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25 February 2004

I have no idea why my 15 February entry doesn't show up.   I make this page in FrontPage98, and I realize that it's an awful program and I shouldn't use it, but it was already on this computer and it seemed really easy to use.   And it is, until there are weird problems.  And, I know that these problems are my fault, because I use an ftp program to move my files over instead of using the Publish feature of FrontPage (which I couldn't get to work anyway).  I'm sure that's the reason for all the screwy things happening.  This page looks fine in FrontPage,  but in the ftp program I'm using (Leech) this page is missing that entry, but it shows all the new entries since the disappearance.  Also, if I use the "preview in browser" feature of FrontPage, the entry is missing, even though the page I'm previewing has the entry on it.  It's a mystery!

I've often thought about changing to Movable Type, but I'm very intimidated by the installation instructions.  I know I could pay them to set it up for me, but I have no money for that at this time.  So I'm stuck with this for now. 

We're experiencing a big storm right now, not a huge amount of rain, but lots of wind.  We forgot to bring in our garbage and green cans last night, and our garbage can disappeared overnight!  The green can had been blown over on it's side.  I can't believe it blew away, but what else could it be?   It's not really a thing that would be stolen.  It's another mystery!

21 February 2004

Very annoying and strange things happening with my website.   This is just  a test.  Where the hell did my 15 Feb entry go?

20 February 2004

I think the kitty bed/footstool slipcover is going to continue to be a kitty bed (warning: the following picture contains excessive cat sentimentality).

banjocircleoflove.JPG (34590 bytes)

This is Banjo, snuggled into the knitted circle of love. Three of the four cats have now used this bed at some point.  I will probably make a few more so they can each have one. 

I think there will also be another knit footstool slipcover in my future.  My mind is starting to wander from knitted garments to home furnishings.  After seeing a knitted rug in one the newer knitting magazines (I think it was in Knit It!) I decided a rug  would be a good "between projects project."  At first I used some brightly colored Ombre dishcloth yarn and some black cotton yarn and using the pattern in the magazine started with this:

firstrug.JPG (41246 bytes)

But even though it looks kind of cute here, it was fugly in real life, so I ripped it out.

I had in my stash, a huge amount of some very weird cotton yarn that I bought, say it with me now, at a thrift-store.  Who could pass up this much yarn for under a dollar, no matter what it's like?

wierdyarn.JPG (51168 bytes)

This yarn is very weird.  By itself, it's like knitting with teeny tiny ric-rack.  Not nice.  But double stranded, and added to a dishcloth cotton, it's working up into a very nice rug.

secondrug.JPG (45441 bytes)

Well, anyway, I think it's cute.  And I really needed a use for that weird yarn. Here's a closer up:

secondrugcloseup.JPG (71955 bytes)

Happy Friday everyone!

15 February 2004

On Friday I decided to try my hand at dying with acid dyes.  I am a learn-by-doing person.  I can read and read and read about a subject, but until I actually do it, it doesn't sink in.  So I decided to use some thrift store yarn and call this an experiment.  It didn't work out entirely as I planned, but I don't hate the result, so I'm calling it a success!

steamer.JPG (39245 bytes)  First off, here's a picture of my thrift store steamer.  I snagged this a few months ago for $5.00 with the express purpose of using it to dye yarn.

steamerinside.JPG (37316 bytes)  Here's the insert.  This steamer is huge!

before.JPG (47338 bytes)   Here's the thrift store yarn before dying.  I wanted to do some sort of handpaint effect, with brown, gun metal gray, and red.  Something like Noro Kuryeon #116.  It was a noble goal.

afteryuck.JPG (66597 bytes)  Things went horribly awry...

yarnroll.JPG (54103 bytes) ...but I carried on. Here's the yarn, rolled up in plastic wrap.  I used waaaaayyyyyy too much dye.  This was a very soggy roll of yarn.

yarndrying.JPG (48440 bytes)  yarn1.JPG (41413 bytes)    yarntree.JPG (52186 bytes)   The yarn in various places around the house, trying to get a good picture of the colors.  Surprisingly, even though it came out nothing like what I was going for, I don't hate it.

yarnballs.JPG (36061 bytes)  I rolled the yarn into balls.  Much to my surprise, this yarn was not one continuous piece.  That's what happens when you buy almost exclusively at thrift stores.  The quality control is just not there.  I took one of the smaller pieces and knit a little swatch and my fingers turned black.  Is it normal for the dye to come off on your hands?  Did I not rinse it enough?

What should I do with this yarn?  It's spun in a super thin/super thick way, kind of like Berocco Hip Hop (but no way near the quality)  Maybe a scarf... hmmmm. 

11 February 2004

The problem with my site and the knitbloggers web ring appears to have been resolved, and I've reapplied to the ring.  Everyone can just breath a sigh of relief now, right!  Ha.

10 February 2004

I fulled the kitty bed last night.  Just one cycle in the washing machine.  Here's a picture of Petey enjoying the result.

peteykittybed.JPG (57352 bytes)

I made a small mistake when I was knitting this.   After the last increase the pattern calls for you to knit 30 rounds.  But I lost track and ended up knitting about 36 rounds.  I didn't think it would make a huge difference, so I just kept followed the regular pattern after that.  It made the sides extra deep, and that, coupled with the fact that I only had one thing even near big enough to block it on, (see footstool below) made it a tad floppy.  I think I can run it though the wash again and maybe even the dryer and it would come out just fine.   However, I think I just may make another kitty bed altogether, because this one make such a cute footstool slipcover!*

footstoolslipcoveraxl.JPG (38178 bytes)  I think it's adorable.

footstoolslipcovertop.JPG (43060 bytes)  This is what the top looks like.

*This is why I need a footstool slipcover.

I love happy accidents like this.

8 February 2004

kittybedbefore.JPG (68984 bytes)

I decided to wait to take a picture until I had finished the kitty bed. I plan to full it sometime today.  In the picture also is a remote for scale and the remainder of the thrift store yarn.  I'll post "after" pics as soon as possible.

Have I sewed up my 3timesChic yet?  No... *hangs head in shame*

5 February 2004

Thanks for your comments everybody!  I've been emailing Julie, and she's going to help me figure out the problem. 

I've not worked one bit on sewing up my 3timesChic.   I know, it's terrible.  Instead, I'm using some old stash yarn to make Wendy's kitty bed.  I bought this yarn at a thrift store for .87 cents, and used it to knit a vest pattern I had chosen for my first knitting class about 8 years ago! (I don't know what I was thinking because I am so not a vest person.)  No wonder I hated knitting after that class.  The yarn is 100% virgin wool, super scratchy and sticky with almost no give. It took me 6 years to pick up the needles again.

I took the piece I knitted for the class (the back of the vest) and ran it through the washer and dryer and it fulled nicely, so I think a kitty bed is a good use for this yarn.  I'll try to remember to take pictures tonight.

3 February 2004

If you can read this, you can see my webpage!  If you can see this page, can you please do me a giant favor and tell me what browser you're using?   (in the comments or by email, thanks!) 

I just noticed that I was kicked out of the knitting bloggers ring because my site won't load on the ring administrator's browser (Mozilla Firebird).  I downloaded the Mozilla browser to check it for myself and it works for me so I don't know what else I can do.  Any suggestions? 

Not that I'm going to be missed or anything, but it's so sad to be booted.

2 February 2004

I finally finished the sleeves for 3timesChic yesterday.  Yay!   Now comes the hell of trying to sew the thing together.  Oh how I hate that part.  I tried a few times to do it before  the Superbowl/Survivor festivities began, but to no avail.  Tonight for sure! Hopefully.  Maybe.

Speaking of Superbowl/Survivor, I think that was one of the best Superbowl games I've ever seen.  I actually watched the game this time.   We had some friends over, and a mountain of food.  Good times.

My Survivor picks this time are so sad. (Our group of friends plays a side game...we each put in $20.00 and draw survivors.  Whoever picks the winning survivor, wins the money.  It makes the show that much more fun to watch.)  My draws this season are Richard Hatch (yuck! I hate him! Put your clothes back on!), Alica, and Rob C. I don't have a chance of winning!


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