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August 2002


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28  Sep 2002      I just read Knitty.  All of it.  Every delicious bit! BRAVO! 

I had been recently searching the web for the definitive answer on dying wool with Kool-Aid.  There are so many options and opinions out there that I couldn't make up my mind about which technique to use.  And right there on Knitty, along with many other fabulous articles, is the answer. And the featured patterns!  Every single one was something I want to make.  They were all beautiful. 

Today I spent the day cleaning the house.  So that means tomorrow I can do whatever I want, guilt free!  I think I just might dye some wool with Kool-Aid. 

17 Sep 2002      Wow, it's been a while since I last posted.  I've been so busy lately I just haven't had time.  I really admire all the bloggers out there  who can update every day.  I feel bad having left my site for so long with such a sad post.  I still think of LuLu every day and miss her, but it is getting easier to remember her with happiness instead of sadness.

We went to Oregon this last weekend for my Nephew's wedding.  The wedding was at Lake of the Woods, near Ashland.  What a beautiful area!  Sean and I fell in love with Oregon.  The wedding was beautiful and casual (Hawaiian themed, with entertainment by a pretty good DJ and some firespinning kids) and generally just a great time.  We drove up the day before, so we had a few hours to kill before the wedding, and spent them sightseeing at Crater Lake.  The whole area is just gorgeous. Here's a picture of a little squirrel that posed for us. On the way back, we stopped in Ashland just to see what it was like.  Ashland is so cute! We only had a couple of hours, but we had a great time walking around the Lithia Park area.  I dropped in to the local yarn store The Web-sters, where I bought some yarn for a new sweater I'm contemplating, a wool winder, and buttons for the sweater I'm currently working on.   (Pictures of the yarn and the buttons later, I'm too tired tonight!) This store is packed with stuff.  I could have easily spent a few hours there. And no sales tax! Really a great way to spend a weekend.  

I got some knitting done on the drive.  I knitted a dishcloth.  I've never really seen the usefulness of a knitted dishcloth, but it was a nice small car project, and I had some Sugar'N Cream yarn that I bought just because I liked the name. It came out pretty good, but not perfect. This is the first time I've ever knitted too loose.  It sort of grew towards the end.  I learned two new stitches, and how to bind off in purl, so it was worthwhile.  I did have to rip out a few rows once.  I wonder if I will ever get to the point where I can knit something through and not have a huge mistake to rip out.

5 Sep 2002     This has so far been a week of sadbadluck. My dear cat LuLu died Tuesday evening.  I couldn't even write anything about it until now because it would make me cry just to think of her.  Even now I am tearing up as I write this. I can't knit because it frees my mind to start thinking of her, and then I get so mad and sad all at the same time.

It's not really clear what caused her death.  She had a swollen paw and arm, we took her to the Emergency Vet, they put her under anesthesia to clean out what seemed like an abscess, she was doing fine, and then...she suddenly wasn't doing so well, went into cardiac arrest and died.  I happened to be at the hospital to pick her up when it happened. It's just not right. It was so sudden, and she was young and healthy.  The thinking now is that it was some type of bite...spider, rattlesnake...who knows. For reasons I don't want to go into, I think the Emergency Vet Hospital was somewhat negligent in their care. But it doesn't matter now.  Placing blame won't bring her back.

LuLu was, literally, as good as she could be. That's not to say that she was good.  When I adopted her from a rescue group, the sign on her cage said "Purrrrrsonality + + +!" I thought they meant that in a good way.  I thought that she was in a cage, separate from the other cats because she was being "featured."  I had no idea what cats were like.  I'd never had one, or ever really been around any cats.

LuLu liked to do things her way.  For example, every morning and evening, Sean and I would walk the dogs. LuLu would always come walking down the street to greet us,  " mrow? mrow? mrow?," then get right up to us and flop over for a belly rub.  Then one of us would pick her up and carry her home, purring and happy the whole way. Upon reaching the front door, we would put her down and she would immediately snarl, growl, hiss and swipe at your legs with her claws extended. Then, she would run inside, have a bite to eat, and go right back outside. She hated most people, all other cats, and dogs.  

My little LuLu. Loopy. LoopyLu. Lulabelly. The Shmoo. Shmoozy. Shmoopy. We loved her very, very much and will always miss her.

1 Sep 2002     Today I'm trying to recover from a night out with friends. Went to the Greek Food Festival last night, had lots of yummy food and pastries, then went over to our friend's  house for drinks, karaoke, and much laughter.  A good time was had by all!  

Friday, Sean and I went to the State Fair.  The big attraction this year was the deep fried Twinkie. While this was something that couldn't be missed this year, I don't think I would ever want another.  Blech!  I gave it a 5 (out of 10) for it's mediocrity.  Sean gave it a 3--one point for each dollar it cost.  I wore my socks to the fair, even though the high temperature for the day was about 100 F. We saw many animals, met Rosie the Llama, and met this little guy in the petting zoo. (He likes to butt his head.) We ended the day with friends at Memphis Barbeque.  Mmmmm Ribs...

On the knitting front, I've made a lot of progress on my sweater.  One sleeve is finished!  I had a little trouble with figuring out how to make garter stitch while knitting in the round, but thankfully Diane Soucy of Knitting Pure & Simple puts her e-mail address on her patterns.  Thanks Diane! Now on to the next sleeve...


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