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26 October 2003


Here are the front and back, still unblocked so they look a little wonky:

frontnback.JPG (45085 bytes)    And the sleeves: lacyleafsleeves.JPG (51867 bytes)

Everything is moving right along with the sleeves.   I should have no problem getting this sweater completed sometime in November.

For my friend Nancy, here are some pictures from last weekend's garage sale haul:

bird planter Funky 70's candleholder, you can't see it but those are stylized sunflowers on the side  I think this is a planter.  Love the orange and blue!   I think they're cute. The picture is deceiving, they are normal size.  Very Outkast Hey Ya!

23 October 2003

Ultimately I followed Karin's advice and just did what looked best on the sleeve increases.  I do tend to get whiney and stress about the small stuff.   Must try to stop that.

So I'm moving along now, knitting both sleeves at once and it's working out great.  I should be done in no time.

I really meant to take some pictures last night but I just didn't get around to it. Work has been very stressful lately, mostly due to a co-worker that annoys me greatly.  I've always been one to get along with most people in a live and let live way, but not with this person.  It confounds me, and I end up talking about it too much, which is what I did last night for hours after I got home.   Thank goodness for Sean, or I'd be a basket case.  Ok, I'd be MORE of a basket case that I already am.  

21 October 2003

Again, another post without pictures.  For no good reason other than laziness. 

Had a pretty good weekend, full of garage sale purchases.  Everything I bought was under 50 cents!  I bought 3 little plastic knitting project bags for 25 cents each, a salt and pepper shaker set, a candle holder, a sun tea jar (I accidently broke mine just last week), a cool vinyl green and black plaid yarn holder (the kind where the yarn comes out the top, keeping your yarn clean) a large galvanized metal tub...just a bunch of little useful things.  It really satisfied my shopping urge.

Two moves rented, Bulletproof Monk and Matrix Reloaded.  Both movies were pretty much unwatchable.  Bulletproof Monk I turned off because I just couldn't stand it anymore, and Matrix Reloaded was juusst soooooo slooooooooooow that it put me to sleep several times, and then I'd wake up and not know what the hell was going on. Vampires? What?  I could have backtracked, but I just didn't care at that point.

Knit wise, I finally finished the front of the Lacy Leaf Sweater, for better or for worse.  I could not get the required number of stitches after finishing the bind-offs for the neckline, so Ijust kept going until I got there.  I figure the neck will just be a little wider than the pattern calls for. 

So I cast on for the sleeves last night. Wish me luck. Here are the stupid questions I've come up with so far if anyone wants to help:

1.  It says to increase 1 st each side, every other row 1 time.  How can you inc every other row 1 time?  Why not just say "next row, inc 1 stich each side."

2.  Each row on the right side starts with 4 purl stitches, essentially reverse stockinette, right?  The increases are to be made in reverse St st.  So does it make a difference, where within the 4 reverse St stiches I make the increase? I've done one increase so far, and I did it after the first stitch and right before the last stitch.  And what type of increase should it be?  In my knitting book, the only kind of increase that I can see that could be done in reverse St st, is Make one.

So for example the book gives instructions for make one inc that slants to the right on the knit side, and then gives the instructions for making that inc stich on the purl side. Does that mean that at the beginning of the row where I would normally want a right slanting inc, because it is in the reverst St st I would need to follow the directions for the left slanting increase so that it slants to the right on the knit (wrong) side?   Does this question make any sense to anyone?  Does it even matter because it is going to be under the arm?   Am I overanalyzing things?

16 October 2003

The Knitting Meetup was great, and I got to meet fellow knitblogger Badcat who was there knitting on her super-cool cabled turtleneck!  There were 8 of us there, and with the exeption of Badcat and myself, everyone knew each other and knitted together regularly.  Joan McGowan-Michael of White Lies Design was there, and she gave me some expert advice on my sweater.  Thank you Joan!   

Speaking of the Lacy Leaf Sweater, I should be able to finish the front this week, and start on the sleeves.  I'm going to try to knit them both at once. 

15 October 2003

Back at work today, bleh.  I ended up having a 5 day weekend, due to an extensive vet visit yesterday.  Moon Pie needed some shot updates, and Picabou has a large hot spot on her face that was just the most disgusting thing.  It grew from the size of a quarter to an egg in one day.  So now for the next two weeks she will be on antibiotics, cortisone, and an antibiotic spray.  It doesn't help that because she is such a large dog, most dosages (and costs) are doubled.  My   poor BooBoo.  She keeps trying to rub her face on everything, the walls, my pants, the couch. 

I think I may attend the Knitting MeetUp tonight at Fox and Goose.  I'm usually shy about this type of thing, but really, what else have I got to do?  Nothing. I could sit in front of the TV and knit, or go have a beer and possibly meet some cool people and knit. 

Saw a couple of excellent movies this weekend:   School of Rock, and Holes.  Jack Black is funny as hell in School of Rock.   And Holes is just an excellent story. 

Lastly, I'm still trying to finish the front of the lacy leaf sweater.  Now that I've finished binding off for the armholes, I'm on to deciphering the instructions for the neck shaping.  I might just take it to the MeetUp tonight and ask some questions of the more experienced knitters...or is that bad etiquette?  I never seem to know these things.

10 October 2003

Had a lovely start to a 4.5 day weekend here.  I took today and Monday off work just because, and I'm not going in until noon on Tuesday.  So the first thing I did today was go back to the yarn store for more help.  I finally got it right and I think now I should be able to finish the front this weekend.  My instincts were correct, I just wasn't implementing them in a consistent manner.  I feel so calm now, so confident in my knitting abilities. Let's hope this lasts at least the rest of the day.

7 October 2003

Damn it all to Hell!  I can not seem do these bind off/decreases correctly!  I have ripped out and started over four--count 'em--four times now.   I know it has to do with the "continue in pattern" part where after you bind off a few the YOs and K2TOGs don't match up any more, but I can't figure out when you "continue in pattern" and when you don't.  Also, the armholes look different from each other, every time I've done it.  I klulged it on the back, but I really want to learn to do it the right way.  It looks like I have another trip to the yarn store this weekend.  And I thought for sure I had it after last weekend.   It seemed so crystal clear. 

Until I can figure this out, I think I'm just going to read instead of knit.  My Boss loaned me The DaVinci Code, and it's really good so far.  I had to force myself to put it down to knit last night.

6 October 2003

Friday I had to spend a good part of the early evening cleaning Trojan.Qhosts off my computer.  What a pain.  If you find yourself having weird problems accessing the internet (the tip off was that I could no longer access Google) you probably have a Trojan Horse.

Still working on the front of the Lacy Leaf Sweater. After screwing up on the armhole decreases YET AGAIN, I finally decided to ask for some help

The Store I consider to be my LYS is Rumplestiltskins, in Midtown Sacramento.  It’s a great store and it’s only a 10 minute drive.  The other yarn store in town is A Time When… also a fine store, just not as convenient. (However, on the route there I did note a goodly number of thrift stores.  I might have to put those on my agenda next time.)  The one feature that A Time When has that Rumplestiltskins doesn’t, is a table where you can sit and knit as long as you want.

I went in, and it wasn’t busy at all, so the person working was able to help me quite a bit.  I finally was able to figure out where I was going wrong.  I was binding off in pattern, but only AFTER the bind off.  In the first set of bind offs, there was a K2TOG that I was skipping.  I was just binding off the required stitches, and THEN continuing in pattern.  When the nice lady point that out to me and fully explained what binding off in pattern meant, it was so clear.  I don’t know why this wasn’t intuitively obvious.

Now I’m considering ripping out the back and re-doing it also.  At this point though, I’m only considering it. I’m going to knit the sleeves first and see if it will all come together ok.

Other than that, it was a normal boring weekend, full of grocery shopping, laundry, and cleaning.  *YAWN*

2 October 2003

I've been sitting here for 5 minutes, trying to write! Nothing that is happening in my life seems worth writing about.  Oh hell, here it is anyway. 

1.  I auditioned a new hair stylist yesterday.   Reviews have been mixed.  The cut looks OK, but it feels funny on my head.  I might go back to her though, mostly because the price was right, and she was very conveniently located.

2. I learned a valuable lesson a few days ago:   Never put an expensive and fragile pair of custom clip-on sunglasses in your front pants pocket and then go to an estate sale where the potential for yarn is great, see a bag-full and immediately bend down to paw through it thereby breaking the sunglasses in two.  And it was all acrylic yarn! So not worth it...

3.  I spent two evenings unravelling the sweater I got at the thrift store.  It took a lot longer than I thought it would.  Now all I have to do is wash the yarn, straighten it, and dye it.  I will be investigating different dyes as soon.

4.  I am still plugging away on the Lacy Leaf Sweater.  I'm about 2 rows from starting the armhole decreases. 

5.  Spent 3 hours on the phone this morning with Dell Technical Support.  I really hate doing that.  But now everything on my computer appears to be working correctly. Whew!



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