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20 Oct 2002      Friday was bring your dog to work day at our office. Well at least it was for my co-worker, Jon.  Earlier in the week, it was bring your squirrels to work.  Jon's wife, Terri, who is fostering the squirrels until they are old enough to be released, brought them in for a little visit and photo op.  They are just the cutest things. They are all doing well, and have grown so much!

Yesterday, I finished Gretsky's sweater. I made more than a few mistakes in this sweater (the biggest one being that I put the armholes on the wrong side), but I think it turned out cute anyway.  

13 Oct 2002      Yesterday I decided to swatch for my next sweater.  It is from page 73 in the Spring/Summer 02 issue of Vogue Knitting International. I found the suggested yarn (Trendsetter's "Bandiera") when we were in Ashland, OR, but they didn't have a color I liked.  So the nice lady there helped me pick out a substitution:  a strand each of Berroco Sprite, and Sirdar Calypso. I think it's going to turn out really cute. Here's a picture of the sweater from the vogue website. (Funny side note, when I went to the Vogue Knitting website to try to find a picture, they no longer had the Spring/Summer issue up. So, I decided to look at the corrections section to see if anything had been corrected for this pattern.  Nope.  I decided to look at the things that were corrected anyway, and low and behold, there is a picture of the sweater I'm going to knit, next to corrections for a different sweater. Oops!) 

I used my new ball winder on the Sprite hanks, and had a little trouble with the first one.  Ok, a lot of trouble.  It was very much FUBAR, so I had to call in special forces to detangle the mess for me.  Thankfully, Sean has a lot of patience.

Inspired by the catnip toy Julie made for Rupert, I decided to make one too.  I was going for an authentic mouse look, but in the end, lost interest and was pressured by Banjo into just sewing it up quickly giving it too him.  The cat is a junkie for the nip. While not as elegant as Rupert's, it was just as big a hit with both Banjo and Petey.  Axl  had absolutely no interest in it at all. I guess you just can't please everybody. 

In doggy news, Grets got a haircut yesterday.  I'm thinking about knitting him a sweater.  This is the best picture I could get of him.  He is a really happy dog, and actually likes his haircut, despite his "poor puppy" expression.

11 Oct 2002      I FINISHED! Here is a picture of my finished sweater.  Here is a detail of the front, and here is a close up of the buttons and the pretty yarn.  It only took me 15 months. Of course I was almost done with it when I ripped it out and started completely over, then stopped in the middle to knit some socks.  But I did finally finish and I'm happy with the results.

6 Oct 2002      We gave the squirrels to a wildlife rehabber for some TLC and as of Friday they were still alive and doing fine.  Sean went and visited them and was holding one of them when the little guy opened his eyes for the first time. They were transported to the Squirrel rehabber by my co-worker's wife, Terri, who also has past experience rehabbing wildlife, and is just an all around animal lover and nice person..  Though her experience is mainly with birds, she's now going to become a squirrel rehabber herself, and is going to take in these three until they are big enough to be released.  

Knit wise, I've finished frogging and re-knitting the bottom of the sweater and it looks a lot better.  Only the front bands to do now, and I'm not letting myself knit anything else until I'm done with them. The next thing I'm going to knit will definitely be a cat toy like the one Julie made for Rupert.  It's so cool! 

1 Oct 2002      Sean rescued some baby squirrels today.  It was very windy here all day and we think somehow they must have fallen from their nest.  If it's not dogs, it's cats. If it's not cats, it's chickens. If it's not chickens, it's squirrels. Animals that need to be rescued are put in his path all the time.  Very lucky animals. The funny thing is, about a month ago, we were watching some show on Animal Planet, probably one of those funny video shows, and he actually said these words out loud:  "I want a squirrel."  So there you go. 

So we have baby squirrels, and Sean is at this moment searching the web for information on how to help them.  They are so little, their eyes aren't even open yet.  Poor things.  He found two of them on grass, and they seem to be doing fine.  The other one was found on the sidewalk, and he seems like he might be hurt.  He looks a little swollen, and is not moving as much as the other two (in the picture, he's the one on the right). I hope they make it.

Many thanks to Doug and Luci for the use of their heating pad!  They are good friends contributing to the cause despite their bias against the little bird seed thieves.

In knitting news, I'm finished with both sleeves on my sweater now. After I finished the cuff on the second sleeve, I ripped out the cuff on the first one and did it over.  On the second sleeve, I finally realized how to purl in the round on two circulars.  When I compared the two cuffs, There were such huge glaring errors on both sides of the wrist I couldn't let it go. Luckily, I'm getting pretty good at frogging.  And that's a good thing because I'm going to frog the bottom of the sweater so that I can add about an inch in length, and knit the ribbing with the smaller needles like I should have done in the first place. 

I dyed yarn with Kool-Aid over the weekend, with so-so results.  I wanted to get a really dark color, because I am planning on making Sean a hat with this yarn and he wanted either black or dark blue. So I just used every color I had and hoped for the best. It seemed like it was going to be a really nice dark purpley color (coincidentally it matched the shirt I was wearing.)  I also did sort of an imprecise job of it (I didn't use a big enough bowl) but when I looked at it I thought it might give me a bit of variegation. Dried, it looks a lot more brown than purple.  It was a good experiment though, and I'd like to do it again and try for a more colorful result.



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