May 31, 2005

Bedroom renovations continue - cats miffed.

In order, here are the things we did this weekend:

1. Scraped popcorn ceiling off in closet
2. Install hardwood floor in closet
3. Paint closet
4. Paint bathroom
5. Scraped popcorn ceiling off in bedroom
6. Re-tape/patch ceiling
7. Paint ceiling and walls
8. Dislike color very much in spite of saying I like it! It looks nice! many times in hopes we would convince ourselves.
9. Go to Home Depot for the 3rd time and buy different color paint
10. Take mirror off the bathroom wall
11. Break mirror oops and damn!
12. Paint sample of new paint on wall behind mirror
13. Decide it looks poopy.
14. Decide we like the color already on the walls just fine
15. Take poopy paint back to Home Depot (4th trip)
16. Decide painting the ceiling with wall color was a bad idea.
17. Re-paint the ceiling in flat ceiling white.
18. Love it, but it needs another coat.
19. Paint second coat.

We are exhausted, and did nothing but home improvement and trips to Home Depot. No laundry. No Grocery shopping. The house is a total mess. But, were mostly done, and there is no more despised popcorn ceiling in the house anywhere. It only took us 6 years to get it all gone. There are still are few places that need touch up paint, but we are mostly done.

Tonight I am skipping my exercise class, because, for one thing, I have no clean workout clothes, but mostly because we need to put all of our clothes back in the closet (hopefully, an edited amount), furniture back in the bedroom, and generally put the house back together. I cant relax when the house is all torn up.

No knitting was accomplished. Too tired at night and my hand is sore from wielding a paintbrush all weekend. Next weekend, we are doing nothing all weekend. It will be glorious!

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May 25, 2005


Since I'm low on knitting content at the moment, I'm going to share a picture that was sent to me by my friend Jonelle. She's been hand raising a little orphan for a little over a month now. Little Tax (named because he was probably born on April 15th) is doing well, and is so adorable. And, it's also a picture of Jonelle's knitting basket, so it's somewhat knitting related!


I'm moving steadily along on my lace and cables sweater. It's too boring for pictures at the moment. I did manage to finish the right side after stewing over some ambiguous (to me) instructions. I get all confused with the "decrease 24 times, every other row, then 4 more times every row except when you get down to 44 stitches, then you have to do something completely different" or words to that effect. I begged a fellow knitter for help, but before she had a chance to find her notes I decided to run a lifeline and just go for it the best I could. I think it came out ok (*crossing fingers*), but I left the lifeline in just in case.

The left side should be even more fun because all it says is "reverse all shaping." Whooo boy, can't wait till I get there.

I've mentioned in previous posts that we now own a Kiln. Sean and I made our first completed, useful, projects:
They're votives! Sean's is on the left, mine on the right.

Here's a pic with candles lit:


This weekend, we are finally tackling the last of the first list of home improvement projects. (There's a second list that pretty much has us re-doing much of the first list because of lessons learned.)

So this weekend will include:

1. Scraping popcorn ceiling in bedroom
2. Preparing ceiling for painting - re-taping and mudding
3. Ripping up carpet in closet floor, and installing hardwood floring.
4. Painting the ceiling
5. Painting entire bed/bath area

I'm not looking forward to it at all, but I'll be so happy when it's DONE! And, I really shouldn't complain because my part on that list is only painting, and moral support.

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May 16, 2005

The Lion King Extravaganza Extended Weekend Update

So Lion King was fabulous! It was magical and wonderful. Sean and I both turned to each other at one point and said "that's what a real singer sounds like," thinking of pitchy American Idols. It was a great experience. We resolved to try to go to more shows in the future. I really want to see Mama Mia!, Chicago, and Wicked.

So that was Wednesday night (the First Friday night of the week). On Thursday (the First Saturday) we went to the Friends of the Library Book Sale. We both got a few gems there.

sbooks3.JPG threebooks.JPG

Then we went out for lunch and then came home and sat in the backyard reading our new(old) books. Very relaxing.

The next morning, Friday, (the Second Friday) I was in the shower and I suddenly thought "damn, I meant to go check out that new yarn store this weekend. Oh well, I'll have to do it next weekend." Followed by "Wait, today's Friday! It is next weekend already!" I worked all day, and then Sean and I went out AGAIN to see the premier of the new Will Ferrell move, Kicking and Screaming. We have a short-standing tradition of seeing Will Ferrell movies on opening night, which started with Elf, continued with Anchorman, the Legend of Ron Burgandy, and now sadly has ended with Kicking and Screaming. It was not very good. A rental, definitely, but not worth $19.00 plus the corn. His next movie out is Bewitched, and it looks like it might be pretty funny, but we're probably going to wait for the rental.

On Saturday (the Second Saturday) we shopped at Target and went back to the Friends of the Library Book sale. We both got a few more gems.

knitcricemb.JPG sbooks2.JPG sbooks1.JPG

Then we went to check out Babetta's, the new yarn store in town. It's a really nice place with good stock. There were some niiiiiiice yarns in there, including one teeny weeny hank of Pashmina for $55.00. I don't think I could ever buy something that expensive or nice, but, oh, the softness.

Then we went home and relaxed some more, and read our new (new old) books. I think I managed to knit a little on Saturday night.

On Sunday, we gave Grets a haircut.

Isn't he cute? He's closing his eye because Picabou's nose is on it.

I tried to get a better picture of him but when you try to make him pose he does this:
"Please don't beat me again!"

Then both dogs do this:
picrun.JPG gretsrun.JPG

So the picture that really shows off his haircut the best:

We did a little grocery shopping, and cooked for the potluck that evening, because it was the Survivor Finale! Our good friends Doug and Luci were fantastic hosts, as usual, (And weren't even mad that some wine was accidentally spilled on their new area rug. Thank goodness they have TV you can pause.) and we pigged out on good food and watched our other good friend Kris win the $100 pot. AGAIN. The girl has some luck in our Survivor game.

So it was a fun fun, relaxing, no housework kind of weekend. Most Excellent. I highly recommend the Friday and Saturday in the middle of the week thing.

Tonight, I might finish the right side of the Lace and Cables cardi, and maybe even start on the left. Whoooo Hoooooo!

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May 11, 2005


Interjections (Hey!) show excitement (Yow!) or emotion (Ouch!).
They're generally set apart from a sentence by an exclamation point,
Or by a comma when the feeling's not as strong.

Click for entire song.

Wow! Things have been quiet around here.

Not a lot of knitting has been done, but some. I'm ready to start the decreases on the left front of my sweater. Whooo!

The big news is we are going to see Lion King tonight! How exciting! Now I wish that I had knit some kind of wrap or shawl I could wear. I've never knit anything like that because I knew I would never wear it, and now here comes an occasion! Oh well.

Then, tomorrow, we have both taken the day off just for fun. Yay! A Saturday in the middle of the week.

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May 4, 2005

Schmacky in Dark Repose

I have not knitted since Friday! Ack! What is wrong with me?

In lieu of actual content, I give you this:

Click pic for bigger

This picture cracks me up! He looks HUGE! Schmacky is our skinniest cat, about 10 lbs. and loooooong. This picture makes him look so short and stubby. And makes me laugh.

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