July 19, 2004


No happy good luck. No completed knitting.

We are currently in the midst of redecorating every room in the house. A grand and ambitious project that we hope to complete by Labor Day. Consequently, we painted all weekend (only one room, but it took three coats!) and the house is in complete disarray. It's also about 1 million degrees in here, but if I were to put on the A/C it would take a while to cool down and I might as well wait until 8:00 p.m. when it will be nice, cool and breezy in here.

I'm ready to start the sleeves on my green blue raglan, but I don't know when that will be. There is not a lot of relaxing knitting time these days, so I have no idea when I will finish. *sigh*

So that's it for an update. Lousy, for sure.

Posted by LoriO at 5:49 PM

July 7, 2004

Blog break

I'm taking a small blog hiatus until about July 16th. By then I should have some completed knitting to report on and/or some happy good luck.

Posted by LoriO at 2:00 PM