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28 March 2003  Look! An unprecedented even in our household! 

 anb.JPG (29225 bytes)     Two cats actually touching!

While wandering around the knitbloggers ring Wednesday, I saw that Jenni is making Bob out of Lion Brand Cotton Ease instead of the recommend Rowan All Seasonís Cotton (which is beautiful, but beyond my budget at the moment.).  Being the lemming I am, I realized that, while the stores in my area didnít have enough of one dye lot for Sitcom Chic, there was enough to make Bob.  So I went ahead and bought some and cast on Wednesday night.  Yay! Finally something bright and spring-like to work on. Jenni and I are doing a knit along (although, as slow as I knit sheís sure to finish before me.)

On a few blogs lately people have mentioned yarn stores that are less than customer service oriented.  Iím thankful that Iíve never had an experience like that.

I had a problem recently with an Addi Turbo needle.  It was rough at the tips and literally a drag to use. The problem was, I couldnít remember where exactly Iíd purchased them.  I sent an email to The Web-Sters, telling them about the needle and that I thought I had purchased it from them but I wasnít sure.  They said, ďno problem, send it back and weíll get you a replacement.Ē  So I did.  Due to the needles being on backorder, the process took a little over a month.  They sent me the replacement needles at no charge, not even for postage.  Then the next day I got another pair in the mail, only they were also flawed in the same way (or they could have been the same needles I had originally returned.) 

This time when I emailed them they said not to worry, as long as I got at least one good set, I could do whatever I wanted with the flawed set. 

The people at the Web-Sters are great!  I visited Ashland, Oregon last fall, and popped into their store for a look.  They could not have been more helpful to me, a new knitter, needing help with yarn substitutions.  Iíll bet I got 45 minutes of personal help looking at different yarn combinations.  And their store is beautiful and chock full of yarn, buttons, weaving and spinning stuff.  Check Ďem out if youíre even in Ashland.

The two yarn stores in my area, Rumplestiltkinís and A Time WhenÖ are also very nice and extremely helpful.  I recommend both stores if youíre ever in the Sacramento area.

And, last but certainly not least, I had a very pleasant email exchange the other morning with Rob of Threadbearfiberarts. Talk about helpful!  I have been contemplating making a felted purse, but could not find just the color combinations I wanted.  Rob knew exactly what I was looking for, and even sent me pictures of the yarn knitted and then felted.  And Iím not even an official customer yet! 

And, while I do advocate patronizing local shops over shopping the Internet, sometimes the deals, and the service, are just too good to pass up. 

Tonight, Sean and I are going out to see Under Milkwood at a small theater in Midtown.  I'm really looking forward to it!

24 March 2003  I know this is the most boring site on the knit bloggers ring.  There is just nothing interesting going on in my life right now that seems worth talking about. 

I was moving right along on the Lorna's Laces sock, when I decided to try it on.  It seemed a little tight.  So I checked my gauge and sure enough, instead of the 8 stitches per inch I was getting with my swatch, I was now getting 10 stitches per inch.  So, I went back to my original plan for this yarn and am going again try knitting two toe up socks at a time. This time I'm using my #2 needles instead of #1s.  I find the #2s so much easier to use.

So far so good:  llsockstoeup.JPG (30477 bytes).  I'm using Wendy's toe up pattern, except that I did not do the double wraps because I am lazy.  

I have been searching all my local stores for Lion Brand Cotton Ease to make Sitcom Chic, but none of the stores in this area have the color I want.  They don't even have enough of one dye lot in my second choice color.  I might have to order it from an online source.  Has anyone made this pattern yet using a different yarn?

15 March 2003  Well, my Mother is doing fine and healing nicely.  She was even able to go to the new Target in her town and drive around on one of those scooterized shopping baskets.  The doctor says she should be completely healed in about two weeks.

This week, I started the Family Circle sweater, twice, and ripped it out, twice, as is par for me.  The first time I simply lost count and was unable to rip back and keep my place in the pattern.  The second time, everything was going along just fine, but I realized that the thing was turning out huge.  I had forgotten that when I originally knitted my swatch, I went down one size needle to get the gauge.  Oops. I simply couldn't bring myself to start again.  Instead, I cast on for a quick pair of socks.  Here's what I have so far:  llsocks1.JPG (50732 bytes) I tried to do these two at a time, since I'm using two circulars, but it got very confusing and tangled. So, one sock at a time it is. I'm using the Lorna's Laces yarn I had in my stash.

I was so sad to see that Dangerous Chunky has said good bye.  DC was the first knitting blog I came across when I started knitting and looking for resources on the web. You will be missed Carolyn! 

8 March 2003  Where to start? 

By now itís old news, but the Spring issue of Knitty is out, and it is most excellent.  I swear as soon as I get money I am making a donation.  I love Julieís catnip toys, and really want to make ďSitcom Chic 

March started off bad:  Emergency surgery for my 69-year-old Mother.  She developed an abscess on her abdominal wall due to stitches from a previous surgery becoming infected.  This previous surgery happened 12 years ago.  Weird huh?  Sheís now home from the hospital and getting better every day. After visiting my Mother in the hospital last weekend, I stopped by to see my closest friend from High School.  Even though we hadnít seen each other for a couple of years, we picked right up right where we left off.  I think we are more like family in that way. The best part is she wanted to learn to knit!  So I showed her how to knit and purl and cast-on, and left her with a how-to book. It was really more like ďremindingĒ her of how to knit, she picked it up so quickly.  Gina if youíre reading this, let me know how itís going!

I spent some time in the park near our house today looking for this little guy.  It seems heís taken a side trip from his annual migration.  One of the birders who was at the park said that this was the first sighting of the Cape May Warbler in Sacramento County.   The little bird (who local bird watchers have named ďTonyĒ) has been hanging out in the park for a couple of weeks now. Sean was able to see him through the binoculars really well.  I saw him, but not with the binoculars.  I have very poor binocular skills. 

kidsweaterbadpic.JPG (45810 bytes) Iíve finished the kid sweater.  I canít say that itís very good.  It definitely looks homemade, as opposed to handmade.  I really need to take a finishing class because there are just some things Iím not getting from looking at my reference books.  I find picking up stitches extremely confusing.  I need to see a hands-on demonstration.  Iím trying to decide what to start next.  Iíve swatched for the Family Circle sweater and I might just start that as my next big project.  Or maybe Iíll tackle the two socks on two circulars with the Lornaís Laces I have in my stash.  I might even do both!

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