June 25, 2006

One thing leads to another...

A few weeks ago, the zipper broke on the slipcover for one of the couch cushions . The zipper pull just zipped right off.

"No problem" I thought, "I'll just slip the pull back on and then it will be all fixed."

But no. I lost the zipper pull before I had the need to put it back on. Because it was still zipped, see? I didn't need to fix it right away.

So I bought a universal fix-a-zipper kit, except, it wasn't universal enough and I couldn't get it to work.

"No problem" I thought, "I'll just replace the zipper and we'll be good to go."

Then, when ripping it out, I did this:



So I decided to rip the entire thing apart and use it as a pattern to make a new one. We have two of the same couches and IKEA has discontinued them so It's going to become a problem when the slipcovers start wearing out. And, obviously, they've started wearing out already.

So that's what I did. I couldn't find a zipper in the size I needed, so I bought a lenth of it, and a zipper pull, and made one. For the cover, I used some fabric I had stashed so I wouldn't be out too much money if it didn't work. I had a floral print from an old futon cover, and some denim left over from a previous slipcover.

Moon Pie was more than happy to help me by emptying the trash bag in the sewing room:

I think it came out ok. It's kind of a shabby chic look, even though it's a fitted cover:

cushion cover.jpg

And, of course, I need to make another for the other cushion.

I'm pretty happy with it, except for one thing: when I zipped it on, the zipper pull came right off. I'm now right back where I started.

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June 24, 2006

Birdy Num Nums

We had a little unexpected visitor this morning!


He flew right through the open door into our kitchen. Just a baby Nuttall's Woodpecker.

Picabou was a witness, but the cats were not notified, for obvious reasons.


We took him back outside and he gave us a little "Prrit!" and flew away.

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June 23, 2006

How to get rid of that new car smell

Well the new car smell is now completely obliterated by stale coffee smell. Darn it! I'm so stupid.

We had a big meeting at work yesterday, and I had to return the air pots of coffee. Why I didn't empty them first is just simply due to me not thinking ahead. Then there was a time crunch and as I was on my way to drop someone off, the thing tipped over and spilled coffee all over my back hatch area. It smelled kind of good at first, but now it is nas-tay. It smells like my fifth grade teacher's breath.

In other annoying news, what has happened to the rest of my blog? Why do things keep dissappearing? I can't figure out howto fix it. And, the comment spammers are back in full force! Ooooo I hate them.

In good news, Picabou is really responding to her thyroid medication. It's like she's a new dog! Or rather, she's her old self again. She's peppy and alert. She's playing with her toys again. She doesn't look all glazed over and slack anymore. Her lick granulomas are healing up, and she's getting to spend more and more time out of the cone, and she's dropped at least 5 pounds. All good!

Knit wise, I'm working on a plain t-shirt type sweater. Nothing special, just stockinette in the round. I'm not too far from finishing it, but it's usually 9:00 p.m. before I pick it up to start knitting, and it puts me right to sleep. So, slow and steady I will get it done, but it may take me another few weeks.

It's been a stressful week for me, and I'm looking forward to starting another sewing project this weekend. It's going to be scorching (108 deg F predicted), so staying inside with the A/C on is about the only thing to do.

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June 17, 2006

One of Picabou's Best Friends...

is a supermodel!

Congratulations Charlie Bean!

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June 9, 2006

Ta Da!

(click to make bigger)

Here's the finished sweater! I'm pretty happy with it.

Another view, worse of me, better of the sweater:


In Picabou news, on Monday morning Picabou's paw was all swollen and weird looking. She was having trouble getting to a standing position from laying down, and she hadn't eaten since the previous morning.

I took her to a new vet, one that was recommended to us by a friend. On the way there, Pic fell between the back seat and the back of the driver's seat and got trapped for a few minutes. She's a large dog, and I think her legs were hurting anyway, so it was hard for her to get back up. But before I could pull over, she made it back up. When I finally got to the Vet's office, she was no longer moving her tail, it was just hanging there.

So the swollen paw was because her wraps were too tight (guilt!), and the Vet said it's better not to wrap these types of sores. She got a new e-collar, one that is much bigger, but made of a softer plastic and CLEAR! (Someone was thinking. It makes a world of difference when they can have at least SOME peripheral vision.) They took some blood, prescribed antibiotics and predisone (very short-term), and told me I have to cone her at all times when I'm not directly supervising her. I also have to make her lose 20 lbs. 20 LBS! (She weighed in at 128.)Geez.

As it turns out, the bloodwork indicated she's hypothyroid, so once we get her on medication she might lose the weight a little easier. It's fairly common in Black Labs for some reason. And the tail? Sprained. It's also known as "dead tail" and is common in Labs too.

So we're all good here now. It feels good to have a solid plan with her. Within two days of starting the two medications, all swelling was down in her legs, she was moving around much better and wagging her tail again. What a relief.

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June 7, 2006

Where did my comments go? Testing....

Not sure what's happening here...

Testing to see if my comments show up.

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June 4, 2006

Two finished projects!

What a fabulous weekend.

Satuday, we started out early to go to a couple of estate sales. The first one was chosen because it said "knitting and crochet" in the newspaper ad. We got there on day two of the sale, and there was nothing left of the knitting stuff. No books, no tools...there were a couple of unfinished projects but nothing else. But that's ok, becase we got a whole load of clay pots for the garden and a really really really cool wind chime.

(we are unapologetic wind chime enthusiasts here at chez O & B) It's made of metal.

Then we came across the guts of a potters kick wheel (similar to this for only $5.00. Sean will have to build a stand for it, but we actually have plans for one in a book. Pretty darn cool.

Then, we went to Fox and Goose for a terrifically decadent breakfast. It started with mimosas, ended with a scone with clotted cream, and in the middle, there was a to-die-for omlett. Mmmmm mmmm mmmm!

Then, I came home and sewed! Yes, with my Mother's help in laying out and cutting the pattern a couple weeks ago, I was able to come home and sew this top!

The blurry shot (click for bigger): artyshot.jpg

A closeup: closeup.jpg

And of course no photoshoot would be complete without "The LoriO" The LoriO.jpg

It's shoddy amaturish workmanship, but it fits perfectly and looks ok and you can't really tell anything is wrong with it unless you look closely or see it inside out. I'm happy with it.

And then? And then I finished my Lace and Cables sweater! Here it is after it's first bath;
nearing completion.jpg

Once again, shoddy workmanship in the areas of seams and crochet edging, and much problems in the button/buttonholes area. But, overall, I'm very pleased. I'm not going to be standing still enough when I wear it, and i"m sure not going to point out it's flaws. I really tried hard on this one, so the problems with it are simply due to lack of skill. I learned a lot knitting this sweater. I'll get a picture of me wearing it soon. Too bad it's starting to get hot now. I probably will have to wait a while to wear it.

And then? Then, we went to a backyard barbeque at our friends' house. We had a good time, Sean played Halo and I got jrunk and knitted. Good times.

And that was just Saturday. Today was just a nice relaxing day. I didn't do any real housecleaning, just some tidying up.

I think it was last weekend the State Fair published it's lineup for the free concert series. Sean and I always look forward to it because the concert determines which day will be our Fair Day. The day we take off during the week and spend the entire day at the fair. This year the lineup is incredible and we were having a hard time choosing which band to see. We narrowed it down to either Loverboy (for the cheese factor), Rick Springfield (cheese again), Ted Nugent (freak show factor), or Tesla (local boys). How to choose? We talked about it and I said the magic words "If only REO Speedwagon were playing, there would be nothing to decide." Well, just like conjuring up yarn in my kitchen, I say the thing out loud and the thing happens. The ad today's paper includes the addition of REO Speedwagon! HAHAHHAHAHAHH!

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