February 29, 2004

High hopes

I really thought this process was going to be a lot more intuitive than it's turning out to be. I'm going to need to study up on all kinds of things in order to make my site look like anything I want.

Here's a picture, just so you know it's me:


I haven't knit a stich all weekend because all I've been doing in my downtime is straining my eyes in front of this computer.

Ok, enough. Stopping now.

Posted by LoriO at 5:56 PM


Well, as you can see I've spent the last two days trying to get Movable Type set up and installed. They really don't make it easy with those instructions.

Ok, now my task is to make it look like me. Stay tuned!

Leave me a comment!

Posted by LoriO at 1:43 AM

February 27, 2004

Wow! This is confusing.

Changes are in process! I'm trying to install Movable Type. Did this work?

Posted by LoriO at 10:16 PM