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26 May 2003  I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day weekend!  It's been a great weekend for me, and I needed it because I had a pretty hectic week.  Things still aren't going well at my job, so I accepted a temp job.  Even though the actual work isn't hard, it's stressful for me to be in a new place after having the same job for 10 years.  

My knitting is going very slowly, but I am making progress.  I'm almost to the increases on the Pink Experiment pinkexperiment2.JPG (52082 bytes).  It's hard to see but there are puffy cables at the bottom.  I've tried to capture the details in an enhanced picture here.  The cables are puffy because you alternate smaller and larger needles every 2 rows. And that's all I've accomplished in the last 12 days.

Funny thing about this yarn:  even though I don't know exactly how old it is, I have an idea it's from the 70's.  There is a free pattern on the inside of the label for a crocheted "Disco Bag." haaa

And lastly, we have a new visitor to our backyard pond. Meet Froggy!

14 May 2003  I worked from home today and it was great!  Here are all the things I did (in addition to my work):

1. Baked a cake.  Sean and I are now addicted to this cake.  We call it the Twinkie Cake.  It tastes just like Twinkies, without the cream filling.  I love it because it does not need frosting.  I hate frosting! Here's the recipe if you're interested.

2. Cleaned and vacuumed the entire house.

3. Put the green slipcover on the couch and washed the blue one. When we bought our cheap IKEA couch, we splurged and bought four slipcovers--two white, a red, and a blue (these were the only colors available).  I dyed one white cover bright green, and one a tan color. We generally use the green one for Spring, the tan during the Summer, the red one during the Christmas holidays, and the blue from about February to May. I love the variety!

4. Washed all dog bedding.

5. Took Gretsky to the PetSmart for a haircut and bath. (Check out his tail!)   Picabou was beside herself with worry.  She doesn't like to be without her Grets.  She was crying, whining, going door to door to check and see if he'd come back yet.  Finally she just rested forlornly by the front door. It was so sad. Picabou is such a good, sweet dog and  never complains or whines so I know she was upset.

6. Washed the other slipcover for our other couch.

7. Frogged Bob.  I know I would have never worn it, and I know I'll soon think of a better use for the yarn.

8. Put a few rows on the new top I'm kitting.  I'm calling it the Pink Experiment.  (That's the green couch as the background.) I'm learning how to cable, so even if I don't have enough yarn to finish, it will have been worthwhile. At the moment I'm just considering this a practice sweater. Nothing new, considering I've frogged my last two sweater projects completely.

9. Learned how to take a short video with my digital camera!  Now I just need to learn how to upload the file properly.  I'll have to do that another time though.  Too tired right now.

It feels like I got a lot accomplished.

Last weekend I visited my Mother and was able to look through her stash of old knitting magazines.  She let me borrow a few. Each magazine has at least one project in it that I would like to knit.  I was also telling her about the new Denise Needles, and how they would--hint, hint--make a great birthday or Christmas gift.  She said "I used to have something like that.  Let me go look."  She comes back in the room with an original Denise Needle set in perfect condition.  She said she'd put my name on them so I could have them when she dies, so I didn't ask if I could borrow them.  Obviously she didn't want to give them up.

7 May 2003  I finally figured out the Mattress Stitch and Bob is done. I'm not thrilled with it. It looks awful on me, and is kind of uncomfortable. Unless it's pulled down as straight as possible, accentuating my hips (which do not need accentuating), the neck rides up in a weird way.  

bobdone.JPG (27893 bytes)

I think it would have looked better on me if it were a little shorter, with a little less shaping.

I know I'll never wear it.  So what should I do with it?  Frog it? Give it to Goodwill?  Is there an Island of Misfit Knitwear out there somewhere?

4 May 2003  Knit wise, May is starting with a whimper.  I'm done with Bob, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to sew it together.  And, do I need to block it?  Do you block cotton?  I'm on the waiting list for a finishing class at my LYS, but at this point it looks doubtful that I'll get in.  To make matters worse, the sweater doesn't look like it will fit, or look good.  

So, what else can I knit? I'm still broke, so I can't buy any yarn.  I'm not going to use the good yarn in my stash until I learn proper finishing techniques. I do have a limited amount of thrift store vintage Red Heart acrylic (which looks a lot nicer than it sounds) that I might play around with.  I'm thinking of making  if it's not beyond my abilities and I have enough yarn.  I think I will, it's just hard to tell because the skein labels do not give the yardage.  I'm going to cast on for it tonight and see how it goes. 


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