Knitting Projects

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Knitting Projects
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  Other Crafty Projects
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The Animals
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Talk to me
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Link to me:

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Yarn:  Unknown cotton thrift-store yarn and Sugar'n Cream dishcloth yarn


Kitty Bed

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Yarn:  Unknown wool thrift-store yarn
Pattern:  Wendy's kitty bed pattern

Lacy Leaf Sweater

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Yarn: Horstia Maulbeerseide-Schurwolle
Pattern: FCEK Winter 2002, pg. 31

Sitcom Chic

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Yarn: Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Pattern: Sitcom Chic from Spring 2003 Knitty

Pink Experiment

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Yarn:  Vintage Red Heart Luster Sheen in Crystal Pink
Pattern: 6017 Sasha from Dale of Norway (Modified just a little)

This sweater is on indefinite hold. 


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Pattern:  Bob from Spring 2003 Knitty
Yarn:  Lion Brand Cotton Ease
Knitted and un-knitted in Spring 2003

Lorna's Laces Socks


Pattern:  Wendy's Toe Up Socks
Yarn:  Lorna's Laces

Kid Sweater

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Pattern: Knitting Pure & Simple Baby Pullover #214
Yarn: One strand each Sirdar Calypso and Berroco Sprite

H2O Hat

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Pattern:  Bonne Marie's H2O Hat
Yarn:  Berroco Hip Hop

Green Sweater

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Pattern:  Knitting Pure and Simple, #996
Yarn: 100% Wool Yarn from Bartlett Yarns.
This sweater is not working out and will be entirely frogged.


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My first try at making a toy.  I used the Lopi wool I dyed with Kool-Aid, and knitted a little sweater to hide the awful mattress stitching. 
Started: November 2002
Finished: December 2002

Baby Hat

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This hats are made from an amalgam of several free patterns available on the internet.  
Regia Crazy Color Yarn

Mom's Scarf

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Free Scarf pattern from Lion Brand
Lion Brand Thick and Quick Chenille
Started and Finished: December 2002
This scarf took about 12 hours total to finish.


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A scarf for Sean in the same yarn as Gretsky's sweater. Just a simple garter stich.

Dog Sweater

gretssweater.JPG (30832 bytes)  

Yarn: Lion Brand Jiffy, 100% acrylic that's been in my stash forever.  

Neck Down Sweater

It's actually a really pretty grey, with multi-colored flecks. 1stsweaterdoneself.JPG (60141 bytes) 1stsweaterdonegoof.JPG (41958 bytes)

Yarn: Country Classic Thick and Thin special Heather American home-spun worsted.
Pattern:  Knitting Pure and Simple #9725, Neck down Cardigan for Women
Started: August 2001...
Finished: October 2002


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Yarn:  Genuine Sugar'n Cream
Pattern:  Figure Eights (#1 in Nifty Knit Dishcloths by Leisure Arts)
Nothing too special.  But I did learn two new stiches!

Toe Up Socks

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Yarn: Opal
Pattern: Double Trouble (although I could only handle one at at time, this time.)
Started: Mid July, 2002, first sock completed August 9th, second sock completed August 23.  Whooooo Hoooooo!  I actually finished something! Added ribbing in November.

Chicken Hat

chickenhat.JPG (15770 bytes)

Technically, my first Finished Object!


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