Hard to see, but it's a mosaic cow.  Better picture coming soon.

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I tried making soap.  I can't say it was a complete success because I had hoped for Martha Stewart quality.  But I wasn't entirely unpleased with the results. For the fancy soaps I used a mold I bought at the crafts store.  For the little round soaps, I used the containers that the pre-made jell-o comes in.  

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Cinnamon and Clove Soap. I like how they sort of look like flan.
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I added some chopped up bits of fancy soaps.  They smelled great.
kidcolorsoap.JPG (31966 bytes) 
I experimented with colorings and scents. These looked like soaps kids would like.

Dog Bed

dogbed1.JPG (30678 bytes)Twin size down comforter, folded in half and stitched up the sides. dogbed3.JPG (21612 bytes) Two pieces of foam, cut to size and stuffed into the folded up comforter.
dogbed4.JPG (55652 bytes) Camouflage fleece (Oh how I wanted to buy fleece in a cute or pretty pattern. But practicality won out.) sewed up in the shape of a large "sandwich bag" (one side is folded over and sewn, the other is a flap that tucks in. dogbedpic.JPG (38768 bytes)

Picabou on her new bed.

dogbedgrets.JPG (35072 bytes)I made Grets a matching cover for his bed.

Couch Slipcover

couch.JPG (21847 bytes)   The tie-died couch cover is finished!  My first attempt at sewing a fitted couch cover.  The tie-dye was "accidental on purpose." I tried to dye it a solid color somewhere between Picabou and Gretsky. It came out with a big splotch that made it look like a used drop cloth. So then I tried to tie dye it with a darker color, but I didn't twist it enough and all my rubber bands came off.  It turned a solid dark purple. So I tied and twisted it again, and then soaked it in bleach and water, and this pinky marble look was the result.  I really like it.


Reupholstered Chairs

 Groovy Chair chair.JPG (31681 bytes) front chair.JPG (28731 bytes)

This was the chair I upholstered in the class I took.  There are two of them.  The fabric is velvety with an interesting pattern.


Ottoman Slipcover

 footstoolbefore.JPG (31470 bytes) footstoolafter.JPG (32304 bytes)  A tiny little slipcover project.  The damage to this footstool was done by Picabou when she was a puppy.


Chair Seat Covers and Slipcovers

table1.JPG (53419 bytes)When I bought this patio set, it had green vinyl cushions.  I dyed the fabric for these.

table2.JPG (58796 bytes)chairslipcoverdetail.JPG (43336 bytes) A slipcover pattern I made up.  The fabric was salvaged from a futon cover.  The futon cover was partially destroyed when the futon was fully destroyed...again Picabou as a puppy.

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