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26 January 2003  The green sweater is still coming right along.  I did have to stop at one point because the pattern just seemed wrong.  I sent an e-mail to the designer and she confirmed that I had an old printing and that it had been corrected in the newer versions. It seems like progress to me, that I can now understand patterns enough to know when something is not right. 

I finally found some yarn to make another scarf for Sean.  The first scarf I made for him was too short.  The yarn was about 6 years old, and not made in that color anymore.  I came close though, with some Lionbrand Wool-Ease. Sean wanted something acrylic and machine washable, in about the same colors.  Here's the start of the scarf:

seanscarf2.JPG (56559 bytes)

I'm using the reversible  pattern I read about on the Fuzzy Galore blog recently.  I like the way it's coming out.  

Since it's Superbowl Sunday, all I'm going to do today is sit on my butt in front of the TV, knit, and eat snacks.  What a plan!

20 January 2003  Last week I was honored to be linked on Chicknits and Robin Knits!  It's so exciting to get any type of reaction to the stuff I put out there.  Thank you!  You made my week!

The green sweater is coming right along.

 greensweater1.JPG (53801 bytes) 

I've also completed another little hat out of the Regia Crazy color.

crazycolorhat.JPG (32395 bytes)

This hat came out a little bit bigger than the first one, but still, I think it's going to be too small.  I have not had much success with hats for some reason.

Not much going on here. I'm such a hermit in the winter.  Today is a holiday, and since I've made it a personal policy to take all state holidays off, I'm at home lounging in front of the computer with a kitty on my lap.

merfyonlap.JPG (47328 bytes)

Merfy does not allow me any alone time in front of the computer, ever. I've never had a cat that would voluntarily curl up in my lap. I have to say I rather like it.  

8 January 2003  I say chicken hat! When I saw the pattern in Knitty for a nosewarmer, I immediately realized it’s chicken hat potential. When our friends, Doug and Dawn Grafe, (who also have chickens) visited us over the holiday, I just had to knit a little hat for them to take back to the brood. 

Chickie Mama, trying to look dignified.

While the first chicken hat came out very “country chick,” I think the nosewarmer hat is decidedly more “alterna-chick.” Ha.

4 January 2003  Nothing new to report.  I just wanted to get 2002 outta here! I'm progressing on my green sweater but it's really too boring to take a picture of at the moment.  It's a top down pattern, and I am just to the point where I have taken off the stitches for the sleeves and am starting around the body.  The pattern is from Knitting Pure and Simple, #996.  

Went to Trader Joe's today, and bought some Charles Shaw wine that is selling for $1.99 a bottle.   There was an article in the newspaper about how it is just flying off the shelves and everyone is raving about it. I had to try it.  I bought a bottle of merlot, and a bottle of chardonnay (I didn't see any cabernet sauvignon or I would have bought a bottle of that to try too).  I have to say that the Merlot is quite excellent, but the Chardonnay is awful. So if anybody reading this has a hankerin for some tasty Merlot, I'd say go to Trader Joe's and  get yourself some "Two-buck Chuck." I'll probably go back and buy a case tomorrow.



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