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22 December 2003

I'm not dead, just extremely busy. 

Here is the finished picture of the Lacy Leaf Sweater : finishedllsweater.JPG (50042 bytes)

I don't really like it.  Here are some reasons why:

armpitllsweater.JPG (31692 bytes)    armpit2llsweater.JPG (40571 bytes)    wonkyneck.JPG (37632 bytes)

The armpit areas are baggy.  When the arms were being sewn in (by the teacher) she said if they didn't match up exactly, you hide the excess under the arm.  They weren't that far off, but the underarms are extremely baggy.  You can also see what a lousy job I did seaming the length of the arms.   In the third pic, I don't know how it happened, but the neckline is all crooked.   It's not too bad, just looks a little funny. 

At this point, I almost want to take off the arms and redesign them completely so that the pattern goes all the way around.  I don't like the look of reverse stockinette.  I'll try it on again when I have more time and maybe post a picture of it on.  I really wanted to wear it for New Year's Eve, but it doesn't look as pretty as I thought it would, and, it's not very warm with all those lacy holes in it.  I might wear it, and then re-do the sleeves afterward when I have time to think.

I'm almost done with all my Christmas gifts, just a few more batches of brittle to make, and a few little things to buy.   

16 December 2003

Hate Seaming. Hate it. H A T E I T! hatehatehatehatehatehatehatehate it.

Last Friday was my private lesson in which I was shown how to seam.  Mostly I watched as the teacher sewed on the sleves for me.  Then I watched her sew up the sides.  I did a little bit myself, but mostly I watched.    Then later, at home, it was my turn to sew up the sleeves. They look like total shit. 

So I put the sweater aside, and amy trying to knit a pair of those garter-stitch gloves?  What do they involve?  Seaming.  Lots of it.  No matter what book I look in, they pictures that show seaming do not show the particular KIND of seam I need to make. Horizontal garter, bound off edge to seam edge.  Has anyone made these gloves?  How on Earth do you seam them up? Have I mentioned I hate seaming?

9 December 2003

Wow, really getting lax on the entries here. 

I ripped out the shoulders on the lacy leaf sweater, and re-knit them.  Much better, and now the front and backs match and have the same number of stitches on them.  I actually attempted to sew them together, and it looks...ok. I could not even wrap my brain around sewing the arms on.  All reference books show how to sew knit stitches to knit stiches.  With this sweater, the sleeves are half reverse stockinette and half the lace pattern.  I have no idea where to begin.  Maybe this shouldn't have been the first thing I ever knit flat.   Anyway, in desperation, I've signed up for a private knitting lesson.  It's on Friday, and hopfully I will be able to finish this thing up with a little one-on-one help.

Other than that, there's nothing. I've been knitting a little on Sean's scarf, hoping I can finish it and give it to him for Christmas. 

4 December 2003

Finishing Class was cancelled!  When I signed up for this class a few weeks ago, the woman told me that there weren't any classes in December.   When I showed her the flyer that said they had a class on December 3rd, she said "oh, I forgot about that one" and signed me up.  I guess she was right after all.  I was probably the only one who was signed up, so it was cancelled.   Dang.

So last night I got out all my reference books and plopped myself on the couch determined to figure it all out myself.  A few hours later, I decided that I need to frog and re-knit the shoulders on the back piece.   There are too many stitches on the back shoulders, and there is no way the two sides will fit together.  *SIGH* 

It seemed overwhelming last night, but now I think I'm up for the challenge. 

2 December 2003

No time to talk. Out shopping. Looking forward to my finishing class at my LYS tomorrow evening. More tomorrow.



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