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26 Aug 2002     Today's happy good luck:  pictures of kittens!  My Boss recently adopted two kittens, Lily and Tess. They are sisters.  The Boss was working from his home office today, so of course I made up a reason to go to his house.  The real reason was so I could see the kitties

I've been working steadily on my sweater.  I finished the body and am now about 6 inches down the sleeve.  I'm planning on using the two circular method when it gets too small for the one circular. 

23 Aug 2002     Well I finally finished my socks! I also have been working on my sweater, and will finish the body tonight for sure.    One huge flaw in my socks is that there are giant holes in the sides where the leg joins back up to the foot.  This happened on three of the four sides.  If anyone knows why or how this happened (Ingrid?) please let me know!  How did I get it right on one side?  Did I just wrap too loose, or was it something else.   I do really like them though, despite their flaws.  

Sean was working in the back yard today, and look what he found! The chickens have started laying eggs.  I wondered when that was going to start. The ladies are all grown up now. I don't think we can eat them, because we have no idea how long they've been there (they used to be hidden by a big grapevine).  

17 Aug 2002     Happy Birthday to my good friend Guy!  I know you're having a blast at your reunion, what with winning an Emmy and being famous and stuff.

No knitting news because I haven't picked up the needles.  But tonight, for sure I'll be turning that heel. 

Last night we saw The Bangles (I'd put in a link to their website, but it's one of the most horrible sites I've ever not waited long enough to load, so I'll leave it to you to look up if you want) at the California State Fair with our friends Doug and Luci.  The Bangles put on an excellent show, but the highlight for me was the sign language interpreter at the side of the stage. (I know, I'm weird.) World's coolest job. She was great!  It almost looked like the Bangles were backing her up, or like she was conducting.  I tried to get a picture, but I am severely lacking in mad camera skilz, and the battery went dead before I could get a good shot.    

15 Aug 2002     I am close to turning the heel of my second sock.  Just a few more rows to knit. What's cool is that I was able to start the second sock in the same place in the yarn pattern, so they are coming out matched.  It's so cool. 

But, and I know this sounds wimpy, the little finger on my right hand keeps cramping. I'm not an elegant knitter. I sort of hold the yarn in my right fist, with my pinky and ring finger. I've tried to hold my hand in a different way, so that I can straighten my pinky now and then, but I haven't had much success.  I think maybe I'll read tonight instead.  

12 Aug 2002     When I got home this evening, the phone in the office was beeping, which means it's not getting power.  I figured the breaker on the power strip had tripped.  Unfortunately it required practically dismantling the desk to get to the power strip.  But I had been wanted to re-arrange the plugs to a more convenient configuration anyway, so I thought I might as well take this opportunity to do it. So, after moving furniture, unplugging everything, cleaning up all the dust and cobwebs, and getting it all set up and back in place, I tried to turn on the computer. Nothing. Then I realize that the phone is still beeping.  Realizing it's probably a tripped circuit breaker of bigger proportions,  I notify Sean, and he sets out to fix things. Meanwhile, I put a pot of water on the stove to boil.  Then I go out and help Sean for awhile, and it's determined that we need a new circuit switch.  So we lock the dogs in the kitchen, and take off for Home Depot.  Home Depot doesn't have what we need, of course, so we head on over to OSH where they not only had what we needed, but also a lot of other cool stuff to look at.  We were gone about an hour and a half..

When we come home, I walk in the door, notice a burning smell and immediately become convinced that there is an electrical fire somewhere in the walls of the house.  I notify Sean, and he comes in the house and sees the now empty pan, burning on the stove. "Um, maybe it's this empty pan burning on the stove that's making the house smell like it's on fire?"  Oops.

The funny thing (funny strange, not funny ha ha) about this story, is that I'm one of those people who always thinks they left the stove/iron/space heater on, door unlocked, or whatever. I've worked hard to overcome that particular obsession, and I guess whatever I've done has worked too well.  And I can't believe that walking into the house and smelling smoke didn't trigger the memory that I was going to start dinner before we left the house. 

In knitting news, I've started my second opal sock and I've got about 3 inches done. This one is going much faster than the first.  In other knitting news, I got this at a thrift store this weekend.  Wheee!  Ok, maybe it's not quite that exciting, but it is about the only thing that happened this weekend.

9 Aug 2002     Many thanks to Julie for the mention on her site!    When I'm in the back room using the computer, I'll hear a tap tap tap on the back door. Just for you Julie, this is what I see!

I finished my first sock. This sock has many, many problems, but I still like it.  My biggest problem last night was with finishing it.  I thought I might need to do some sort of ribbing, but when I got a few rows of K2P2 going it was becoming bigger...the opposite of what I wanted.  So, I ripped those rows out, and as usual, had problems getting the stitches back on the needles. Oh, how I hate doing that!  Then I decided I would just go ahead and bind off.  It curled the edge, which I don't mind so much except I know it's not supposed to do that.  I must have bound off too tightly, or loosely, or something.  It doesn't matter all that much in terms of function and it fits perfectly and feels wonderful. I should be able to breeze through knitting the mate, and it will be perfect. ha ha!

My next pair of socks (which I'm not allowed to start until my sweater is finished) will be from this pretty Lorna's Laces yarn.

7 Aug 2002     The mini sock class was very fun!  Here is a picture of my mutant mini sock.  Because I insisted on taking the class using two circular needles instead of dpns, there were some problems with translating the pattern on the fly.  So this particular sock, if you look closely, is really messed up.  Don't look close. The good news is the instructor is going to be teaching a class on socks knitted on circular needles, and now knows some of the problems that might come up and how to fix them.  She said she's going to write a new mini-sock pattern for two circulars and I get to test it out before the class!  Cool!  

6 Aug 2002     It's my Birthday!  Today is going to be great!  I'm not at work, the palm tree is gone, Sean is going to take me out to lunch at my favorite restaurant, Slocum House, and tonight I'm taking  a mini-sock class at my LYS, Rumplestiltskin.

5 Aug 2002    A new neighbor just moved in behind us.  She came over to introduce herself this evening, and to tell us that tomorrow she's having the palm tree removed from her backyard!  Yay! The Palm is so ugly, and we've always been leery of it someday coming down and crashing through our bedroom roof while we sleep, killing us and two cats. She also wants to replace the fence! We had given up trying to get that fence replaced with the previous owner because she just wasn't cooperative. Now someone new moves in and it's one of the first things she wants to do. 

4 Aug 2002   Well, I've finally decided to try and get a website up.  This was a very productive weekend!  I made some progress on this website, got a haircut, finished the couch slipcover, went to the farmer's market this morning, and cleaned the house.  Sean fixed the kitchen faucet, which required taking everything out from beneath the sink, so I took the opportunity to organize.  Here is an example of my brilliant use of found objects (curtain ring + badge holder clip = glove hanger)!

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