September 29, 2004


Progress on the scarf:


It will look better once it's blocked. I'm just at the point where I'm starting the lacy section again. Thank goodness, because knitting that ribbing was a challenge...a challenge to stay awake!

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September 27, 2004

Low-key weekend

Just the usual weekend around here. A relaxing Friday, running errands/laundry/HALO Death Match on Saturday, and cleaning and playing with yarn on Sunday.

I spent another few hours sorting yarn in the craft room on Sunday, and I think I just about have it under control. I swatched a bit with my new-used yarn. Some of it is just so yummy.

I also worked a little bit on the lacy alpaca scarf. As with every project I have, it is just taking forever, and all I want to do is start something new. But I really want to finish it, so I'm plugging along.

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September 22, 2004

Suggestions needed

I've spent the morning playing hooky from work, and trying to organize and sort the huge amount of needlework yarn I acquired at that estate sale. Does anyone out there do needlepoint? Can you give me some suggestions about what I should ask for this yarn, and/or how It should be presented? It's all 100% virgin wool, and it's mothproofed.

Does anyone out there want to cut out the middleman and make an offer?

There are 422 skeins total, of 8.8 yards each. I tried to group the colors together (click to see bigger).

redsbluesgreens.JPG orangesbrownsyellows.JPG brownstansbeiges.JPG

Thanks in advance!

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September 20, 2004


I had a whole post here about how I needed help with my scarf and I couldn't figure it out and there were not enough stitches on my needles and whine whine whine.

I came home, ripped two rows out and I'm back in business, everything is fine, I have the proper amount of stitches. Panic much? Geez!

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September 19, 2004

Right place, wrong time

I finally made it to Rumplestiltskin's (my LYS) today, to look at the sample scarf and sign up for the sweater finishing class on November 23rd. I looked around a bit, but didn't buy anything because a) I still have no money, and 2) I have SO MUCH YARN at home!

Anyway, I hear a commotion in the hallway and look out at a huge amount of rain and hail coming down. I knew there was a chance of showers, but all that usually means in September in Sacramento is "wear shoes." I waited for about 15 minutes in the store, until the hail stopped, and ran through about 6 inches of rushing water to get to my car. At that point it seemed like it was letting up.

I decided it would be safer to take surface streets home, rather than the Highway. Being a born and raised Central Valley girl, I don't have much experience driving in bad weather. This was the worst weather I have ever driven in. Every street downtown was flooded, and there was sideways, pea-sized hail. At one point there was about 5 inches of hail piled against my windshield. It looked like it was snowing. The normal 10 minute drive took me an hour. I even had to use my four wheel drive capabilities at one point, to hop a center divide and do a quick u-turn because of a closed, flooded out street. The storm was over in an hour and I was driving in it the entire time. Here's a link to the news report.

By the time I got home, it was all sunshine again. It'll be high 80's by the end of the week. I've got that whole adrenaline let down thing happining and I can hardly keep my eyes open.

The good news? Our new roof was finally put on 2 days ago. Just-in-time roofing!

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September 18, 2004

Enough with the hair already

I haven't been on the computer much this week because I've been working at a temp job. So not much to say, but I did want to move down the post about my hair.

Ok, so cross that one off my list. Today I have a long to-do list that starts, as usual with cleaning the house and other un-fun chores. As soon as those are done, I'll move on to the fun of finishing up organizing my yarn room. I'm feeling the need to make a database of all my yarn so that when I come across a pattern, I can "go shopping" in my stash.

Also in the fun category, my friend Luci recorded an episode of Knitty Gritty for me so hopefully I can go over there sometime today and watch it.

I don't know why, but I am having so much trouble with my scarf. As soon as I get even a little bit tired, I lose the pattern and start mixing and matching the beginning of one row with the end of another and then having to rip back, and then rip back further because I can't figure out where to put the yarn overs back in. I finally had to resort to using a lifeline. Sheesh. It's such a simple pattern!

I am planning a trip to my LYS today to look at the sample scarf that made me want to knit this one, and sign up for a sweater finishing class in November. I have an entire sweater that's been done since last winter, but I can't sew it up no matter how many times I try. I even requested The Knitter's Handbook by Montse Stanley from the Library and, while it's a great book, it didn't help me. I am that much of a loser when it comes to seaming.

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September 13, 2004

As promised

It's all about the cut and shape. See how it's not all flat and's got ruffles. I think that's the result of the "point cut." I like it a lot.

goodhair.JPG click for bigger

Click, compare and contrast here.

And now for the knitting content. Here's where I am on the Alpaca scarf:

alpaca scarf.JPG

There is an error about three inches above the cast-on (I guess it's actually below the cast-on in this picture). It's hard to see though so I've just continued on as if it doesn't matter. But I do think of it constantly as I knit. Since it's a provisional cast on, I could rip out from that end and figure out how to knit the pattern backwards. I can't be that hard, it's just not all that clear to me at the moment. Right now I'm just having fun with the lace. I love knitting lace.

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September 12, 2004


The haircut is ok. It's actually a really good cut. It will look excellent in 2 weeks or so when it is a little longer. It's again shorter than I wanted, but she didn't have much to work with. I haven't had a chance to take a picture yet, but the difference from the last cut is dramatic.

I could only have been more prepared for this hair appointment if I'd had a slide projector and a PowerPoint presentation. I had many pictures of haircuts that I liked, and the picture of me with the bad cut to show exactly what I didn't. I actually practiced what I needed to say.

The hairstylist was very nice and had been briefed on the situation. She agreed that it was a very bad cut and promised to fix it. And she did. Jacki is her name, and she's a very cool 20 year old with a pierced lip and a penchant for hard rock music. I highly recommend her if you ever go to Hoshall's. She also has really cute short hair.

She said she was trained in the Vidal Sassoon style, which, I don't know what that means, but she cut my hair using "points". So, you know how usually a hairdresser will hold your hair between two fingers and then cut straight across? Well instead of cutting straight across, she would cut in little wedges. Instead of looking like this ------ it looked like this /\/\/\. My hair looks better than it's looked in a long time. It just doesn't look that great on me, at the moment. I know it's going to grow out really good. And if this cut lasts as long as I think it might (I can visualize it still looking good three months out) then it might be worth the $40 price.

It was a really busy weekend and I haven't had a chance to sit down and knit a stitch on anything. I will have more to talk about tomorrow because that's exactly what I'm going to go do right now, sit and knit. I'll see if I can get a picture of my hair tomorrow too.

Thanks for all the good hair wishes!

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September 10, 2004

New Knitty

The new Knitty is up and there are some really nice designs, as usual. My favorite though is this. What a crack up! I love it.

I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow, at the same place as last time, and if all doesn't go well I might just have to knit up a hair hat.

Why am I going there again when they messed up so badly the first time? Well, they gave me a gift certificate for a free haircut with any of their other stylists, and I am so poor right now I can't pass up the bargain. So I've made an appointment with a stylist they've assured me is more experienced. I'm wearing my contact lenses this time, and I'm scheduled as the last appointment of the day, and I made sure that there will be time to talk to the stylist BEFORE I get shampooed. I'm taking in several pictures of hair I like, and my picture with the awful hair so I can point out exactly what I don't like. I am prepared to walk out if anything starts to go awry or the thinning shears come out.

Wish me luck!

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September 8, 2004

Scarf again

I'm one of those people who, when they buy something new, have to put it aside for awhile before I can use it. Clothes have to marinate in the closet for a few days/weeks before I wear them. I almost never buy something and then come home, rip the tags off, and use it immediately.

Which is why, with all that new yarn stash in the yarn room waiting to be knitted into something, I started an old project. Since the Olympics are over and I can concentrate on more than garter stitch, I've resurrected the lacy scarf.


I decided to use the Columbine I Seaman's Scarf pattern in the book Stahman's Shawls and Scarves. This is the same pattern that I saw knitted up at my LYS from this yarn. It's a little hard to see here, but it's coming out pretty nice so far. It's actually upside down in the picture, because you start knitting in the middle, from a provisional cast-on, so that the two sides of the scarf are mirrored. I've also decreased one pattern repeat so that it's a little bit narrower than the one in the book.

I'm using my US 6 Clover Bamboo needles for this scarf and am surprised that I like them. I usually avoid bamboo needles, but for some reason they are perfect with this Alpaca.

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September 6, 2004

A few highlights

So here are a few of the gems I've come across while sorting through all this yarn:

Phildar Serenata, 30% wool, 30% Angora, 20% Acrylic (love the bunny on the label)

Crystal Palace Soie Sauvage, 100% wild silk (although it doesn't really show up in the picture, it's a very pretty color...I just can't decide if it's blue or grey. Or silver.)

More Phildar Wilky than you can shake a stick at. 40% wool, 41% acrylic, 11% mohair. It's nice stuff. I have 31 skeins all from the same dye lot of the blue/silver one on the right. 36 skeins of the teal/silver (from two lots, 28 skeins in one, and 8 in the other, but they look exactly the same), and in the black and silver I have 14 skeins. Not pictured are 10 skeins of brown and green (which I didn't even remember I had so that I could photograph it!). I think I will be selling some of this for sure. I can't imagine using it all.

30% viscose, 31% mohair, 31% acrylic. This is very interesting yarn. There is even pattern support for the yarn in the stash of old pattern books, even though there is not enough of the yarn left for any of the patterns. It would make a great scarf for someone who could wear this color. This is also one of the yarns I will probably try to sell.

Ok, back to sorting now!

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September 4, 2004

How we conjured up yarn in our kitchen

I'm all verklempt right now because of this:


The floor of this room was empty this morning. I want to tell the story but I can't even figure out how to start. Sorry for the bad picture, I'll post more when I get it all sorted out. My Honey bought me a room full of yarn.

Sean and I went to a couple of advertised estate sales this morning. One had a welder, which Sean is interested in buying, and the other advertised yarn. (As it turned out, the welder was just bait to draw people to the sale. The guy selling it actually said "well, I'd need $1,000 for it, because I can buy a new one for $500." Huh? Well, gee, so could we.) We couldn't find the one with the yarn because we had foolishly forgot to look it up before we left the house and didn't have a map in the car. Oh well, I figured, the sale has been going on since Friday, all the yarn is probably gone by now.

So we came home, had breakfast, read some more of the paper and started doing the normal weekend things. But the ad plagued me. Why would an estate sale ad specify yarn for sale unless it was somewhat special? But, still, probably all gone anyway, so just forget about it. Still, I looked up the location on Mapquest.

Then Sean said, "you never know, maybe this is the one lady in the neighborhood who had all the good yarn and nobody knew about it." I fantasized back "yeah, and she has a knitting machine for sale, and tons of old pattern books, and lots of designer yarns. Then Sean said "Let's go. I'll go with you if you want." So we went!

First we got lost, becase I had looked a the Mapquest map wrong. And then my "check engine" light came on while we were driving (probably just a sensor), and the street we needed to turn on was blocked by an accident. But still, we perservered. We drove around and finally found the street.

After looking in the garage and stuff outside, I went in to see if I could find the yarn. I rounded a corner into the living room and nearly swooned. Bags and bags and boxes of yarn filled the room, along with a brand new in the box Phildar knitting machine. As I started pawing through the bags, flitting from one to another like I was insane Sean said "ask her how much for everything in the room." "Are you kidding?" I said. He wasn't. She named a price, we accepted, and Sean went to get the cash. I talked with the woman for awhile. She used to own a yarn shop in Sacramento years ago, and was downsizing for a move to a retirement community.

Now I've been happily sorting through it all day today. Some of it I'll keep and some I will sell. I'm unwashed and I haven't eaten since breakfast, but I'm having so much fun! There are also needlepoint kits, and 46 boxes of needlepoint yarn. Tons of vintage Phildar yarns in good quantities, a brand new still in the box knitting machine, and a whole rack of vintage pattern books. One box of yarns contained a note that it was purchased in August of 1963. Yarn as old as me!

Mostly, we can't believe something we spoke out loud this morning, sitting in our kitchen, came true! So, of course, on the way home we visualized winning the lottery and stopped and bought a couple of tickets.

I'm going back to sorting now. More pictures when I get finished. Wheeeeeee!

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