July 2003

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27 July 2003   Yep, went to the Lambtown USA thing in Dixon, CA on Saturday.  This year it was held at the fairgrounds--a much better venue, with actual trees to shade you from the scorching heat. I loved the yarn from Deep Color.  The yarn was the softest wool, and dyed these beautiful muted colors.  Unfortunately, at $20.00 a skein, I just couldn't afford it.  I will definitely remember them when I'm flush again. Another reason why I didn't buy anything is that I just get overwhelmed with choices and decisions.  How do you know what to buy unless you're thinking of a specific project?

I took my camera, but never took it out of it's case once.  I know, I have no business calling myself a blogger at this point.

I've been knitting a little each night on Sitcom Chic.  I'm almost to the point where I'm supposed to put it aside and start the sleeves.  Woooo.

I've been trying to buy a Barbie Knitting Machine, (or Mattel Knit Magic) ever since I read about it on QueerJoe's blog.   I have a friend who has requested I knit him a "draft catcher" for an extra large set of french doors that he has in his home.  I've been putting it off because the thought of knitting a tube that long was a little daunting.  Then Joe mentioned the Barbie Knitting Machine, and even mentioned you could knit a draft catcher with one.  Bingo!  I need one of those.  So I started perusing eBay. There are a few for sale. What's funny is that on one of them, I was about to bid and noticed the high bidder's name was locqueen.  I assumed it's this Locqueen, and I couldn't bring myself to bid against her because I feel like I know her, even though I just read her blog.  I guess there could be another locqueen out there who knits, but there seem to be a good supply of Knit Magics out there so I just bid on another one.  

21 July 2003   Had a looooong boring weekend.  I got a lot of time this weekend to spend anyway I wanted, reading, knitting, napping, renting movies, and I did all of those things.   Ok, mostly the reading and the napping.  The knitting, not so much.  I knit about 12 rows on my SitCom Chic, and then had to rip them all out because of two dropped stitches on the edge.  I can pick up a stich just fine if it's in the middle of things, but couldn't figure out how to do it on the edge.  It was totally my fault though, I was trying to learn how to knit without looking (like all the experts who can read and watch movies while they're knitting).  It's going to take a lot more practice.

18 July 2003   Today I am having California's equivalent of a snow day.  It's too hot to go outside!   It's supposed to be 106 deg F today, which is not the hottest it's ever been (it was 112 the first week I moved here), but still damn hot.  The humidity is higher than normal too which just makes things extra icky. Usually the joke in Sacramento is "but it's a DRY heat..."  Not today.

Anyway, there has not been one stitch knitted in the last 10 days.  I just haven't felt like it.  I ended up going ahead and sending  my swatch to Becky afer all, because she said on her site that she still wanted them even if they were the wrong size.  In my haste to get it in the mail, I neglected to take a picture. Oh well. 

Today I plan to peruse the Knitring, and maybe go rent a movie. I might possibly pick up my knitting again, but, no pressure. 

Speaking of perusing the Knitring, I just had a look at Crafty Diva to see her gorgeous felted bag!   That is one of the most beautiful bags I have ever seen.

6 July 2003   It's about time I updated this dang website! I am having a lot of trouble updating this site since my home computer died.  Let's see if this works...

I have not been knitting on any regular basis. I did spend 3 days trying to knit a swatch for fluffa!, but when it was finished, despite all careful calculating, it came out to be 6" x 7" instead of the required 6" x 6". So, yet another knitalong passes me by. Other than that, I am absolutely sick of the Pink Experiment, and Sitcom Chic and the Lorna's Laces socks are languishing in their respective bags. I'm still working on the back of the Pink Experiment and I have about an 1.5" before I can start the neck shaping. I'm beginning to think, as with all my sweaters so far, that it's not going to look good anyway, so why bother finishing?

This summer seems to be all about reading, lounging, and home decorating. Knitting and blogging are falling by the wayside. Can I still stay in the ring? I'll find out soon enough, I guess.

This weekend has been great. I took Thursday off work, and got all chores and shopping out of the way. Thursday night was spent drinking Sangria, and lounging around at Doug and Luci's house on their fabulous new party deck. A good time was had by all.

Friday, was a very quiet, Sangria hangover recovery day, followed by a block party in front of our house hosted by our across-the-street neighbors. I've lived here for the last 5 years, and there hasn't ever been a 4th of July party, but apparently they used to hold them every year. We got to see our house and the previous owners in pictures of past July 4th parties.  Lot's of  food, games, and of course, fireworks. Highlights of the day: Great potluck food, excellent fireworks (Really, the best "safe and sane" fireworks show I have ever seen),  winning the egg toss (along with my neighbor Dave) for the under 40 group (to which I still belong for another month, thankyouverymuch) and Sean not burning down our neighbor's garage with a wayward firework (one of those spinning ones) that landed under their washing machine. A good time was had by all.

Saturday, was spent recovering from the party on Friday, and gearing up to paint our middle bedroom (which consisted of clearing out the room, taping plastic over the almost-brand-new carpet, spackling the holes, several trips to Home Depot, and a long nap in the afternoon). Because of the aforementioned nap and Home Depot trip, we were still trying to complete the prep work at 10:30 p.m.  A good time was not had by all.

This morning has been nice and leisurely for me because Sean is busy filling holes and spackling and sanding while I busy myself with reading the paper, having coffee and surfing the internet. (Axl is helping me relax).  Sean is doing all the hard, grueling work, (note the thick cloud of drywall dust) and then I'll paint.

Oh, and in gardening news, it appears we have a peanut plant.  Could a  squirrel have buried a peanut here and it grew into a plant?  It this what peanut plants look like?   Is this a cruel joke someone is playing on me? 

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