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26 September 2003

I'm at home today, in stuffed up, mouth breathing hell.  I hate having a cold.  Even worse I hate taking cold medicines.  I decided to go to the grocery store earlier today after I had taken some decongestants and that was a mistake.   Here's what I returned with:  two packages of cookies, milk, tortillas, and a ChipClip.  It all made so much sense in the store, but I still don't have anything for dinner tonight.

Last weekend I indulged in the only retail therapy I can afford at the moment:  thrift shopping.  I love looking for knitting paraphernalia almost as much as buying yarn.  Here's what I bought: 

irishsweater.JPG (38864 bytes)  An Irish wool sweater ($1.70).  My plan is to unravel it, dye the yarn, and knit a Booga Bag with it.  (Yes, I am always about 10 paces behind the crowd.)  It has a few places that are stained, but hopefully they can be cut out of the yarn or overdyed.  That should be a fun little project.  First I have to figure out the best way to unravel it.  Any suggestions? 

oldmags.JPG (44932 bytes)  I picked up a slew of vintage knitting magazines at an estate sale for $2.00.  I love looking at these, even if I probably won't ever make anything from them.  Moon Pie helped me with the photostyling.

My favorite thing was this picture, from an ad in the back of the Modern Needlecraft magazine. drunkmodel.jpg (72243 bytes) This is exactly the coat I've been looking to make, except I would make it with longer sleeves.  Now I'm going to need to look for the vintage magazine that includes the pattern. ( It cracks me up how the model looks vaguely drunk and slightly disheveled.  Has she come from a party?  It looks like she had a good time!)

I also found three circular needles, two size 6, and one size 10.5. You can never have enough needles.  I just couldn't pass them up at $.50 each.  The 10.5 size was a score, it was one I didn't have. 

In other news, I'm am STILL plugging away at the front of the lacy leaf sweater.  No pictures, too boring.

22 September 2003

I'm working diligently on the front of the lacy leaf sweater.  No new pictures, because it looks exactly like the picture of the back, which you can see if you scroll down to September 1st.

This pattern is really cool, because it's easy to memorize, yet interesting enough to keep your attention.  I so hope it turns out ok.  

Other than that, there is just no other news.

17 September 2003

llsweaterback.JPG (30126 bytes)  Well, here is the back of the lacy leaf sweater in all it's unblocked glory.  Binding off the shoulders last night was making my brain hurt.  Here are the instructions:

Bind off 8 sts at beg of next 6 rows, 0 sts at beg of next 0 rows, AT SAME TIME, bind off center 34 sts for neck, and working both sides at once, bind off from each neck edge 2 sts once, 1 st twice.

I assumed AT SAME TIME was the first row that you start binding off?  I'm pretty sure that's right.  But even after following all the instructions, I was left with 4 stitches at  each neck edge.  So, I just bound them off and hoped for the best.  The shoulders look a little wiggy-waggy.   llsweatershoulder.JPG (15216 bytes) Should I not have continued with the yarnovers and such?  Will this all straighten out when the shoulders are sewn together?  I hope so. 

In other news, we had a very nice long event-filled weekend.  You may remember that my nephew got married last September (the very same weekend) and we went to Oregon for the wedding. At his wedding, his sister met her future husband, and they decided to get married EXACTLY one year later.  So, up to Oregon again we went.  The wedding was lovely, the Bride was beautiful.  Unfortunately, even though I remembered to pack my camera, I kept forgetting to take it with me whenever we went somewhere, so I have absolutely no pictures of the weekend. I'm in a few taken by other people though, so I might be getting some shortly.

It really was a nice weekend.  The weather was beautiful, and my allergy symptoms disappeared entirely. We played golf, shopped (I looked around extensively at The Websters, but held off buying anything because of my financial situation.  Plus, I feel like I have enough projects and yarn right now.  I'm sure that will be a temporary feeling, but I went with it.) I got to spend some time getting to know two of my nieces that I haven't seen for some time.  We came back early Sunday evening and I went ahead and took Monday off work just to relax.  It was perfect.

While we were gone, we had a pet sitter look after the animals. If you're in the Sacramento area and need a pet sitter,  I highly recommend Sue Schmidt of Animal Care Specialists (no website).  When we got home, I think the dogs were actually sad it was us coming in the door and not her, and she left a two page summary of the time she spent with the animals that was so right on I could have written it. Details that only an observant caretaker could know about my pets.

Last but not least,  (and it's old news by now, but) the 1st anniversary Knitty is out and it is hands down the best issue yet.  Good job Amy, and congratulations on your new column in Interweave Knits. 

moonpieinmoon.JPG (18435 bytes)

Moon Pie says Hi!  (There's a moon in the sky and her name is Moooon Piiiie!)

8 September 2003

No update picture for the lacy leaf sweater, although I knit my little heart out this weekend.  Knit, ripped, knit, ripped, knit, ripped.  I have knit and ripped out the same 3 inches no less than 4 times.  What's causing the problem?   Armhole shaping.

See, I've never actually knit a sweater in pieces before.  And, I've never knit anything with a repeating pattern.  So here are the questions that I had this weekend. 

1.  If the pattern says "end with a ws row,"  does that mean "ready to knit a ws row" or "just finished knitting a ws row?"  I chose "just finished knitting a ws row."   Was I right?

2. If it says continue in pattern, but you are binding off at the start of a couple of rows, and decreasing at the start and end of a few other rows, do you bind off/decrease THEN continue in pattern?  This pattern has lots of YOs and K2TOGs and if you continue in pattern, suddenly your YOs and your K2TOGs don't match up and when you are done decreasing you have 95 stiches on your needles when you are supposed to have 90.  So, the last time I ripped it all out, I would bind off/decrease, then start the pattern, and it sort of worked, and it looks ok to my untrained eye.  I did end up with one extra stich so I did an extra decrease to get the required 90 stitches.  Was that right? 

4 September 2003

Ah ha! It seems that if your camera is set to "night portrait," it makes for a very blurry daytime picture.

I'm moving right along on the lacy leaf sweater, but it's two steps forward, one step back.  Or more like, 9 rows forward, 7 rows back.   *Sigh*  I'm not going to post a picture of my progress. It looks just like the picture below, only twice as long.

Go look at Henry instead. What a cutie pie! 

2 September 2003

I know you were all dying to see a picture of me in my Sitcom Chic:

sitcomchic.JPG (17451 bytes)

It might be that I made it just a little big, but I still like the way it looks. 

I'm also having a little trouble with the pictures from my digital camera lately.  They don't look as clear as they used to and I don't know why. 

And finally, I don't know what's up with my hair. I'm at the cusp of growing it out and my hairdresser has left town for good so I'm just barely able to cope. Please disregard.

1 September 2003

Happy September!  Not much new around here, but I have started a new sweater.  I decided to dive right in and use the nice yarn from my stash to make the Lacy leaf-patterned sweater from Family Circle Easy Knitting Magazine, Winter 2002 (pg. 31).  I'm using Horstia maulbeerseide-schurwolle, which is a silk/wool blend.   It's a really pretty raspberry color. The yarn is dreamy. Here's what I have so far:

lacyleafsweater1.JPG (35191 bytes)

Click here for a closer look at the pattern.

For some reason I feel like I'm flying on this.   Maybe because I'm only knitting one side at a time so it seems quicker.  The pattern is pretty easy, but it has kicked my ass a couple of times so far, which led to a few tense frogging moments.   I'm sure once I get further into it I won't make the dumb mistakes.  Either that, or I'll have a sure-fire frogging solution.  It's not easy ripping back when there are lots of YOs and K2TOGs involved. I get confused.

This weekend has been really great.  We went to the Greek Festival on Saturday night with friends, and tried out a new Micro-brewery in town, Pyramid Alehouse.   I highly recommend the Broken Rake



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