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The Animals
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merfybed.JPG (24711 bytes)Merfy--A little homeless kitty no more.

Grets.JPG (33780 bytes)Gretsky--He da boy!

Picabou.jpg (33381 bytes)Picabou--She's not petite, she's potite.          

banjo.jpg (24807 bytes)Banjo--Mr. Fussy

PeteyRug.JPG (45211 bytes)Petey--Looking very Peatrice here.

Lulu fence.jpg (31930 bytes)LuLu--R.I.P. 1995 - 2002.  She was as good as she could be.

Axl.jpg (12006 bytes)Axl--We love him even though he's a complete shithead.

chook strab.jpg (21552 bytes)Gertie and Henny Penny--The Ladies (not to be confused with the awesome BNL).

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