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24 November 2003

I blocked my sweater parts this weekend.  I lightly steamed them with the iron, which I’m not sure now was the best way to do it.  It’s weird…the unblocked sweater parts were bouncy and stretchy and alive, and now they just seem to hang limply.  Did I kill my sweater before I even got it assembled?

Speaking of assembling, I’ve signed up for a finishing class on December 3rd at my LYS.  For some reason I keep thinking that’s this Wednesday instead of next Wednesday.  THIS Wednesday is when I’m getting a haircut and when Survivor is on.  But I keep anxiously thinking, “Ok, I’ll have to take my sweater into work Wednesday, so I can leave for the LYS right after my hair-cut, and I’ll have to have Sean tape Survivor for me…” and then I realize I’m combining two different days.  I have had this thought more than once.  More than 10 times. 

Speaking of getting my hair cut, I’m thinking of going short again.  I was considering keeping it in it’s current medium state, but it requires more work than I’m willing to put in, and I find myself looking wistfully at pictures of short hairstyles thinking “I wish I could have my hair like that.”  I’m torn between wanting to be current and stylish (for at least the first half-hour of the day, when it looks good) and wanting to be comfortable. 

I also tried felting this weekend.   Just to try it out, I knitted a Fuzzy Foot out of some thrift store wool.  It was a complete failure.  I used bigger needles than what was called for because they were the only size I had in 16” circular.   And then, they didn’t shrink down very much, even after two washings and dryings.  Did I take before and after pics?  Nope.   Picture a gigantic purple fuzzy footie sock.   The good thing to come out of the experiment is that I now feel I could confidently tackle knitting a top down sock.

20 November 2003

Knitting Meet Up was pretty fun last night.  Marie of Knitti-Me was the hit of the night with her beautiful boas.  I worked a bit on Sean's scarf, but the plain yarn + simple stitch = booooring!  But that's ok, it was nice to have a beer and meet other knitters. 

In other news, did you know that if you let your Palm handheld run completely out of battery it resets itself and you lose everything you had stored on there?  Yep. 

17 November 2003

The sweater is done!  Well, not completely done, but all the actual knitting is done.  Well, except for the neck.  Ok...the sweater is not done!  But it's close!

I need to block it somehow, with some type of blocking board that I need to make or acquire without using money. Ah, the challenges of a non-paying job.

I started a skinny scarf last night out of some stashed mohair.  I'm thinking it might be a Christmas present for one of my nieces.  But maybe not.  Are skinny scarves still hip for 20 somethings? 

12 November 2003

sleeves.JPG (53777 bytes)  The sleeves are taking a freaky long time to knit.  A few more inches and I will be able to start the cap shaping.  I am so ready to be done with this sweater.  I want to start a new project, but I am still in the idea stage so I'm going to keep plugging on this one until it's DONE.

Had a interview yesterday, for a temporary, part-time job.  It went ok I think.  It was my first job interview in 10 years.  I don't really care if I get the job or not, but it would be nice to have at least a few dollars coming in regularly. 

Sean took me to see Elf last week, on opening day, because he knew I couldn't wait to see it.  I loved it.  It's kind of corny, and some parts didn't work as well as others, but most of it was damn funny!  Also excellent CGI sleigh and reindeer.  I'm sure this will become a standard Christmas rental.

4 November 2003

I forgot that I had actual knitting news happen over the weekend.   We took a trip to the Bay Area on Saturday, and I turned the heel of one of my socks (I'm knitting on 2 circs, doing a short row heel using this pattern).  Once again, I ended up with a hole where the heel joins back to the foot part of the sock.  So I ripped it out and re-knit it using an extra wrap around the first slipped stitch, and then when I picked that wrap up, I knitted it with the first stitch on the foot side.  No hole!   And I came up with the fix myself using common sense.  Way to go, Me!

2 November 2003

Ok, I got nothin'.  Not even a new picture for the top of the page. But it's ok, because I love that picture of Moon Pie so much.  We're starting week 2 of Moon Pie's diet and she's already lost 1/2 a pound. Only 8 1/2 more to go!

Still working on the sleeves of the lacy leaf sweater and it's going much less quickly than I had hoped it would. And now, I'm starting to think I should knit some Christmas gifts.  It's just a nagging little thought in the back of my head right now, so I'm going to try to quash it before it moves to the forefront.

Halloween came and went with just a smattering of trick-or-treaters. Sean and I were zombies this year.  Next year I want to be something a little less scary.  I don't like making little kids cry! 

We've gone straight from Summer to Winter here in Sacramento, no Fall weather to be found.  It's making me cranky and I feel anxious and out of sorts. 



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