March 28, 2005

Weekend Update

Sean and I made the trip to Elk Grove on Saturday to try the frozen custard at California Chill. We were so dissapointed! Let me just say here that the product they are offering tastes NOTHING like frozen custard and EVERYTHING like regular too-sweet soft-serve ice-cream. It was awful. Don't waste the trip!

The only thing good about this news is that I now have no reason to ever visit Elk Grove again. Whew!

Inspired by some groovin' Indian music sent to me by the lovely Spaaz, we went to see "Bride and Prejudice" on Sunday. Not a great movie, but not bad. The Americanized Bollywood was interesting, but I wish they would have sung the songs in Indian, instead of English. What a feast for the eyes though. The movie is visually delightful.

We also watched the movie "The Yes Men" which was highly entertaining. I give it Zero Zs.

I didn't even pick up the needles once this weekend. I don't know what's wrong with me.

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March 22, 2005

Knittin' and Rippin'

Since my computer has been acting as if it is on death's door lately, I've been afraid to take it home at night. I'm afraid to shut it down at night even. So posting will be even more sporadic. I can post from work if I'm not busy, but it's amazing how busy you get when your computer suddenly isn't working right. Simple things take ten times longer than usual. To top it off, our ISP has had some problems also, so most of the time I'm not sure whether it's my computer or a problem they're having.

So that's all the news really. I've been working on that hat again from the Rowan Calmer Collection. Knitting and ripping, knitting and ripping. This time I'm just knitting it flat as the pattern calls for. I'll deal with sewing it up if I ever finish it.

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March 16, 2005

Yay! and Yum!

You have no idea how happy I am about this.

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Gina, you know how I love Foley, and Wa-PAH! is the perfect sound effect for the staple remover. I was thinking SNICKT!, but Wa-PAH! is actually much more fitting.

So I didn't end up taking Picabou to Launderdog. I just couldn't see spending the $20.00 to wash her myself. I got Sean to help me and she got a bath in the driveway. Even that wasn't enought to stop the stink, so I went and bought a "finishing spray" in "fresh apple" scent. She smells ok now, and she's glad because now we can touch her again.

I finally did have to rip out about half of what I had knitted so far on the cables and lace sweater. Now it looks exactly like the progress pic I've already posted, except now the right number of YOs and stitches are on the needles.

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March 13, 2005

The weekend 'whines' down

A couple of weeks ago I got an e-mail from an old friend that I hadnít seen in about 6 years. Jonelle just happened to be surfing the Internet looking for neck down sweater patterns, and came across a picture of me. It seems my friend has caught the knitting bug too.

So yesterday, Jonelle came up to my house and we made the rounds of the two local yarn stores and various thrift shops and estate sales. It was really fun, and great to see her again.

Although Jonelle came up empty handed for a days worth of estate/thrift store/yarn store shopping, I got a few cool things. The highlight for me, was this stapler I got for 50 cents:


Iíve collected cool staplers for a few years, and mostly Iíve taken them in to my office for people to use. You just canít beat those old heavy Swinglines. This one is extra badass, because if you press the little button on the side, it releases a hidden staple remover.


AND, thereís a little drawer in the front for staple storage.


I donít know why I love this sort of thing, I just do.

I didnít buy anything at the yarn stores, but I did buy a 100% wool sweater that Iím going to try to rip into yarn. Hopefully this time Iíll be more successful than with the yellow-dyed-blue sweater that I so screwed up. This yarn is a little scratchy for a sweater, but I think it would make a really nice pair (or two) of felted slippers. The sweater was hard to photograph, so I had to enhance the photo a bit to show the colors.

I also got this plant for our cactus garden (it was free with the purchase of the stapler!). I donít know what kind of cactus it is. Jonelle called it the finger cactus. I donít know if thatís itís real name or not but it fits.

After Jonelle left, I set to the task of trying to fix my computer. It would not start up. Itís the same problem as before: lights come on, screen flashes, and then it turns off. So I unplugged everything, took out the battery, cd player, and the memory chips, then put it all back together and that seemed to fix it. I have know idea why, but Iím so glad it did.

Yesterday was so nice, sunny and warm (in the high 80s). We went for another walk along the river with the dogs. Both dogs rolled in something so stinky that even a bath in the river did not get rid of the smell. So today, I might just take Picabou to Launderdog. I have a hard time washing her because she's so big and I think this might be a good solution.

Today, it's gray and probably won't get above 65 degrees. I guess our false spring is over. Why couldn't it last just one more day?

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March 8, 2005

Cables and lace

Here is the latest project:

Pattern #9 "Cables and Lace Cardigan," from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2004

and here is my progress so far:

Patons Grace yarn, Color Taupe.

So far so good, although I'm not too happy with the S2KP stitch. I think it's just that I'm knitting it a little bit looser than I should be. I'm telling myself at this point that this part is the bottom of the back of the sweater, and any imperfections will not be noticeable. So far it's working and I don't feel the need to rip it out and start over. But it could be just a matter of time. I have yet to knit anything that didn't require ripping at least 3 times before I could make any progress.

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March 6, 2005

I had big cleaning/organizing plans today...

but all housework was called on account of sun!


We took the dogs on a nice walk by the river and saw ducks, geese, seagulls, a sandpiper (I think), and a blue heron.

Then we came home and I sat in the sun some more. I sat in the front yard and watched neighbors walk buy with their kids. Shmacky climbed in my lap to enjoy the sun with me. It was a beautiful day.

Now I need a nap, but I must at least finish the laundry.

I've made a pretty good start on my next project: The Cable Lace Cardigan (pattern #9) in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2004. I tried to find a picture online but couldn't and right now I'm much too lazy to scan one in. Maybe tomorrow... yawn.

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March 2, 2005

Time to move the mug down the page

Seven random and meaningless things:

1. I'm currently between knitting projects. I started swatching last night for a sweater made out of Paton's Grace, from a past Vogue Knitting magazine, but I was too lazy to get off the couch to get the next size up needles. I had the size I needed in my knitting basket beside the couch (currently in a scarf) but I was too lazy to dig them out and put the scarf on a holder. That's how bad it is, my lazyness.


3. I collect enameled copper, and have recently found a way to display my collection thanks to this product.


4. Leftover Burrito Pie for lunch.

5. Cuteness.

6. Diet Coke is a gateway drug to potato chips.

7. My dog, hopped up on hard candy scored from the countertop (evidence scattered in the background).

Butter Toffees must have been her favorite because they were all gone completely, wrappers and all.

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