April 27, 2005

Back Finished!


Whooo Hooo! The back piece is finished and now I'm zooming along on the front. Well, as zooming as I ever get. I did have a few problems with the raglan shaping and keeping in pattern. There are quite a few mistakes in there, and I just didn't want to rip back to fix them. At the end of the shaping I had three extra stitches, I'm sure as a result of yarn-overs that shouldn't have taken place as I was decreasing. So, I just decided to do a couple of extra decreases in the last row. Add to that the fact that the last row was a purl row, and I decreases I did are leaning the wrong way... it looks funny if you look close. But really, it's such a crazy pattern I don't think it will be noticeable.

So what else is new? Hmmmmmm. Sean has rehabbed the kiln he purchased, and we've been happily playing with it for a few weeks, learning about clay and glazes and firing and stuff. Everyone's getting some type of misshapen small bowl for Christmas this year! hahahah. I've learned that I don't have a lot of patience for clay, and once it dries, before the first firing, I can't touch it. It gives me the willies. I can barely touch it as bisque (after the first firing). I'm that way with chalk too.

Other than that, not much is happening. I got a haircut yesterday. Of course I hate it.

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April 21, 2005

Iím a linear thinker, a literal thinkerÖ

I said those exact words to Sean just two days ago, explaining why knitting is the perfect hobby for me. To me, knitting is both linear and literal.

Then, last night I was reading an article in the new Interweave Knits about knitwear designer Teva Durham. She is quoted in the article saying ďIím not a linear thinker, and Iím not a literal thinker either.Ē

So there it is, the difference between a person who just likes to knit and an innovative artist!


Since Jonelle can now see pictures, and I remembered to bring in my camera today, and there is nobody in the office but little old me, and it is lunchtimeÖ

This picture has been waiting so patiently on my camera, that by now all the flowers depicted here are all gone. But they were sure pretty. I love all the different colors on one plant.

Here is a progress shot of my Lace and Cable sweater. Itís sort of hard to see the cables, but theyíre there. Iíve made a lot more progress since this picture was taken and am now into the decreases for the armholes.

Last weekend, there was a boffo garage sale. The son of a former knit shop owner was selling off tons of old knitting needles, books, leaflets and yarn. I had to really fight to keep control, but I managed to only spend $20.00. I really tried to limit myself to cotton yarns in large quantities in colors I could wear.

Hereís the haul:

Much (maybe too much) vintage Patonís Denim Look yarn. I donít know why but I felt compelled to buy it all.

A huge amount of Patonís Cotton Pearl yarn. I was really loving this score until I looked at it closely when I got home and found a lot of sun damage. There are lots of little yellow spots throughout the yarn, and when you take the band off the ball you can really see a line of demarcation. I need to decide what to do with this stuff, if it is even salvageable. Luckily, I didnít pay very much for it.

A small sweaters worth of Patonís Cotton top yarn.

My one wool purchase, some wool crepe. This stuff is nice. ButÖ as I was taking the picture I noticed that the monsters had been at one skein. this is how much I have now.

And I almost forgot, some nice tobacco brown cotton yarn. Not exciting, but extremely wearable.

There was a huge Rubbermaid tub full of needles. I tried to stay sane. My favorite thing is the little row counter thingy on the left in the picture. Itís come in handy already.

All in all a pretty good garage sale day for me. I started jonesing later in the day, and went back to see if there were maybe some skeins I missed of the wool crepe. (Most of the yarn was loose in big cardboard boxes and you had to dig through it to find the gems.) When I got back there they had packed it all up and said they were going to donate it to a local thrift store.

So, of course, because I am insane, I just had to go to that thrift store the next day and see if they had received any donated yarn. The woman I talked to said they didnít accept that type of thing, and if any came in it would be distributed to various charities. Oh well, I'm happy with what I did buy.

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April 18, 2005


Is anybody having difficulty viewing pictures on this blog? I have a friend who can't see any.

Let me know, please!

Can you see the ladies?

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April 15, 2005

Good News/Bad News

Good News: I figured out how to post from Sean's computer!

Bad News: I can't find the cord for my camera so no pictures. AAAARGH!

Darn. I made some good progress on my sweater too and took a picture this morning. I think I can make it from here on out without having to rip out several inches at a time.

So, my computer still works, but just barely. I'm still afraid to turn it off and bring it home. I'm also too busy at work to post.

Busy busy busy... but it's all good. It just means there is not much happening. I come home, in the evenings and just veg.

Hopefully I'll come across my camera cord tomorrow while I'm cleaning. Then at least I'll be able to post a semi interesting something.

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April 8, 2005


Hi! I'm here!

Due to an unusually busy few weeks at work, I spend every minute of every hour of every workday staring at my computer, with no time at all to sneak off and look at blogs, or update mine. It's 4:14 on a Friday, so I'm stealing a minute while I backup my files. Tonight I'm going to risk shutting down my computer for the weekend. If you don't hear from me in a week or so, send a new computer my way.

Knittingwise, I'm still working on the back piece of the Lacy cabled cardigan. I have only about 2 inches completed, down from about 8! That's right, a fatal error occured wherein I somehow added about 12 extra stiches and the edge was all curved. Oh well, knit and learn.

Today we are having sideways rain and tornado warnings. That's very different.

Ok, the backup is done. Goodbye.

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