October 31, 2005


Hello everybody, I'm still here, back from my stressful week of conference planning and attending.

I have lots to chat about, but no time/. NOooOOOoo TiiIIiMmE!

I also thought I had a spooky halloween shot for you but I do not.

Instead, I leave you with my favorite piece from this year's state fair, Laundry Day of the Dead by fabric artist (and boogie woogie piano player) Caroline Dahl.


Click to make big and take in the beauty of this embroidery! So Cool!

Ok, gotta run. Bye!

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October 19, 2005


Lessee... Work is really busy these days so I've hardly had any time to read any blogs or write here, untill now. But I have to make it a quickie.

I have been knitting, and finished my sleeves Monday night. Then, when I went to sew them on, I found out that they were too short, and ... oops, I had already cut the yarn. Had to rip them back and add new yarn and knit about an inch more on each one. So now I just need to block, sew the pieces together, knit the neck and do a crochet edging and find buttons. I should be done by next Spring.

The baby blanket lays in it's bag, taunting me. I snear in it's direction.

I want to start a new sweater, out of some pretty ribbon yarn. I knitted a swatch last night and I'm not sure it looks right. Is there a trick to knitting with ribbon yarn? I have an idea for how I want the sweater to look, so I think this will be my first try at designing something.

What else? My car has a big crack in the windshield. You just can't drive Hwy 50 and not get a ding every now and then, but I'm not used to them spreading like this. It's about a 7 inch L-shaped crack. Dang it. My brand new car, with a dent, a coffee stain on the front passenger seat and a cracked windshield, all before it's first oil change. *sniff*

This coming weekend I'm participating in a garage sale with a group of friends. I'm going to try to sell about 80% of my stash. Most of it is priced at .50 cents a skein, the rest at .25 ea. There will also be vintage knitting magazines (.25 cents ea) and a sewing machine for sale. I have no idea what anyone else will be selling. But if you want some deals on yarn, come on out! It's this Saturday from 8 to 4. E-mail me for the address.

Why do I want to sell my stash? I have too much yarn, and I want to buy more. I don't feel right buying more yarn when I have so much, and much of what I have is just the wrong color for me. I can't wear primary colors, or any sort of autumn color. Since I mostly knit for me, I know I'm never going to use it up.

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October 4, 2005


I forgot the camera again.

So I will just say, I'm moving right along on my sweater sleeves, and the Dibs are rockin' our house! More specifically, the ones with the drumstick coating. YUM!

That is all.

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October 3, 2005

Slo-mo weekend + Fire!

This weekend it was like I was moving in slow motion. I hate being sick. It go so bad that Sean had to sleep on the couch because I was making so many gacking noises. Which I had no problem sleeping through for some reason.

Saturday was spent not doing much of anything. Sunday, I felt a little bit better, so I went to pick up my new glasses. I think they're cute on me, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to return them. The plastic frames just do not fit on my face correctly, and to be able to see through them they have to sti too close to my eyes and my eyelashes brush against them. Plus, the prisim is not working out so much. Overall my new glasses are heavy and discombobulating. Which is sad, because they are kind of cute. I took some pictures last night, but as per usual, forgot to bring the camera with me today.

I'm going to try out my new contacts tomorrow and Wednesday. I go back for a re-check on Wednesday. I haven't been able to really give them a fair try yet because of my cold.

In exciting news, Sean did a Raku firing yesterday evening. Luckily, just seconds before we were going to transfer the molten (1800 degrees) pieces into the aluminum trash can filled with shredded newspaper, our friend Kris came walking by and said "you need wet towels to put over the trash can!" The object is to keep the smoke inside after you have lit the combustibles on fire with the molten pottery. Kris has taken a Raku class, so she knows things. We would have been very sorry had she not walked by at that exact second! Thanks Kris! Then another friend, Scruff, drove up on his electric bike, and then Kris' hub and bro-in-law came buy too and we had a little audience for the smoke fest. It was kind of fun. It smelled like camping.

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