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29 January 2004

oopsie.JPG (41768 bytes)  oops.

I did a lot of knitting last night, but not without incident.  Had a little oops moment, when I realize I had shifted my ribbing over one stitch.  I had a fleeting moment of panic, and then realized that I could just let the stitches run down and pick them back up with a crochet hook.  Easy peasy. 

Although I love the Denise needles, I am finding the cord to be a little bit sticky and hard to work with, especially as these sleeves grow and the stitches get more crowded.  It was quite a workout for my hands and I could still feel it this morning. 

I'm hoping that I'll be able to finish the sleeves this weekend.  I should be able to get in some knitting time in during the Superbowl.


24 January 2004

I love this, so much: Hey ya, Charlie Brown

I don't believe it will be allowed to be around for long so make haste!

It's probably a pretty large download and might   be too big for dialup...but I wouldn't know because we got a cable modem today! Yeah baby!  We also now have a fine wireless network here at home.  There has been no knitting accomplished today.

21 Januray 2004

I didn’t go to work this morning, because I had to give my Boss a ride home from the airport. So I got to stay home until it was time to go (as opposed to going into work, and leaving from there, which would have doubled my drive time).

So I spent a lovely couple of hours this morning knitting, and listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  I’m loving listening to these Harry Potter books.  I finished the front of my 3timesChic.  No pictures yet, maybe I’ll try to block it this weekend and take a picture.  It just doesn't look like much now.  I’ll start the sleeves when I get home tonight.

The light cloud project is stalled at the moment, so no update there.  We are almost back to just ripping the entire thing out and going with new lights. 

I been watching American Idol this time around, (I only watched part of the last one) and I just don't think it looks real.  Simon's insults seem forced, and the three of them just seem tired.  I believe the real bad singers that make it on these first three shows must have auditioned to BE the bad singers.  It just seems so fake.  Of course I am a cynic, so it could be just that.

14 January 2004

In our kitchen, we have what we refer to as a "light cloud."  I don't know whether that's an official name for it, or something Sean made up, but that's what we call it.  It is a bank of fluorescent lights (eight of 'em!) in an oak frame on the ceiling.  We have always hated the light cloud because it was just too bright.  Operating room bright.   Interrogation room bright.

Anyway, because  we hated the light cloud, we always used a halogen lamp tucked away in the corner of the room instead.   Right before Christmas, the halogen lamp broke and we were left with the choice of replacing the lamp or using our light cloud.  Then inspiration struck, and we decided to experiment with Mod Podge and tissue paper, to see if we could come up with something interesting that would filter more of the light. 

lightcloudexperiment.JPG (39422 bytes)   lightcloudexperiment2.JPG (37294 bytes)  Hard to get a picture of, but here is our first experiment with tissue paper and fabric decoupaged on to the acrylic panels.  We decided to try as many different looks as we could with the existing panels, because all of them need to be replaced.  (One of the problems with the stupid light cloud is that each "square" is a different size.  These panels weren't cut to size and some are barely held in by an overhang of less than 1/8."  They tend to fall out and break. Sometimes when you are standing right under them cooking dinner.  With the new panels, we will be able to cut them to the right size.) 

I used various tissue papers, construction paper,   handmade papers, fabric, and on one, a combination of puffy paint and tissue paper to try and emulate a stained glass look (first picture, bottom left corner--a rainbow sun).  The one that I like the best is in the second picture, top right corner.   I used a sheer fabric that was printed with colorful but subtle floral design.  We decided that even though we liked the funkiness of the tissue paper panels, they gave a weird green cast to the light that just wasn't right.  The fabric also looks nice when the lights are off because there are no seams or edges showing.  The tissue paper panels don't look so hot with the lights off because the tissue paper was very difficult to flatten out without wrinkles once it hit the Mod Podge. 

I wish I would have been able to take progress pictures of this experiment, but there was a time crunch on with Holidays, and I'm lucky I was able to slap something up at all.  We asked all visitors to vote on their favorite panels and were surprised that there was really no consensus. In the end, I picked the one I liked best.

I hope to follow up with more pics when I make the final panels.  Stay tuned!

On the knitting front, I haven't been doing much of it lately.  I finished the back of the 3timesChic, and started on the front, but like everything I knit, it's slow going. 

Oh my, I just ran spellchecker on this page.  I let a few whoppers get buy this month.


4 January 2004

llsweaterfinal.JPG (76591 bytes)  I managed to fluff up the Lacy Leaf Sweater quite a bit by getting it wet and putting it in the dryer for about 10 minutes on this hat drying rack we have that came with the dryer.  It allows the drum to spin around the rack.    Then I took out the rack and brazenly threw the sweater in the dryer to tumble for another 10 minutes.  The sleeves went back to normal size and the yarn seems to have a little more life to it.  I think it's a lot better than it was, though I'm still not pleased with the bagginess under the arms.  After looking at it closely, I realized that one shoulder is about 1/2 an inch longer than the other, which is why the neckline is a little wonky.  Oops.  Whatever.  I don't feel like I need to frog or re-knit anything.  I am now done with this sweater and moving on!

Yesterday, I went to the yarn store and returned my extra yarn from this project for store credit.  The store has just changed locations, so they were a little unorganized and not stocked well yet.  I think I'm going to wait until there are more choices before I spend my store credit. 

Right now, I'm working on the 3timesChic from the first issue of Kitty.  I'm using Lion Brand Kool Wool in Tomato Red.  Pictures as soon as there is something to look at.  Oh!   And I almost forgot...I'm using my new Denise needles that I got for Christmas!

1 January 2004

Happy New Year! 

Last night was our annual New Year's Eve dinner with our closest friends.  We had a great time, even though this was a much tamer party than ever before.  For the last 6 or 7 years, our homeowners' association has thrown a new year's eve bash, complete with a DJ and dancing and we were always able to have a really good time there. 

This year, they changed the party to a "family night."  No DJ, no dancing, no booze. Just DVDs and video games for the kids, and a Casino night for the adults.  We only stopped by the party for a few minutes just to see what was happening and it was so sad.  There was a handful of kids and a couple of adults sorting playing cards into decks.  Wooooo! 

Before we made our way back to our house to continue our party, we took home a balloon found at the family night party.

thissucks.JPG (27412 bytes)

Ithink that says it all.

I wore my Lacy Leaf Sweater, as planned.  It looked ok, but I was disappointed in the fit.  It was a little big on me to begin with, but as the night wore on, it grew and grew.  I think the sleeves were about 3 inches longer than when they started, and the whole thing was super baggy by the end of the night.  None of the pictures I tried to take turned out well enough to post.   I need to wash the sweater again and take a picture in the daytime.

I think that somehow when I blocked it, I killed the yarn.  I loved the look of the fabric before I blocked it.  Can that happen?   Is there any way to get it back to it's former springiness?  I have washed it once with Euclan and I thought that might do it, but it didn't.  Maybe I could put it in the dryer for just a few minutes to bring it back to life? If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them. The yarn is a beautiful wool/silk mix.



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