April 27, 2004

Hey look, a sock!

I finished a sock! Wooo Hooo!


I think I started this sock about 2 years ago. I actually started them as two socks on two circulars but I just couldn't keep going that way. So I still have a partial sock to knit, and hopefully, it won't take me another two years to finish it. Usually people wait until they have two socks finished before putting up a picture, but I'm a little FO deprived.

I also bought this today. I think we all know that it will soon contain some knitting notion. I was horribly dissapointed that I had purchased Chewy Spree instead of regular. Not at all as good.

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April 25, 2004

Look, a rectangle!

I finally finished the critter blanket. It's not exactly one of the sizes they're looking for, but when is anything I finish ever the right size? I'm sure it will be ok and appreciated by a little homeless kitty.


The baby down the street loaned me his foot for a few minutes to try on the spiral tube sock. I didn't get to take a picture because of time constraints, but I did promise the Mom a pair of socks so I'll get a pic then. This pattern seems like it will work out really well for baby socks.

I took a picture last year of the pretty flowering cactus we have in the backyard.


Here's what it looks like one year later.


Cool huh? It's so much bigger! All the cacti we have in this area have more than doubled in size.

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April 21, 2004

And another thing...

Who couldn't love a skatebording bulldog who loves kitties!

Be sure to watch his video!

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I came across this link to Animal Vegetable Video this morning via loosetooth.com. Strap a video camera to animal's head...what a brilliant idea! I wanted to like the sheep best, of course, but I thought the funniest was the armadillo.

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April 20, 2004


I did organize my craft room over the weekend, and Iíve gone through and decided that Iím going to sell some of my yarn. There are some that might be hard to part with, but I need to be realistic, there are some yarns in my stash that I know I will never knit. I have a huge amount of Reynolds Candide, in a really pretty color.
But I need to face the fact that I live in California, and itís almost never cold enough for heavy wool. So Iím going to sell. Iím also going to sell all my Mission Falls 1824 wool. Itís nice, but Iíd rather have 1824 cotton.

The Booga Bag liner has not been started. I have in mind the perfect liner, complete with special pockets for my phone, sunglasses, and other sundry items, but I have yet to touch scissors to fabric. Itís still rolling around in my brain. My brain has to ruminate and plan for a long time before I can actually take action. Soon I will be ready, but not yet. I'm waiting to take a picture until I get it completely done and decide how I want the handles.

I knitted a little baby spiral tube sock (click here for pattern, but be forwarned, it's an about.com link) last night just to see if it could make an acceptable baby bootie. (The yarn I had for this project makes a better sock than bootie.) Seanís sister just had a baby and I wanted to send a little hand knitted present along with a card. No picture because I didnít have time this morning. There are a few large mistakes, because I am challenged in the area of keeping my place in the pattern, and I was using two circulars instead of three double points and I didnít convert the pattern correctly. I think Iím going to see how it looks on an actual baby before I attempt it again. I might also just go ahead and make a regular sock with a heel. That would probably be faster than trying to scrounge up an actual baby foot.

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April 14, 2004


OK, I've snapped out of it! I spent a few hours last night going through my stash, and my knitting books and magazines. Even though it was not knitting, It was fun and knitting related. I think it was what I needed. I now have several ideas for new projects.

I hope to make some progress on my Booga Bag liner tonight, and clean up my craft room. Organization always makes me feel better. Then I'm going to prioritize the things I have in progress and decide on a fun project to get me out of this slump. No more whining!

Now, a question for all you movable types out there. If I "create a new blog" from the main menu, it doesn't get rid of this one, does it? I want to create some project/gallery pages, and I'm not sure how to do it. Any advice? Anyone?

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April 13, 2004

I got nuthin...

I have been so tired lately. I came home from work yesterday and crashed for about an hour. When I woke up I had that dizzy twilight feeling you get from napping too long. I am also in a knitting funk. My knitting choices currently are:

1. Finish critter blanket. Why oh why didn't I double this yarn? This plain garter stitch 18" x 18" square is taking me FOREVER. The minute I pick up the needles my eyelids start to droop.

2. Work on rug. Another square, another snore. And physically taxing on my hands.

3. Afghanalong square. Yet another square, but the most interesting of the lot, and I could probably finish it in one night if I really tried.

4. Socks. Socks? What socks? You mean those Lorna's Laces socks I started, like, two years ago? Just not interested for some darn reason.

So there you have it. I don't even know if I can call myself a knitter at this point.

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April 8, 2004

Strange Faces

I came to view this strange site via a link from blogdogblog* and it reminded me that Iíve always thought my purse looked a little grumpy.

Speaking of purses, I sent the Booga Bag through the wash yet again, and now it is just right. Hereís a picture of it blocking, upside down on a box.


I also shaved the fuzz off last night, though it's hard to tell. It doesnít look like much now, but I think it turned out great for an experiment in thrift store yarns. Iím still working on getting the strap completely fulled.

If anyone wants to send me some tips on designing/sewing in a liner, please feel free! (Tifff? Marie?)

*(I originally typed ďblogdogblogĒ as ďblogdoglove,Ē and if youíve ever read her blog you would know thatís a perfect Freudian slipÖitís got both ďdog loveĒ and ďdo gloveĒÖ Ha.)

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April 6, 2004

Some knitting content

I found a nice little skein of brown wool at the thrift store last weekend, more than enough to make a handle for my Booga J bag. That means the entire bag was made from mystery thrift store yarn.

I finished knitting the i-cord last night, and it was not the horrible experience I was expecting. It was kind of fun knitting a tube. I hope to full it tonight.

I might send the bag itself through another cycle too, just to see if I can make the fabric a little denser. It's looking pretty good, though it needs a shave. It's a little fuzzier than I wanted.

I also want to line the bag somehow, and have visions of creating a liner that has a zippered pocket, and special pockets for my cell phone and sunglasses. This is all just in the thinking stage right now, I have no idea how to actually make it all happen, but sometimes I surprise myself.

Pictures soon, hopefully.

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April 3, 2004

Hair of the dog

Click for a silly Picabou

This morning, while contemplating the necessary chores I needed to do today, I decided I would first try to give Picabou a really good brush-out, in an attempt stem the tide of hair that explodes off her body this time every year.

Now, Picabou does this thing where she likes to walk between your legs. I don't know if she likes the pressure on her body or if it's just a normal "lab thing," but she has done this since she was a pup. She also likes to stand between your legs while you are brushing her, to give you the optimum positioning to scratch her hind end.

When I was through brushing her, I was, of course, covered in dog hair. I got out the vacuum, and started vacuuming my pants with the upholstery attachment, and Picabou, who has always been afraid of the vacuum, came over tried to stand between my legs, like she wanted to be brushed again. So I started to vacuum her. SHE LOVED IT! I vacuumed her for about 10 minutes, laughing the whole time thinking to myself "I can't believe I'm vacuuming the dog!" She looked pretty good when I was done too, all fluffy.

I vacuumed the dog today, and I'm very happy about it!

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