March 12, 2006

Progress and hmmmmm

So my latest project, the shawl that I knit an average of one row a week on:

shawl progress.jpg

Hmmmmm. It wasn't until I saw this picture that I noticed the color change. Even though all the yarn I bought was from the same dye lot, you can see there is a huge variation. I'm not sure how I feel about it at the moment. There are so many mistakes in this thing already, I might just leave it. I'm too lazy to rip it out and start knitting from two skeins to randomize it a bit more. What do you guys think?

The other big mistake, is in the pattern. The pattern is two, three-row patterns, repeated four times each. Well at one point in this thing I repeated the pattern for five rows instead of four. I can tell where it is, but I don't really think it's that noticeable. But it might become more so once it's blocked. I think I'm gonina leave it.

The weather here has been so suckey lately. But, yesterday we had a brief reprieve and a little sunshine so we were able to take a nice walk with the dogs. Other than that, it's just been a regular weekend, filled with chores, rest, and movies.

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March 5, 2006

And, now for some more boring

So, then we went to Molokai.

Now, when we were in Oahu, we liked our little duplex condo, but we were ready for some rest and relaxation at the luxury resort condo we booked in Molokai.

Molokai is known as the "most Hawaiian" of all the Islands. It's very small and the downtown shopping consists of one street.

The condo we rented is in a development with a hotel and golf course, a restaurant and shops. Or, rather it used to be that way. Sean's parents had stayed there about 6 years ago, and it was really nice. When we got there, we found out the hotel and restaurant were closed and practically boarded up. There was yellow tape across all the stairways. The golf course had been closed for years and only recently re-opened. Our condo had been misrepresented to Sean's Mom. It was supposed to be a second floor condo, overlooking the 18th green. It was on the first floor overlooking the parking lot. There were two bedrooms, but the second bedroom (ours) had twin beds. It also had the most awful scratchy polyester sheets. Many things were broken, veneer coming off doors, mold everywhere, and cockroaches.

But, we had some nice sightseeing days, dispite the rainy weather, and on the next to the last day there we had a great sunny day and spent it exploring the beaches.

molokai beach.jpg

This coastline had it all! Rocks, sand, shells, tide pools, cliffs. It was beautiful! We would climb all over the rocks and look at the tide pools, then come upon a sandy beach area and spend a little time looking for pukas or other interesting shells, then come to more bouldery rocks, then another little beachy area. As you're looking at the picture, we walked all the way to past the big cliff in the background, climbed up, and then walked a trail back to the resort. We saw almost no people, except for one couple with a small child, and a naked man (on separate beaches).

It was our best day in Hawaii and made us never want to leave.


But what about the pretty flowers? Well, as it turns out I didn't have as many pictures of them as I thought I did. But, here you go... I have no idea what they are.



I think I have the comment spammers licked for now, so I've opened up comments to everybody again.

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March 3, 2006

The NEXT post will be pretty flowers.

This is happening right were we stayed in Oahu. We were in Punaluu.


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