August 31, 2005

Say it with me now...



Paton's Denim Look Yarn
Pattern by Sirdar, #1562

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August 29, 2005


Just telling it like it is.

Lots going on, but no time to write about it.

I've finished sewing up the baby sweater and weaving in all the ends. I just need to attach the little flaps to the front, put on the buttons, and wash it. Hopefully I'll make some headway on that list tonight!

Then I'll get back to my semi-regular posting non-schedule.

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August 18, 2005

We will, we will, block you!

Obviously I need to do a bit of blocking before I sew it all together.

Some progress last night on the sweater. I managed to sew the shoulders together without incident, and pick up the stitches around the neck with a minimum of incident. Some of the instructions for this sweater are the same for all three sweaters offered in this leaflet. So at points in the pattern it says "knit from ** to *** in Hooded Sweater. (The hooded sweater happenes to be the first one listed in the instructions.) No problem, I get that. So as I knitted the back piece, and knitted from ** to ***, the last instructions were "put remaining 17 stitches on a holder" which, of course, is because they are the instructions for the HOODED sweater. At this point I was supposed to turn back to the instructions for the sweater I was actually knitting and read the last instruction: "bind off remaining stitches.

But did I? No. It wasn't until I was picking up the stitches for around the collar that I realized it never said to "put the live stitches back on the needles" or anything resembling that. Then I figured it out.

So I just went with it, picked up around the right side of the neck, put the live stitches from the back on the needles and then... had to join new yarn for the left side. EEK! So the right side of my collar, has one row of stitches that is made from one tiny piece of yarn. And, I have a lot more ends to weave in. But I think it will work. *crossing fingers*

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August 17, 2005

Re: Baby Sweater

First things first, I will not finish this little sweater in time for the baby shower. That is just the story of my knitting life. SLOW.

I guess I should have made a gauge swatch, but I figured, "eh, it's for a baby. It' can be a little big, a little small, whatever. He'll get a few weeks wear out of it tops. It doesn't matter."

Then it came time to knit the button bands. The pattern is very specific about how many stitches to pick up. It says to pick up 51 stitches. I could barely fit them all in, but I squeezed them in, and ended up with a ruffle.

So I ripped them out and and picked-up a normal button band amount of 3 stitches to every 4. That totalled up to only 39 stitches, but it looks so much better now.

I even had to re-figure the placement of the buttonholes and everything, but it all worked out. Yay.

Hopefully I will block it tonight, and then sew it all up, knit the flaps, and collar. Sew on the flaps, and then I'll be done. Shouldn't take me more than a few more weeks, eh?

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August 15, 2005

Cool Weekend

It was a very cool weekend, both literally and figuratively. Nice, nice weather here in Sacramento. Saturday was only in the 80s, and the Delta breeze is back to blow away all the stale air.

It was also very cool to meet some local knitbloggers in person. On Saturday, I went to Frog Pond Knits, and met up with Lynette, Cyndi, Violet and Kaedean. Frog Pond Knits is Violet and Kaedean's new store. And a nice one it is. (Rumor has it I'm getting a paycheck of sorts this week, so I may just have to spend a little on yarn. Shouldn't I have yarn from all the local yarn stores? You know, just to support them? I think so.)

Since we all have blogs, it was surprising that nobody brought a camera. But Lynette has warned that the next time we meet will be a photo op!

I finished both sleeves on the baby sweater last night, and started the the first moss stitch band down the front. (Question: Is moss stitch the same thing as seed stitch?)

I'm thinking that there is still a possibility I can get this done by mid week. I'm optimistic, even though my big bugaboo is on the horizon: sewing all the pieces together. I also need to find some buttons. But, staying positive!

And, look! Spaaz made for me:


A new button! Thanks Spaaz, I love it!

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August 11, 2005

Going for the world record of titles with the word "oops" in them.

One of these things is not like the other:


I can't believe I made such a bonehead mistake. That misshapen thing on the left is where I just ignored the instructions to "knit in moss stitch until it measures 9 inches" and instead jumped straight to the shoulder shaping from the neck shaping. Which is doubly wrong, because it slants the wrong way. I can't believe I bound off and cut the yarn before looking at it. That's the worst part. Something as small as this and I'm going to have to joing new yarn to finish it. That almost makes me just want to knit the entire thing again from scratch. In fact, I think that's what I'm going to do. Good thing it's tiny.

And there was no wine involved at all, and I was not tired. There is simply no explanation.

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August 10, 2005

Duly Noted

Ok then, it's settled. Next time I make hard boiled eggs I'm going to do it the Alton Brown way and just let them sit in hot water. It doesn't seem like it would work, but if everybody says it does, then it must! Now I can't wait to try this new method. Yes, my life is just that exciting. I'm looking forward to my WaaLaa! and Poof! moment.

I finished the left front of the baby jacket last night, and started the right front. Tiny little sweaters go so fast! I could have done more, but I could barely keep my eyes open. Our neighbors are still drunk-laughing in the middle of the night in their backyard. I got no sleep from about 1:30 a.m. to 3:30 a.m. Tuesday morning. Sean finally had to go outside and yell at them over the back fence. He was really nice about it though, asking them to please be quiet. They shut up after that, but how many times will it take before they just don't do it anymore? What is wrong with them? I was so cranky and sleepy the whole day. I really don't know how people who have kids survive sleepless nights.

This morning we noticed that our Aloe Vera plant is putting out a flower! I didn't know that they did that, but apparently they do.

Pic borrowed from this site. (The site says Feel free to 'right click' on this photo to save, or set as your desktop wallpaper. so I thought it would be ok to display it here with a reference.)

Ours will not be quite as spectacular, but still, it's going to be fun to watch.

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August 8, 2005

Oops, I did it again.

Thanks everyone for the good wishes!

I had an uneventful, but happy birthday weekend. ("Oh it's a birthday WEEKEND now, is it?")

On Friday, I went to a couple of estate sales, and hit some thrift stores. My favorite thing to do. I got a "new" pair of jeans, and a "new" shirt. Then we went to Costco, where Sean bought me a couple of presents. And organizer cart that looks like this: cart.JPG except it's a double wide, with 20 drawers! I put all my knitting needles and accessories in it, as well as sewing stuff.

That evening we dined on two free dinners from the Buggy Whip. That was quite a trip. The Buggy Whip has been called "the best place to eat a steak dinner at 5:00 p.m." and now we know why! The clintele is...older. Not that there's anything wrong with that. The food was good, but not great. But it was free, so I'm not complaining.

Saturday, despite being my actual birthday, I cleaned the house in the morning so that I would have the rest of the weekend to do whatever I felt like doing, guilt free. Then we went shopping, and to the Library, and that was it! Mucho relaxation the rest of the evening, frozen pizza for dinner, popcorn and a movie after.

Sunday was a little more eventful.

Sunday morning, I decided to boil some eggs. Since we have chickens, we always have extra eggs and I like to keep a few hard-boiled eggs handy in the fridge for emergency lunches. I set the eggs to boil, with my little egg timer thingy in the pan as usual. The egg timer thingy is egg shaped and made of plastic that turns dark when the eggs are done. It's very, well, it WAS very handy.

You see, after I set the eggs on the stove, I went into my yarn room to see if I had any interesting baby sweater patterns that I could match up with any yarn in my stash. La de da, doot do doo...having a great old time looking at pattern books, when Sean yells out from the living room "hey, are you hungry? Want to go to Fox and Goose?" I say "hell yeah! It's right next door to Rumplestiltskin!"

So I quickly hop in the shower, and after, as I'm blow-drying my hair I start to smell something burning. I think it's my hair dryer. Sean thinks it's my hair dryer. Then he notices the smoke in the kitchen.


The eggs. The eggs are ruined. And they exploded. And the plastic egg timer thingy is melted and burnt to the bottom of the pan. And there is toxic plastic smoke in the kitchen.

This is the reason I should not be allowed to cook.

And boy, did this trigger all the OCD demons. All the rest of the day I had to constantly remind myself that the stove was off, the iron was unplugged, and the candles were unlit. Nearly starting a kitchen fire is very anxiety making.


So what do you do when you are bored with your current knitting projects?

Start a new one! I got this pattern at Rumplestiltkin's on Sunday. I already had a ton of DK weight yarn (Paton's Denim Look) that I got at that garage sale awhile back. I think this pattern is perfect for it.


Since even with the A/C crankin', I can't bring myself to work on the baby blanket, I figured this would be just the ticket to get me back in the swing of knitting. It's small, it's cotton, and it's still for the baby. I might even be able to finish it in time for my niece's baby shower.

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August 4, 2005

Suddenly, it's Friday

Knitting. There just has not been much of it lately. I don't know, I get home, chat for awhile with Sean, take the dogs to the park, feed and water the animals, think about dinner (but end up having a bowl of cereal instead), and then finally sit down on the couch and it's 9:00 p.m. already, and still hot. I just don't feel like knitting. I need to get back to the baby blanket though. I know I won't make the deadline of the baby shower. but I still have a shot at finishing it before he's born.

But my friend Jonelle has been knitting, well, as much as she can work around certain obstacles:

Tax Kintting.jpg

I'm trying to convice her to start up a blog, but she's resistant. Stubborn some might say. Or, you know, living real life or some such thing. But I thank her for letting me enliven my site with her pics.


I just decided to take tomorrow off in honor of my birthday on Saturday. So suddenly, today's a First Friday(TM).

I went shopping at lunch today and bought myself a new purse. I spent $10.00 on it so you know it's a good one. hahahhaha. It's the first time I've ever purchased a non-leather purse. But, the strap on my current purse is breaking, so I wanted to replace it before it gives way entirely. It had the right balance of pockets/organizer thingy and an adjustable strap. And, it was only $10.00. So, Happy Birthday to me! (I'm one of those people who painstakingly choose a new purse because I know that I will use it until it disintegrates. So this is really just an interim purse intill I find juuuuust the right one.)

(Some might think that when one buys a new car, that would be birthday present enough. Sadly, no.)

I found out today a good friend of mine is moving back to town after being gone for the last 6 or 7 years. I can't wait! He's going to be the host of a new TV show starting up somtime this fall. A morning show type thing. Fun! As soon as he gets settled in, I'm going to help him shop for kitties.

That's all for now...

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August 1, 2005



Hello, welcome to my driveway.

So I test drove a couple of different cars last week, and was not thrilled with any of them. I looked at cars that I could buy with almost what I was expecting from AAA. I also looked at cars that were priced at what I was expecting, plus just a couple thousand that I could finance.

I thought about getting a Corolla, which is a perfectly ok car, except for it's extremely uncomfortable seat and driving position.

I thought about looking for a nice used Honda Accord.

I dreamed about getting an Audi A3.

In the end, I decided to use the money I got from AAA as a downpayment on a brand new Forester. The price was right (ONLY ONE AT THIS PRICE!), and if you pretend that I traded my old Forester in, I got an exceptional trade in amount. They were dealing on this car because all their 2006 models were in, and this was the only Automatic left over from 2005. It's the Charlie Brown Christmas Tree of cars.

It's amazing that you can walk into a dealership, give them a check that "will be good sometime next week" sign a bunch of papers, and drive off in a brand new car. I'm basically in the exact same place I was before the accident, except I have car payments for the next three years instead of next four months. And, the car is brand new.

The color is called Champage Opal, which is a weird gold/green. I like it very much. It doesn't have a tape player which I will miss because I like to listen to Audio Books, and most of the ones at the Library are on tape. But, it does have a CD player, so I can still listen to Harry Potter when my number comes up (I'm on the wait list). When I was at the Library on Saturday, there was a band playing there called Harry and the Potters. I couldn't stay to listen so I can't say if they were any good or not.

On Saturday, after we got back from the dealership, I didn't feel all that good the whole rest of the day, and so I mostly puttered around and slept. It wasn't until Sunday evening that I realized I had missed Lambtown! DANG IT! I missed it last year too, due to inattention, and this year due to preoccupation.

Next year, I will go to Lambtown. For sure. In my still-new-to-me car.

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