December 27, 2004

Like a rock

The new Magic Foam pillow, is like sleeping on a rock. Terrible, awful, and going back to the store as soon as possible.

I have a friend who works at Sh@rper Im@ge, and they sell a pillow that is made from the actual Temper Pedic stuff, but it's not just one big block, it's in smaller chunks within the pillow case. He happened to have one I could try and this one seems to be a winner. I've only slept on it two nights, and I'm leaning towards liking it, but it's so different from a regular pillow it takes a little getting used to.

We had a very quiet, pleasant Christmas. Sean and I always give each other the gift of not buying presents for each other and it works out well. We buy each other stuff throughout the year (see my September 4, 2004 post, for an example).

Today we've spent all morning waiting for the Comc@st guy to show up and fix our connectivity problem, IF it in fact can be fixed. There is nothing wrong on our side of things, but they won't do anything until we agreed to have someone come look at our setup and pay $50.00.

A little, laundry, a little cleaning, and that will be about it for day.

Hope everyone had a great holiday!

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December 23, 2004

Enough Fug Already

I got a small bit of money yesterday, so today I spent the day shopping. Shopping trying to get an idea of what to get for a few people. I went to many stores. I found part of the 3 presents I need.

Then I got hypoglycemic and had to head straight for the closest fast food (Jimboy's) and then when it came time to pay I dropped all my money on the ground because my hands were shaking so bad. I'm sure the people behind me thought I was on something. But really, I can go from "not really hungry" to "I'm starving and I'm going to die if I don't eat RIGHT NOW" in an instant.

Then I bought something for me with my Christmas money. I always try to buy something I want vs. need when I get Christmas money. It was not yarn or knitting related. It was a new pillow. If it doesn't work out tonight, I'm taking it back and buying a new purse with the money. And so it is written and so it shall be.

Now I'm making peanut brittle, and finishing up the Christmas cards. I hope the stores I need to go to are open tomorrow, because I've got to start shopping bright and early. I've never shoppped on Christmas Eve before. Wish me luck!

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December 19, 2004

I fugged myself


Pattern: 3x Chic from the very first issue of Knitty.

Yarn: Lion Brand Kool Wool, painstakinly collected skein by skein with JoAnn 40% off coupons over the course of knitting this sweater.

This was the sweater I couldn't figure out how to sew together, so I signed up for a class at my LYS. Then the class was cancelled. Twice. Then it was summer. Then I finally took the class in November and finally sewed the thing together. Only, if you could see the seams up close you'd know that I didn't learn a damn thing. It looks SO BAD.

I don't like the neckline at all. It's too big, and the ribbing only accentuates my small shoulders and big hips. Sean thinks it looks like an olde-timey football jersey and I should sew a big "3" on the front. Not exactly the look I was going for.

It is, however, a very comfortable sweater and I think I may wear it around the house a lot. I do love the color. It's the only color red I can wear.

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December 17, 2004


I'm sick. I hate when that happens. It's just a cold, but so darn annoying. And if I caught it from Sean, which is likely, I'm bound to be sick right into the new year.

So I'm in an all out offense right now. Eating right, trying to get lots of sleep, mainlining orange juice and scarfing up the Satsuma Mandarins. Yesterday evening, a woman in my exercise class brought in tangerines for everybody from her backyard tree. They turned out to be Satsuma Mandarins! What good fortune!

I didn't have the energy to knit last night. I was too busy trying to breathe. But I am up to dividing for the sleeves on my Ribbing is No Yolk (hereinafter referred to as RINY) sweater. I got all excited, then realized that it only means I need to start on the sleeves.

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December 11, 2004

What the heck is this?

At that last estate sale I went to, I bought a "bag of wool." I figured that since this was from the estate of a spinner, it would be wool to spin with, should I ever decide to learn how.

This stuff though, it doesn't look like any wool I've seen for spinning. Could this be some type of stuffing or batting? Anybody out there that can tell me? It's kind of yucky.


Click herefor a picture of the whole bag.

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December 7, 2004


Oooooo pretty.... The yarn is Nikerboker by Filatura Di Crosa. It's really nice stuff. I hope I can do it justice with this sweater.

One good thing about boring stockinette: it's fast! Well, fast for me anyway. Because I am a knitting Yarnus Snailus. See?


Tifff sent me the ornaments she made for our little trade. I love them, thank you so much! She included an extra one with a furiously knitting bear that I should know the name of but I can't think of it. It's not Yogi is it? Boo Boo? Thanks Tiffany, you should be getting your package any day now.

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December 6, 2004

Lost and Found

This morning, as per usual, I slipped my cell phone in my polar fleece, dog-walking, hoodie and started off on the morning walk with Sean and the poopies. By the time we got to the park I realized that my cell phone wasn't in my pocket. I wasn't too concerned, and figured that I must have left it on the kitchen counter when I went in there to get poop bags and refill Shmacky's food dish.

When we got home from the walk, my phone was right there on the front porch where it had fallen out of my pocket. Sean wears a radio earpiece in one ear so that's probably why he didn't hear it. I had an ear-warmer head-band thingy on so that's why I didn't hear it, I guess. Anyway, I breathed a sign of relief that it wasn't lost or damaged from it's fall.

Then, as I'm unloading (leashes, bags, cell phone), I realize that my ear-warmer head-band thingy is not in my pocket where I put it after I got too warm and had to take it off during the walk. I could have sworn it was stuffed in securely.

So I waited until it got a little lighter outside (we get up at 5:30 a.m. for these walks and it is quite dark outside still) then drove the route to see if I could find it. Yep there it was, about 1/2 a mile from where I took it off.

Two things lost and found before 7:00 a.m. Is this a good or bad omen for the day?

In knitting news, I started the "Ribbing is no Yolk" sweater (which I need to rename immediately) and am in to the endless stockinette part of the pattern so it's a little boring. Hopefully I can get some pictures tonight of the cute cute yarn I'm using. It's from the stash, of course, circa 2002...I think.

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December 1, 2004

Still life with yellow pad

I really love this color.

I worked quite a lot on the blue silk scarf yesterday, while doing my civic duty. Yes, I had jury duty this week. The day started out with me misjudging my time and nearly being late. I pulled into the jury parking lot at 8:00 exactly, which worked to my advantage because there were actually people leaving the full lot at that time. My theory is that they got there really early, knew they could be excused for some reason and were ready to leave by the time I needed a space. How conVENient!

That morning I had switched from my regular purse to a big tote bag that could hold my snacks, a book, and my knitting. What I didn't know was that I had a pair of scissors in there. It seems you can't enter a courthouse with scissors in your bag. I tossed them in the trash at the security desk. I was given the option to take them back to my car, but I was already late so I just decided to toss them. It was ok though, I retrieved them from the (small and nearly empty) trash can on my way out for lunch, even though the security guy laughed at me.

I sat in the jury room all morning, watching re-runs of the Brady Bunch, I Love Lucy, and The Dick van Dyke show (my favorite!) and knitting away. I was very surprised that I didn't see one other person knitting.

Since I was downtown, Sean picked me up and took me out to lunch. We went to the best hamburger place in Sacramento, Nationwide Freezer Meats. After lunch, I was called to a jury room. When I found out the trial was predicted to last 6 to 8 weeks, I had to claim financial hardship to be excused. This particular judge was not very nice, and implied that anyone claiming a hardship was just trying to get out of doing their duty. Out of a huge jury pool, over half of us claimed hardship, and he sent us outside and called us in one by one to be interviewed and explain why we couldn't serve. It was nervewracking, but it all turned out ok and now I won't get called again for a year.

In other news, I was able to take the sweater finishing class at Rumplestiltskin's last night. I think I've finally got the hang of matress stitch, even though it did take me the entire hour and a half just to sew up the shoulder seams. Linda (who I think is the owner of the shop...I'm not quite sure) gave me the biggest insight of the evening when she said "you keep trying to go backwards. Go forward." Bing! I WAS going backwards. Hard to explain, but every so often I would lose my place and try to go into the same stitch I had just come out of. Anyway...I think I can do it now. We'll see how it goes tonight when I try to do the rest of the sewing on my own. With any luck, I'll have a new sweater to wear, a mere year after knitting it.

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