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If you, or anyone you know, is is need of a couple of cute canine companions, my friend Jon has rescued a couple of pups that need homes (or a home).  Here's a flyer with the details (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). 

27 August 2003

selfportraitwithgoaty.JPG (48596 bytes)      A good time was had by all at the Fair yesterday, although there were no llamas except at the petting zoo, and they were both on their last nerves so I kept my distance. This little goat initially wanted to be in the picture with us but then changed his mind and had to be restrained at the last minute ( we are not choking him.)

claptohearchickens.JPG (67177 bytes)   Because of the Newcastle virus, there were no birds at all this year.  Kids had to made due with fake chickens (which even though they're fake, apparently still need to be in a pen): I'm still not clear on why there are boxes of Oreos in the fake chicken pen.  On the front of the cage, there is a sign that says "Clap to hear chickens" but that didn't explain anything.

We stayed for the free concert, The B-52s!  They sounded great even though  I realized while watching them that I don't really like a lot of their songs anymore.  Rock Lobster was fun, but not as fun as when I was a senior in high school. There were some other 40-year old white chicks there who had been practically transported back to high school when they played Rock Lobster, complete with dancing "the pony" and sinking to the ground during the "down, down, down" part.  Along with the 40-year old white guy we dubbed "the pointer" (his dancing consisted of pointing excitedly with both hands, either at the stage or the sky), they made for great side entertainment.

chimpy2k3.JPG (35847 bytes)     And, as we try to do every year, we brought home one lucky fish for our backyard pond. This involves winning the fish by throwing ping pong balls into little bowls of water.  Meet Chimpy 2K3, Sean won him on the last toss! 

Our first fair fish,  Chimpy 2K is now about 5 inches long and living fat and happy.  Chimpy 2K1, is about 3 inches long, also fat and happy.  Sadly, there is no Chimpy 2K2, due to reasons we can't quite remember.  Either they didn't have a fish game that year, or we just couldn't win one. I hope Chimpy 2K3 makes it!

25 August 2003

Another update without pictures. But at least it's an update!  It was just too hot this weekend to put on that sweater and stand in the sun for a picture.  And convenient times for my photographer did not coincide with convenient times for me. I know, lame excuse.

I was running the ring today and came across my site.  I always skip it because, well, I've already seen it. But today I looked, and I had comments!  I knew that I had been downgraded by the comments program, but I didn't know that meant that I would no longer get email notifications.   I wasn't ignoring anyone!

I've half-heartedly started on another sock (this one) but I'm not that thrilled with it so far.  I'm not  liking the thicker yarn.   I really want to start a sweater from an issue or two ago Family Circle Easy Knitting, but I'm just a little intimidated by the pattern at the moment. I realize I just need to dive on in, but I want to use my "good" yarn, the $9.50 a skein yarn that I've been saving.  It's stupid to save it, yet I still hesitate to knit with it lest I ruin it.  I know, lame.

Tomorrow:  State Fair!  Rain is predicted, but I'm trying to think positive.

22 August 2003 (con't)

Update:  I gave the Sitcom Chic a light pressing, and it no longer needs the grosgrain ribbon.  The ends lay amazingly straight.  No pictures yet because I want to wait until it's sunny again.  But here's a picture of the button.  It's vaguely Star Trekish, but I think it looks good. 

buttondetail.JPG (70992 bytes)

22 August 2003

Welcome Henry! So nice to meet you.   Congratulations Julie!

Well it's been a very wet couple of days here!  I don't ever remember it raining in August.  A huge storm blew in yesterday, complete with tons of  lightning and thunder. 

I'm almost finished with Sitcom Chic.   I actually finished it last night, but I made the button loop too big and I want to fix it.  Also I need to to find some of the recommended grosgrain ribbon to stop the edges from curling.

I'll have pictures later, when I'm really and truly finished.  This sweater is not without major flaws.  I was kind of disappointed that it didn't turn out as well as I thought it should, given that I think I'm a pretty good knitter.  Then I realized that while I can knit and purl with the best of them, my lack of experience in finishing and shaping (not to mention counting, and following patterns) do me in every time.  That will come with practice.   Overall, considering this is only the second adult sweater I've ever finished, I can be proud of it.

18 August 2003

Sean's parents came for a visit this weekend and we had a pretty good time hanging out with them.  We went and looked at model homes in the area (they are thinking of moving here now that his Dad is retired) and that was so fun.  I've never looked at model homes before. Then we went to an art gallery that had a showing of "outsider" art,  art made by developmentally challenged people.  I really liked some of the pieces, and Sean's Dad bought the sweetest little rabbit drawing. 

It was so hot yesterday, that I didn't have the energy to do anything but sit and knit. I made it all the way up through the yoke and to the neck shaping on Sitcom Chic, then realized that I had made a mistake on the yoke detail.  I misread the pattern. The pattern says K2 *yarnover, K2tog, repeat from *, but I repeated from the K2 instead.  Dang! I think I'll probably frog it back tonight because it's just not right.

15 August 2003

I received my Knit Magic last night.   Unfortunately it doesn't work.  Not much I can do about it because the sellers insist that it worked fine when they sent it out.  Bummer.  Question to anyone who has one of these things:  is the crank only supposed to turn one way? 

14 August 2003

Most definitely related to the aforementioned naked old man sighting, and a recent viewing of the movie"Mr. Deeds," I had a dream the other night that I was at a funeral, and the old man corpse sat up in the casket and said "Where's my pants?!?"  I'm glad I was able to directly link the dream to a scrambling of events in my waking life.  Otherwise, it would have been weird.

I am 3 decrese rows away from the detail row on the shoulders of Sitcom Chic. I didn't work a stitch last night because we went to a concert!  Ben Harper and the Innocent Criminals, and Jack Johnson.  I was not too familiar with Ben Harper, and had never heard of Jack Johnson, but I must say I liked them both very much.  It's been over a year since I've been to a concert and I always forget how much I like hearing live music.  Next up: B-52s at the State Fair! Yeah!

11 August 2003

Monday Morning Wierdness:  While on our morning walk today, there was a naked  man (he had to be at least 80-years-old) standing in his (I assume) driveway.  Thankfully, he was holding what appeared to be his pants in front of him.  The man then picked up his newspaper, turned, and walked to his house, fumbled with the front door for quite a few seconds, and then went inside.   A couple of months ago, when it was darker in the mornings, we saw the same guy.   But that time, with the dim light , it was more of a "did we just see a naked man?" moment. 

I was looking at my site a few minutes ago, and for me, the thumbnails below do not load properly.  But if you click on them, you can see the full picture.  Maybe reloading this page will have fixed it, but if not, click on them anyway.  The cuteness is worth it. 

10 August 2003

You might remember the Kid Sweater and  Baby Hat that I knitted for my friend's kids a while back.  Here are the adorable kids themselves!

Coco_sweater3.jpg (60552 bytes)   Gage_hat2.jpg (47323 bytes)

Aren't they just the cutest kids! I'm not sure that the sweater fits very well, (this picture shows that the neck sort of gapes at the back (and doesn't Coco have a beautiful smile!)) but my friend says it's a favorite at their house and that makes me so happy! Gage doesn't like to wear hats at all, so, good to know. I totally understand. I hate wearing hats myself.  He sure looks good in it though. 

Finished both sleeves of the Sitcom Chic last night AND attached them to the body and I am now ready to roll on the rest of it.  

7 August 2003

Check me out--back to back entries! 
bdaydinner  So I had a really great day yesterday, I accomplished only a few things on my list, and I did "tidy up" the house.  I just can't relax in the house when it looks like a pigsty.  Birthday or not.

I finally stopped trying to knit the Sitcom Chic sleeves two at a time on two circulars.  It just was not working out for me.  So yesterday, I put one sleeve on stitch holders, concentrated on the other one, and it just seemed to zoom along.   It's so much easier, and I'm not getting the ladders or the tangles I was getting before.  So, as much as I admire the technique, it just doesn't work for me.

6 August 2003

digital-40.gif (5115 bytes) 

Yes, today is my Birthday.  As per usual, I have taken the day off from work.  I slept in, I've had coffee and read the paper, clicked around the internet a bit and now I'm ready to decide how to spend the rest of my day.  Here is one possible itinerary:

1. Take the dogs for a walk
2. Knit
3. Clean the house (no, this should not be an option on one's birthday)
4. Rent a movie
5. Visit yarn store
6. Read
7. Eat favorite snack for lunch: potato chips and dip (w/ Diet Coke)
8. Nap
9. Go out to dinner with friends

The makings of a perfect day! 

If you get a chance, go over and read Pioneer Melissa's blog. As always, she is thought provoking and insightful, and I think I'm going to take her advice for my next 40 years (and then of course, the 20 years I'm going to have after that). Also, the last two days she has featured the funniest pictures of her Mom's cat. 

I'm working diligently on my Sitcom Chic sleeves.  Had a mnior setback for the last two nights.  Extreme ladders in one of the sleeves, which necessitated taking it off the needles, ripping it back, reknitting, forgetting to make the increases, ripping back again, rekintting, and then putting it back on the kneedles with the other sleeve, realizing only then that I had increased in the wrong row.  I'm just going to leave it at this point. I don't think it will be that noticeable. 

Here's hoping you are on your way to the perfect day too.

4 August 2003
Hey! I think I have working comments.  All three of you faithful readers, feel free to say something.

I have always wanted comments, but I was sure that you need to use a blogging tool in order to get them. But, I was reading Erica Mulherin's site today, and she has comments and I was pretty sure she didn't use a blogging tool.  So, I peeked at her source to see where they were hosted and signed up too.  So, thank you so much Erica, even though you don't know me, you really helped me out.

And of course, I could get this   posted and then something could go wrong and not work.  But even though backBlog couldn't validate that I had the right code in my header, it seems to be working.   So, crossing fingers.

I am currently knitting two sleeves at once, on two circulars for Sitcom Chic.  Pictures maybe tomorrow.

1 August 2003
If you, or anyone you know, is is need of a couple of cute canine companions, my friend Jon has rescued a couple of pups that need homes (or a home).  Here's a flyer with the details (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader). 

So I'm doing a little spiffing up here.   I guess it's inevitable, as everyone with any kind of web presence seems to spiff up their sites every now and then. And since it was one year ago this month that I started this blog, I thought this would be a good time. I haven't fixed all the pages yet, but I'm working on it. I think it looks a little cleaner, a little more visually interesting, a little more...bloggy.  Now if I could just do something about the content...  Let me know if there are any loading problems or anything.  I know things probably look bad with Netscape.  I've tried to add a lot of pictures, so it might slow things down.  It looks pretty good on my screen, but I'm not sure how it will look on other computers.

So let's review where I am with my projects:

Sitcom Chic:  I'm ready to start the sleeves.  There are some logistical needle issues I need to figure out, and then I'll get right on it. 

Pink Experiment: Stalled indefinitely. Maybe I'll get back to it after Sitcom Chic. 

Lorna's Laces Socks: stalled, because I tried to do the "magic loop" method with a 24" circular and got massive ladders.  I like the technique though, and I might like it better than the two circulars method.  Requires more research, and aquisition of longer size 2 US needles.

Sean's Scarf:   Hmmmm. Must find this project and work on it before winter. I haven't even put this on my knitting page yet.  Bad knitter!



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