flash pic so you can see (sort of) the detail on the bottom part.



I also picked up a tiny knittnig basket, a tiny knitting machine, a Japanese knitting book (that is mostly somehow making glove animals) and a wierd little pin cushion thing that apparently makes some type of doily.

And now for the bad news...

We took Gretsky to the Vet Friday evening because we found a few more lumps on his body that were very fast growing. While in the waiting room, we found another behind his ear that had ulcerated. When the Vet examined him, she noticed his eye looked like it was protruding. This, taken with everything else is very bad. It's most likely a return of his melanoma as a tumor behind his eye. She didn't recommend surgery this time, just palliative care.


He seems to have gone downhill quite a bit since Friday. We new it was coming, but are still so sad. You can never fully prepare to lose such a good buddy. Our goal with the surgery was three months. We got 7 good months. We hope he's able to tell us when it's time.

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July 3, 2006

Four days for the 4th

This is the most unproductive 4-day weekend I've ever had.

Saturday, got a lot of nothing accomplished. I took Pic to the vet for her thyroid level check. Got the results today and she is right where she needs to be, so that's good. I also went to the Library and picked up an armload of books on quilting. Yes, I said quilting.

I'm not that interested in knitting at the moment, but I'm really interested in quilting, despite the fact that I know I probably will never even try it out. Still there's something compelling about it and I'm enjoying looking at the books and the beautiful quilts.

Sunday, cleaned half the kitchen, then we went to the shooting range. As it turns out, I didn't like shooting either the rifle or the gun. They were too big and loud and made me feel like I coldn't control them. I've shot guns before, but I really didn't like it this time. So, of course, I need my own gun. I went looking around at them on the interweb and I really like the Walther PPK. It's neato. Next time we go shooting, I'm going to rent one.

Today we went grocery shopping. Woo Hoo! Still no cleaning and the house is a mess. Oh, we also washed the dog. Phew! She really smelled bad. We've been taking her to the river almost every night so she can swim and get tired out, so we can sleep. But for some reason she starts to really stink after a few days of going to the river every night.

When we get home from the river, I usually towel dry her and throw down an old towel or sheet for her to sleep on for a few hours while we watch TV and before she has to be re-coned so she can go to bed. Schmacky always comes in and lies down next to her. He's a funny little cat. Here's some blurry evidence. It's much cuter in person.




Tonight, I think we are going to see the Rivercats. I say "I think" becuause even though we have tickets, we don't really feel like going. We have half an hour to decide.

Tomorrow our street is having a block party, so that should be pretty fun. We have a few friends coming over and it's supposed to be nice weather. Should be fun.

Hope you all have a great holiday!

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