May 28, 2004

Hurry up and listen

This morning I realized that the audiobook I'm listening to is due back to the Library tomorrow. Since I was on side 9 of 34, I went online to renew and found out it has a hold on it, and you can't renew a book if someone else is waiting for it.

Oh well, I had the day off, so I plopped myself on the couch and knitted until my walkman ran out of batteries. Went out, bought more batteries and did some more knitting. I'm now on side 16. I don't think I'm going to make it. I'll just have to put myself on the waiting list again to hear the last half of the story.

It's a good book so far, The Way The Crow Flies, by Anne-Marie MacDonald. It's read by her too and she does a really great job. Sometimes when a book is read by the author it falls flat, but not this time. (Just now, when I went to get that Amazon link, in the description of the book, Ann-Marie MacDonald is described as a "playwright and actor," so that explains it.)

I've used to be against listening to audiobooks because it somehow seemed like cheating. But I think hearing a book read by a talented voice really adds a lot to the story, especially this one, because it has bits of French and German scattered throughout, and it's fun to hear her switch to those languages so effortlessly.

Anyway, due to all that listening time, I've finished my (small and misshapen) rug:


Originally it was supposed to be twice as large, but my hands just couldn't take it anymore.

I still have one unfinished project on the needles (well, two, but socks don't count because they are not couch knitting) so I might as well get to that and try to get in as much listening as possible before I have to turn this book in.

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May 26, 2004

M-O-O-N that spells Moon Pie!

My name is Moonie Love Pie.

No knitting to report so I've thrown up a picture of my cat. Pathetic. Hopefully I can get something going soon! I'm just so uninspired right now.

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May 21, 2004

Anybody want to trade?

I have this book, in brand new condition:


and would like to offer it up for trade. What I would most like to trade for is this:


because I have heard that it is the best for learning how to sew pieces together, and that's where I have the most trouble.

If you have an extra copy of this book and want the Knitting for Baby book let me know. Or suggest another trade! I'm open to other ideas.

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May 20, 2004

If you say it, it's so

In honor of National Carb Awareness Day I've decided to make a list of everything I've eaten so far today (Now that I list it out, I think it's actually ALL carbs, but I'm not sure):

Coffee w/cream & sugar
Bowl of oatmeal w/milk & sugar

Morning Snack:
4 inch square of Rice Crispy Treat

Creamy Pesto pasta, with chicken and toasted pine nuts
3/4 of a bag of Inka Corn Nuts
Unknown quantity of Mint Chip ice cream (eaten straight from the carton).

I'm not sure what I'll be having for dinner tonight (or if I'll even be having dinner tonight), but I do know that there is high potential for a big bowl of buttered popcorn (we're watching a dvd tonight).

I didn't plan to have an all-carb day, it just happened. Hooray for carbs!

In knitting news, I've finished another pair of baby spiral tube socks for the little baby that lives down the street. I'm going to try and get a picture of them on his feet when I give them to his Mommy. I haven't decided what to knit next. Should I start something new or finish up something languishing on the needles? Maybe I'll start another pair of socks with the very pretty Cascade Fixation I received from fellow knitblogger Tifffany.

Decisions, decisions...

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May 16, 2004



Clockwise from left:Mon Tricot Knitting Dictionary, which includes a handy page of translations of knitting terms in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian.

The Complete book of Crochet While I donít currently crochet, Iím not ruling it out for the future, and this looks like a great reference.

The Complete book of Knitting and Crocheting A pocketbook, only .50 cents. It might come in handy.

Knitting From The Top I couldnít believe my luck with this one. This is still in print and retails for about $20.00!

Creative Knitting Another great score! Iíve only skimmed it so far, but it looks really interesting.

I got all of these for only $6.50 total. Yay!

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May 13, 2004

Today's stuff

This week I've been working a temp job in the mornings, and working at my regular job in the afternoons. Lately, I've been working from home in the afternoons instead of driving up to El Dorado Hills to be in the office. I love my laptop. But that is the reason for no knitting tonight. I just finished a work project. I'm going to post this, then go to bed!

Today I had the mobile Vet out because all the animals (except Moon Pie) needed their shots updated. When you have a multiple pet family, a mobile vet turns out to be a much better value than individual office visits, and it's so much easier! I was very happy when the vet noticed that Picabou had lost weight. Slimming down a dog is second only to slimming down a cat as a difficult thing to do. I've been very strict about portion control and diligent about exercise, so, yay me and yay Picabou! Luckily, Moon Pie didn't need an exam today, so I didn't have to hear about how obese she is. That has been on my to-do list for months now, and I'm glad to check it off.

Tomorrow I have a full day at the temp job. This temp job is at a radio station broadcasting company. I met the General Manager on Monday and we both looked at each other and said "I know you from somewhere" but neither of us could remember where. Today we talked a little bit more and figured out that we worked for the same company back in 1984/85. It was her first job after High School, and I was a part-time receptionist. I know I've never had much ambition, but I was a little chagrined to be working as a temp, and here she was, the boss of everybody. But I was only a little embarrassed. She was one of those people who were always going to be successful, and I'm one of those that will always be an underachiever. Iíve never wanted to be the boss of everybody. I was just thankful that I had finally placed her, because it was killing my brain to think about it.

Saturday, I'm planning to go to the annual Sacramento Friends of the Library book sale. I hope to find some knitting related books, of course. I might also go back on Sunday because on the last day of the sale they usually let you fill up a grocery bag full of books for only $2.00.

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May 9, 2004

Petey Lunchmeat

Petey prefers to sleep on the moth-eaten cashmere sweater I bought at a thrift store for this very purpose. It was only $1.00.


Click to see another view of Golden Marmot belly and pencil eraser nose.

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May 7, 2004


Another blankie lover:

Click here to see another view of Mr. High-Sense-of-Propriety.

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May 5, 2004


I've been temping this week, so I haven't spent my usual 8 hours a day in front of the computer. When I get home, I don't feel like knitting, I feel like surfing.

I know the wave of discussion has passed on the the knitting and guilt subject, but here's a new twist. The blanket I kntted for the Critter Knitter Knit-a-thon? I feel a little bit guilty because I'm keeping it. I know! But my cats love it, even more than the kitty bed I made. I might be able to bang another one out by the deadline if I can somehow double up on my washable yarn leftovers, but it's not really high up on my to-do list. I wish I was a speedy knitter (or even, you know, an everyday knitter) but I'm not.

Moon Pie says "I want my blankie!"

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May 3, 2004

City girl

Sean and I took a walk with the dogs along the river yesterday evening so that Picabou could go swimming. As we passed by a lady feeding the birds our conversation went something like this:

Me: Wow, those are some big ducks! I didnít know ducks could get that big!
Sean: Honey, those are geese.

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May 2, 2004

Finally finished!


I finally finished the baby spiral tube socks. Dang that took me forever! It's the easiest pattern in the world, but I finally had to resort to a system of checking off each row as it was completed so I wouldn't lose my place every time I glanced at the TV. At one point on the second sock, I just cut the damn thing off and started over without bothering to rip out the part I had completed because I had ripped it so many times the yarn was fuzzy. I also had to resort to double pointed needles near the end and I did not enjoy that at all. I'll never understand how people can knit with those things comfortably.

Pay no attention to the fact that one is slightly longer that the other. I'm in denial about that.

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