February 26, 2005

Photo fun


So here's the sweater on. You can see how floppy the neck is, but I really don't mind. I like it.

Pattern: Ribbing Is No Yoke, Knitter's Magazine, Fall 2000, designed by Charlotte Quiggle.
Yarn: Filatura de Crosa "Nikerboker"

We had a bit of fun with the photoshoot this morning. Sean kept telling me to "STOP POSING!" So in order to stop posing I ... started posing.

I'm TOTALLY copying Iris of Unfurnished Brooklyn here, but it was just so fun I couldn't resist.

The Rachael

The Em (I think this one really shows off the sweater nicely.)

The Brownsville (This one cracks me up. It's a stretch, but the dogs on either side remind me of Charlie's Angels.)

And my own, "The LoriO"
Did anybody else's Mother make them hold on to something whenever they took a photo of them as a kid? Mind did. And always, the picture would come out with me looking puzzled. Why am I holding on to a tree?

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February 24, 2005


Ribbing is No Yoke

So, not a great picture, but the best I could get in yesterday evening's fading light. It doesn't show the little flecks of color throughout the fabric. I had an awkward patch of light to work with, plus the dogs were demanding to be taken to the park immediately! (Gretsky is the most vocal. He will stare at me and go "row woooo wooooooo!")

I made the neck a little longer than the pattern called for, and did not decrease the needle size because I wanted it to be a little more funnel-y. It stretched quite a bit after washing, so now the arms are the perfect length. I like it. I'll try to get a picture of me wearing it this weekend.

Here is a picture of the sweater I'm unravelling. It used to be an ugly yellow color. You can see I had a little trouble there in the lower right hand corner...oops. There's some wasted yarn right there.

Now, for a good laugh, go on over to the Museum of Kitshy Stitches.

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February 23, 2005

My timing is impeccable

I finished the RINY sweater, made out of dark brown wool, just in time for our Spring-like 68 degree weather!

It's blocking right now, and should be dry by this afternoon. Hopefully the blocking will have straightened out the curling edge. grrr.

I hope I still like it next Winter. When I tried it on for Sean, his comments were "You look like some kind of wood nymph" and "It looks like you're wearing tree bark, but not in a bad way." Some might think these were not compliments. On the contrary. He's just very honest and will not give a false compliment. I like that about him because I can believe him when he says I look good.

In other news, I dyed my thrift store sweater and am busy ripping it apart. It's not as easy as I thought it would be, and the yarn is ... weird. It's basically four threads, not twisted at all. That's going to make for some very splitty knitting if I'm not careful. I used plain old RIT dye and I really like the color that it came out. I'll try to take a picture of that tonight also.

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February 17, 2005

Looking Forward

I am looking forward to many things:

1. Survivor party tonight! I love Survivor, and our little group of friends always gets together for the kick-off night, where we pony up money and get our survivor picks. Whoever has the winning survivor gets the pot of money!

2. Friday, Sean and I are going out to see one of our favorite bands, Richard March and the Valley Four. We've tentatively decided to go out to dinner first and maybe go see Temple Grandin speak at Barnes and Nobel (Richard March dosen't start until 9:30 p.m. so we have some time to kill - a must because I'm usually starting to get ready for bed about 9:30.)

3. Saturday will be a typical weekend day, with a mix of chores and relaxing.

4. Sunday - Trip to visit Sean's parents, and on the way perhaps a stop at IKEA.

5. Monday - Holiday!

I think I may just be able to finish the RINY sweater this weekend. I'm up to the neck now with just a few inches to go before I finish. I tried it on and it seems to fit ok, but I wish the sleeves were a little longer. Also, the hem rolls quite a bit. Did anyone else have a problem with the hem? I know the sides need to be seamed just a little, but I can't see how it will fix the rolling.

Next up, I will tackle the hat again. I'm going to try try try to convert this pattern from flat to round successfully. I'm thisclose to figuring it out.

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February 10, 2005


I am so honored to have been tagged by Spazzy for this music meme. I donít usually participate in these things (mostly because my answers are SO boring) but here goes.

1. Total amount of music files on your computer?

Zero. I donít have any type of ipod or mp3 player. I kind of wish I did thoughÖ

2. CD you last bought?

Aimee Mann -- Lost in Space. I like it, but not as much as Bachelor No. 2. I mostly love all of Aimee Mannís stuff and I believe she was totally robbed when she didnít win the Grammy for Save Me from the Magnolia Soundtrack (another excellent CD).

3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?

Wow, thatís a tough one. Iíve been on an audio book kick for quite a while now, so thatís all Iíve been listening to in my car. The last song I listened to on purpose was Labor of Love by Frente.

4. 5 songs you often listen to, or which mean a lot to you?

a. Hair from the musical of the same name. I clearly remember this as being my first favorite song, when I was about 6 years old. I still love it. I love all the songs on this soundtrack.

b. Ainít No Good by CAKE. Excellent dance song. Whenever I hear it have to stop what Iím doing and dance. Plus, thereís trumpet. I miss Cake. They used to be good.

c. Private Universe by Crowded House. This song made me go out and buy all Crowded House CDs. I love how it devolves in the end into drums and didgeridoo. I love pretty much all of their songs.

d. One Week by Barenaked Ladies. I loved this song from the instant I heard it and immediately went out and bought a bunch of BNL CDs. ďOne WeekĒ isnít my favorite BNL song, but itís the one I heard first. Iíd have to say that BNL is my favorite band. Soooo good. And good for you!

e. Shine on you Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd, the live version at the start of the CD ďDelicate Sound of ThunderĒ The guitar work leading into it gives me shivers. Also, I have a couple of crazy siblings, so this song just hits a nerve.

5. 3 you'll pass this on to & why:

Why? Because who else would ever see this post? And I apologize if you guys have already done this. I have no memory.

Karin: Badcat
Marie: Knitti-me
Lynn: Mindfull Moderation

(Gina and Nancy, I wish you guys had blogs! I'd love to hear your answers anyway.)

After thinking about this all morning, I seem to have somewhat dated musical tastes. This was actually a difficult exercise because I have so many favorites. I think Iím going to take a little break from my audio book binge and start listening to some of my CDs. I need more energizing music, less soothing spoken word worlds.

At lunch today, I popped in some Crowded House and drove in the sunshine to a thrift store, where I found a vintage knitting book, some sock wool, and a nice, sharp, heavy pair of scissors (there can never be too many pairs of scissors in the house, in my opinion). My kind of fun.

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February 7, 2005



We had some great sunshine this weekend, I was having a good hair day and wearing my new, cute, thrift-score jacket so I asked Sean to snap a pic of me and the dogs.

Not much knitting news to report. I'm starting the yoke on my RINY sweater. It's going ok so far, with just a few times that I've had to rip back and start over. I'm not so sure I did the wraps right on the short rows, but I followed the directions in my Vogue Knitting book. It's just that the directions in the pattern about how to hide the wraps didn't match up with what I had going on when I came to a wrap to hide. So I just did my best and carried on. There was also an instruction in the pattern to "pm for beginning of round" that was in there twice, in two different places. I tried to pick the one that made the most sense, but now it has me worried. Hmmmm...maybe I should put the stitches on a string and try it on just to see if everything seems to be in the right place. I think I'll do that tonight before I continue.

I also completed the hat I was knitting for a friend, from the Rowan Calmer Collection. Problem is, I tried to convert this pattern to knitting in the round and I must have done something wrong because it is about 3 inches too big. Does anyone have any advice, or website to look at that has advice on converting patterns from flat knitting to round knitting? Has anyone sucessfully converted this pattern? It's the one on the cover of this book.

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